Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit Review

Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit Intro:

Today we have another review for our readers and this is the Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit review.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is an innovative company, an expert in the e-cig industry that has been on the market since the invention of e-cigs. Not only they have their own R&D department, but they also produce themselves their e-cigarettes and liquids they sell. This way they have full control of their product offered to consumers and they can also offer a very competitive product in terms of price, in the e-cig market.

Apollo Endeavor box

Apollo Endeavor Kit

The Apollo Endeavor Kit is an e-cigarette designed for committed intermediated users or for newcomers at the world of vaping who want to enjoy a full experience. It is a step ahead of the cig-a-like e-cigarettes and we really believe that the vaping experience it offers, will help you to never go back to smoking again. The kit includes 2 Apollo 900mAh batteries, 2 Evod Clearomizers, a USB charger, a USB car charger, a wall adapter and two (2) 10 ml bottles of Apollo e-liquid of your choice. The replaceable heads of the dual coil clearomizer will offer a strong delivery of vapour and a rich flavour. The impressive amount of accessories offered and the high performance of the kit means that it will take long before you need to replace the kit or its parts, making this a fantastic value for money for $39.95. This is a sale price and you save $20 of the original price list.


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The Apollo Endeavor kit is an impressive style e-cig which belongs to the next generation of e-cigs. For the U.S. customers, the clearomizer comes in a range of colours, thus, depending on your style, you can have it in black, blue, red, green or stainless steel. You can also choose the strength of nicotine from a wide range. From nicotine free, to 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. And as if these were not enough, you can choose one of the 28 available flavours for each e-liquid bottle! The Endeavor kit will cover all tastes, regardless of your vaping style and type.

For the U.K. customers, the Endeavor kit is offered in a choice of 3 colours, black, red or stainless steel. You can also choose from around 35 options that combine flavours and nicotine strength. The Apollo batteries feature 510/eGo threading, making them compatible with almost every clearomizer and atomizer on the market. Apollo has a variety of starter kits for every taste. For someone looking a mod with more power and still in a good price, you can check the Ego or the Valiant

Endeavor starter kit

The Battery

The Apollo Endeavor offers two luminous batteries that feature a LED indicator that changes between 3 different colours, informing you about the remaining battery power. More specifically, the red light will indicate when the battery is fully charged. When it is about to die out, this is indicated by a white light. The in-between stage is indicated by a blue light.

Another notable feature is the safety offered in three levels: regarding low battery, short circuit and overcharge protection. Finally, a centre pin loaded with a spring works against any overtightening of the clearomizer.

Each Evod Clearomizer can offer around 400 puffs. The kit offers a second battery as well, which means that you can have full autonomy for the whole day, before needing to recharge. What’s more, the Apollo Endeavor kit includes two chargers, a USB one and a car charger, as well as a USB wall adapter. Therefore, it could not be more versatile for your needs! Other kits by Apollo, featuring the Kanger Evod and the Emus clearomizers, are the Kanger Evod and Kanger Emus starter kits respectively.

Apollo Endeavor parts

Kanger Evod Clearomizer

The volume capacity of each clearomizer is 1.8 ml of e-juice. This is a small disadvantage as you might have to refill quite often, especially if you feel like vaping all day. Even when you need to refill though, Apollo has made the procedure really easy and straightforward, as the needle tip prevents any spills.

While using my first device though, I noticed there was some leaking. After using it for a while I noticed the leaking didn’t stop. I tried the second device as well, for a few days and everything worked great with this one. No leakages or whatsoever. I thought I would call Apollo and report my problem, so I called their customer service. After I explained what happened, the company offered me a replacement device which worked out with no problems at all. So, although I didn’t like at all my experience with the leaking from the Endeavor, I guess it was a random failure that can happen from time to time and most important, the customer service was very good.

The Endeavor kit provides you with two bottles of your choice, with 10ml of e-juice each, thus you can refill both clearomizers around 12 times before needing to purchase your e-juice again. Apollo offers a great variety of rich flavour e-liquids, so if you want to pre-order some more backup e-liquid, with your kit, you will have enough e-liquid for some time.


The Apollo batteries that come with the Endeavor kit offer 900mAh capacity and they normally work in voltage of 3.3V to 4.2V. Thus, if you want a good throat hit with a dense, consistent vapour and a full taste, this is a good kit for a beginner. But if you want a bit stronger throat hit or some other features, you can easily replace the clearomizer, thanks to the 510 ego thread, with most atomizers and clearomizers on the market. The Kanger Protank 3 and the Nautilus Mini are some very good options and the ones we suggest.

Endeavor by Apolloecigs

The Kit

  • Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with 510 / eGo clearomizers
  • Battery capacity: 900mAh luminous batteries
  • Voltage: 4.2V – 3.3V
  • 3 levels of safety – low battery, short circuit and overcharge protection
  • A spring-loaded centre pin
  • A LED light indicator that changes in 3 colours depending on the battery left
  • Bottom vent for added battery safety


  • (2) Apollo 900mAh luminous batteries
  • (2) Apollo EVOD dual coil clearomizers
  • (1) Apollo USB charger
  • (1) Apollo USB car charger
  • (1) Apollo USB wall adapter
  • (2) 10 ml bottles of Apollo liquid vapor


The Apollo Endeavor is sold for $39.95 from the Apollo website. If you want to take advantage of this sale price (initial value is $59.95) you can save $20. If you want to purchase it from the U.K. website, the sale price is £48.95. For both websites you can use the discount code: ECIGTOPIA at check out and get 10% discount The kit is an absolute value for money. Considering the reliability of the Apollo company, the performance of the kit, the price and the amount of accessories it offers, we totally suggest the Apollo Endeavor kit for a beginner or an intermediate user.

Apollo Endeavor

Final Verdict

The Apollo Endeavor kit is a very good kit for serious and committed newcomers or for more experienced users who want to switch from the cig-a-likes to another level of vaping. This is a great product that will fully satisfy you with its quality, performance, consistency and its fair and reasonable price. Some alternatives which you can take a look, especially for beginners, would be the Kanger Evod and the Kanger Emus starter kits.


save 10% on the Apollo Endeavor - Use code: ECIGTOPIA at check out

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