Apollo E-Cigs Extreme Kit Review

Apollo E-cigs Extreme Kit:

The Apollo e-cigs Extreme Kit is a unique, powerful experience for smokers who want to switch to a smoke-free lifestyle, while still enjoying a rich flavour and a full throat hit. For the Apollo Extreme, the company offers Free Shipping for U.S. customers, a components warranty (including batteries, chargers and mods) for 6 months and a 30-day back guarantee.


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About Apollo

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is a leading company in the field of electronic cigarettes, as not only it offers an impressively wide range of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories, but it produces its own product too. Having its own research and development team, headquarters in the U.S. and offices in the U.K., means that a stricter product control, better pricing, quick and convenient customer service and reliability may be provided.

Apollo Extreme

The Apollo Extreme starter kit is designed for the first time user. To make the transition to the smoke-free world as smooth and easy as possible for the smoker, Apollo offers different kits which are targeted to different types of users, taking into consideration their vaping style as well: thus, there are different kits aimed for light, moderate and heavy use. The Extreme Starter kit is differentiated from the Apollo Endeavor, or the Apollo Ego Box kit in that it is specifically designed for the moderate to heavy smoker. The Extreme kit is a starter kit with a longer battery life, a high performance battery that offers full flavour, good amount of vapour and a solid, full throat hit for its category.

The Extreme kit includes 2 Apollo Extreme batteries, a five-pack extreme cartomizers customizable in flavour and strength (each cartomizer equals 1.5 pack of cigarettes), a USB charger and a wall adapter, a bonus car charger and an instruction manual.

The flavours offered in the time of writing are menthol and Tobacco, or you can just get refillable blank cartomizers. The nicotine strength offered is 0mg, 8 mg (low), 12 mg (medium), 16 mg (high) and 24 mg (extra high).

Apollo Cigs Extreme


The components of the kit are well crafted, made from solid materials, and it would be an omission not to note that the kit is elegant and looks solid and good quality as well. The battery and cartomizers provided, are slightly longer in length than the average ones, as they are specifically designed to offer an all-day vaping for a medium to heavy use and a more extended battery life. Most probably, if you don’t want to run out of power, you will need a second battery as well. Cig-a-likes, in most cases, can’t offer you a full day of autonomy like a mod can.

It would be nice if the kit came with a portable charging case as well. The lack of it means that you cannot charge your batteries on the go for example. But I guess that Apollo has tried to counterbalance its lack by providing a car charger, as well as a USB charger for charging on a USB port, like the one in your pc for example. If a portable battery is a prerequisite for you though, you can check out the Apollo Standard Kit. The Apollo Extreme kit is a DSE906, compatible with DSE901 and KR808D-1 threading.

Apollo extreme

Apollo Extreme Battery

The Apollo Extreme starter kit offers two 280mAh batteries that will ensure a good amount of vapour. In order to achieve a longer lasting experience, the batteries are slightly larger and heavier than minis. With the cartomizer attached on it, the length is a bit less than five (5) inches (12cm). This means that, from portability point of view, it loses some points compared to the Apollo Standard kit which is lighter. This is possibly compensated by other factors on which the company has given a stronger emphasis on this kit, like the second battery offered and obviously the fact that this battery will get you longer without charging.

You can expect around 300-400 puffs before needing to recharge again. The batteries are both automatic. As far as the accessories for the batteries offered are concerned, Apollo gives you a car charger, a wall adapter and a USB adapter. If the battery weight is not an issue, then this is the kit for you if you want to enjoy vaping for a few hours without needing to recharge in-between. And with the second battery offered, you will not have to recharge during the day (if you use moderately).

Apollo blank cartomizers and e-liquid


The Extreme Starter kit by Apollo offers 5 cartomizers with different flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from, depending on your type of vaping. Each cartomizer is sealed separately to ensure maximum performance and freshness.

The cartomizers are slightly larger in size than the average ones, about 1.6 inches/4.15cm. But it is this feature along with the longer battery feature that will offer to you the enjoyable experience of vaping for longer without having to recharge or refill. This said though, the cartomizers offered here are not refillable. If you want refillable ones, then you will have to buy them separately. If you want to order a few refillable cartomizers with your Extreme kit purchase, remember to buy an e-liquid as well from the vast choice offered by Apollo.


The Apollo Extreme Starter kit is suitable for smokers who want to switch to a smoke-free world, but still enjoy the taste, the flavour and a good throat hit, without having to compromise. Thanks to the longer size battery and cartomizer, you will be able to enjoy your e-cig for a longer time as well. The Extreme kit is a cig-a-like kit and can be a very good start for a beginner or a new user. An advanced user who likes big clouds, intense throat hits and a battery with a couple days of autonomy, should have a look at the Apollo Ego or the Apollo Ohm Go.

Extreme kit by Apollo

The Kit

  • (2) Apollo Extreme batteries
  • (1) 5-pack Apollo Extreme Cartomizers in flavour and strength of your choice
  • (1) Apollo USB charger
  • (1) bonus Apollo USB car charger
  • (1) Apollo USB wall adapter
  • Instruction manual



  • Colours: Black
  • Model DSE906: Compatible with DSE901 and KR808D-1 threading
  • Size: 9.2*123mm (0.36*4.85inches)
  • Battery capacity: 280mAh
  • Voltage: 3.3 V – 4.2V
  • Full battery can last for: 350-400 puffs
  • Battery lifecycle: 300 times of charging
  • Charging time: 2.5-3hrs


The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit is on sale and costs $34.95. If you wish to purchase refillable cartomizers and e-liquid you will need to do so separately, but overall, this is a great kit for beginners, at an affordable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for heavy use
  • Great amount of accessories
  • Good clouds
  • Strong throat hit
  • Battery longevity
  • Free U.S. shipping
  • 6 month warranty
  • 30-day back guarantee



  • No refillable parts included
  • Heavier and larger in size than other e-cigs of the same style

Final Verdict

The Apollo Extreme kit is a complete kit in an affordable price, suitable for beginners, new users or more advanced casual vapers. This kit is an excellent choice as it includes everything you need to start vaping and leave behind the bad habit and the bad smell of the traditional cigarettes. If you would like to upgrade though to a more advanced vaping device, you can check our complete reviews on the Apollo Ego or the Apollo Ohm Go.


save 10% on the Apollo Extreme kit - Use code: ECIGTOPIA at check out

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