Apollo Oracle Kit

Apollo Oracle Kit

The Apollo Oracle kit is an introduction kit designed for either beginners who want to quit smoking once and for all and enter the vaping world, or for relatively new users who have already tried the disposable cigarette-style e-cigs but want to try something more advanced.

The kit includes everything that you will need for an introductory experience. A 900mAh luminous battery, just like the Endeavor, an Apollo CE4 Clearomizer, a USB charger, and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in a choice of three flavours, Classic Tobacco, Menthol or Watermelon.


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The Clearomizer

The Apollo Oracle Kit includes a refillable clearomizer. The clearomizer is not made of stainless steel as are other, more high-end Apollo products, but nevertheless, it more than serves its purpose, which is to make an inexperienced user feel more comfortable when using vaping kits. Thus, one should expect that the plastic clearomizer should be disposed within a few weeks, depending on usage. In terms of looks, the clearomizer is lightweight and of a portable size. The Apollo Oracle battery comes in black colour.

Oracle kit by Apollo

The Battery

The Apollo Oracle Kit comes with a 900mAh battery plus a USB charger. The battery features a 510 and an eGo threading, making it compatible with almost any ego style clearomizer on the market. All of Apollo products, like the Endeavor or the Valiant feature You should expect a full day’s use without recharging, after you charge the battery for about 3 hours.

The batteries offer three levels of safety: regarding low battery, short circuit and overcharge protection. Also, there is a LED light which changes in three colours in order to indicate how much battery has been left. The kit features a spring loaded connection pin, which allows the pin to spring back if the clearomizer is over-tightened. This way you can avoid your clearomizer to get stuck.


Apollo has included a 10ml e-liquid in the kit. The e-liquid comes in three different flavours and you have the option to choose one of them: Classic Tobacco, Menthol, or Watermelon. I tried the Classic Tobacco and I found it nice and smooth.


The Apollo Oracle is suitable for beginners and more experienced users as well. Regarding the battery performance, it can last around a day and after this you will most probably need to recharge. We suggest that you start with a kit like this and when you want something with more kick, you can move towards some other starter kits like the Ohm Go or the Ego Box.

The Kit

  • 1 Apollo 900mah Luminous Battery (black)
  • 1 Apollo CE4 Clearomizer
  • 1 Apollo USB Charger
  • 1 Apollo Liquid Vapor Bottle (10ml) in Classic Tobacco 12mg, Menthol 12mg, or Watermelon 12mg


  • Colours: Black
  • Compatible with 510 / eGo clearomizers
  • Battery capacity: 900mAh
  • Spring loaded connection pin
  • 3 levels of safety
  • LED indicator for the battery left
Apollo kit Oracle


The Apollo Oracle kit is a simple and straightforward kit for beginners. Apollo offers the kit in a sale price of $17.95 (initial price is $19.95). On top of this you can get an additional 10% discount using our discount code ‘ecigtopia’ at check out. For European customers, the price is £14.95 but does not include the e-liquid and can also come in an option of a 5-pack (without e-liquid) for £65.00 (instead of £84.95).

Final Verdict

This is a good kit for beginners who want to enter the world of vaping. I would not suggest this kit for an advanced vaper. Anyone looking for more power, big clouds and extra features can take a look at the Ohm Go or the Ego kit


save 10% on the Apollo Oracle - Use code: ECIGTOPIA at check out

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