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About Ecigtopia was created with one goal: to educate its users about anything related to electronic cigarettes. Our primary concern is to inform smokers, who wish to switch to e-cigs, with all the latest news and updates on this topic. Through our website, our experienced team provides reviews about the best vaping products in the market with the intention of helping smokers choose the right vaping device for their needs.

Our Team was established by a team of engineers, all of us ex-smokers and current dedicated vapers. As many other fellow vapers, we felt that we had enough of smoking and we had reached a turning point in our lives. We became e-cigarette enthusiasts because it was the e-cigs that helped us quit smoking, since vaping with e-cigs is the only process that simulates the tobacco smoking in such a similar and convincing way. While quitting smoking, we got very excited and passionate about vaping and decided to transfer our experience to all the new and experienced vapers out there.

We have an all-round research experience which we felt we wanted to share with other people. Our engineering backgrounds make it easier for us to understand how the products we review are build and transfer this knowledge to you. We are very enthusiastic about bringing Ecigtopia, the most integrated online community created to educate and inform in everything that relates to electronic cigarettes. Our scope is to act as a review platform for all the products we have personally tried and tested systematically, but also as an online community for people to exchange their views and opinions based on their personal experiences.

Our Scope

Our scope is to help you form an opinion with our reviews of electronic cigarettes and help you make the switch from smoking to vaping in an easy and efficient way and with the less possible cost. Our reviews are formed only by our personal opinions and under no circumstances are we responsible for any decision you make. We realize that some of you are still smoking and will significantly benefit from some mental stimulation to quit smoking. For this reason, we feel that it is important to have a section dedicated to smoking cessation. Therefore, we are the first e-cig site that will also be sharing news and articles regarding the health effects of smoking.

All The Latest Updates And News

Whether you are new and inexperienced in what an electronic cigarette is, or if you are already a passionate user of e-cigarettes, we try to find all the latest products and news and we spend hours every day to test every e-cigarette product there is on the market and provide suggestions on the best e-cigs in the market. This is what makes us different from other e-cigarette websites: each article is written in a very easy manner that will help you understand anything you need about electronic cigarettes, whether you are a newbie or an advanced user.

Affiliate Disclosure

We occasionally have affiliate links on our website. Those links do not and will not affect our personal reviews for any reason. Affiliate links help you find the product that we are reviewing much more easily, but they are also what keeps our website going. We invest a great deal of time and work in and if you decide to buy any product, through the affiliate links we share, the price you will pay for your product is exactly the company’s selling price. Additionally you can find discounts, bonuses and coupons that were created exclusively for Ecigtopia’s readers and audience.

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We need and we want your feedback and personal opinions about anything related to vaping. Your feedback is what will help us become better. We welcome reviews and personal views on different topics and if you think that your experience will help other users, please share it with us.

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