Apollo Reliant 60W TC Starter Kit Review

Apollo Reliant 60W TC Starter Kit Review:

 In order to keep pace with the technology evolution in the e-cig industry, Apolloecigs released, in the 2nd semester of 2015, the Apollo Reliant 60W TC, a powerful, sub ohm, box mod that showcases three different powerful features regarding firing mode: Temperature Control and TCR, Wattage and Mechanical.

Apolloecigs Reliant full kit

About Apollo

The E-cigarette industry is evolving in such rapid pace that different companies have to feature the most advanced technology to be competitive on the market. As we pointed out again, Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is a company that has been on the market for quite a few years and they have released some quite successful starter kits, such as the Apollo Endeavor and the Apollo Valiant. They can proudly say that they are a leader, as they have their own R&D department, they produce their own e-cigarettes, accessories and e-liquid, and have their headquarters in the U.S. but are also based in U.K.  Their global presence is established by a U.S. and a U.K. website so that the best possible customer service may be offered.


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Reliant 60W TC Starter Kit

Apolloecigs offers the option of either buying the Pro kit or the full starter kit. The price for the latter is $129.95 (initial price is $159.95). We recommend that you go for the starter kit as it includes more accessories and vaping equipment at a better price than if you were buying them separately. It is a more expensive, but then you get: A Reliant Mod, an instruction manual for the Reliant and an instruction manual for the Phazer, a USB charging cable, a Phazer sub ohm tank, a pack of 5 Kanthal coils, a 30ml bottle of Fa-Q or Lindbergh, an Apollo dual 18650 battery charger and a 18650 high drain battery.

The Apollo Reliant mod

Reliant 60W Operating Functions

The Apollo Reliant 60W kit is a sub ohm mod that features Temperature Control and TCR, Wattage and Mechanical. The TCR stands for ‘Temperature Coefficient of Resistance’ and describes the relative change of a physical property that is associated with a given change in temperature. What does the temperature control and TCR achieve?

In brief, it is like the device has a ‘brain’ of its own that can control the wattage so that the temperature remains the same. The Apollo Reliant kit has will self-adjust the wattage and achieve a steady temperature, so that the device will not get over-warmed and produce inconsistent vapour over time. To achieve the temperature control, nickel coils are the ones to be used. By producing a steady temperature, not only do you get a consistent vapour, but this saves on power and e-juice scope less consumption. You can adjust the wattage from a range of 5 to 60. You can achieve a steady temperature either by controlling the wattage, or by using the temperature control feature, in order to set the temperature you would like to achieve (from a range of 200°F to 600°F or 100°C to 300°C respectively).

Regarding the TCR, it is the resistance of the coil that will change with a given change in temperature. It is the material of the coil that will dictate the temperature you will need to set. For example, nickel has a higher TCR than titanium. Finally, the Apollo Reliant offers the option of working in a mechanical mode, which is great if you want to use the built-in features.


The Apollo Reliant starter kit features a sub ohm style tank (the ‘Phazer’) that belongs to the next generation of tanks. The Apollo Reliant Starter kit is a highly compact device, but feels solid as well. Its shape is really ergonomic and ideal to grip with one’s hand.


We have explained the three modes in which the Reliant can work in. It also features the following characteristics:

  • A spring-loaded 510 threading
  • Locking for your temperature or wattage mode settings
  • A bright and clean real time display screen that informs you of temperature, voltage, wattage, battery left and coil resistance.
  • Safety features such as a 5-click lock and unlock button (you should use it to prevent accidental firing for example when it is in your pocket), overcharge protection and low battery protection
  • Standby (stealth) mode when you are not using it
  • A built-in USB pass through charging


The Reliant 60W Starter kit features a 18650 high-drain battery that works in a wattage range of 5-60W, providing a great range of adjustability to work with any clearomizer or atomizer. As described above, in order to change the wattage you simply need to choose the wattage mode and adjust the wattage with the + or – button. For a moderate user, we think that adjusting the wattage at around 20W-30W is more than enough, but this of course depends on your personal preferences.

The battery compartment is located at the base of the Reliant. It features a ‘coin-slot’ type lid which makes the replacing of the battery a little bit of a hassle, but then, this is something you get used to. In order to access the battery, you need to unscrew the device with a screwdriver.  When you buy the Apollo Reliant Starter kit, then the battery is included in your purchase. If you decide to buy only the Reliant, then you will need to buy the battery separately.

As far as the battery life is concerned, this will depend on the wattage and obviously, the frequency of your vaping. For a moderate use, you should definitely expect it to last at least a day before recharging.

The Apollo Phazer tank

The Phazer Tank

The Reliant 60W Starter kit comes with a Phazer tank that will ensure an excellent airflow control and a dense and strong vapour. The airflow control is built into the bottom of the tank. You are also given the option to control the flow of the e-juice. With controlled flow of e-liquid, you will get a better and steadier sense of flavour.

The Phazer is made of glass and stainless steel, therefore it boasts a good engineering and a beautiful style, but you can easily take them apart if you want to clean it. Its capacity is 3.5 ml, which means the liquid will get you through for a good while.


The Apollo Reliant is a powerful kit suitable for more advanced users. It produces good vapour and clouds, but what’s most important is that it performs very well, regardless of the working mode you have chosen, temperature or wattage.

Apollo Reliant starter kit

The Kit

  • 1 reliant mod, available in red or black
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 Reliant manual
  •  1 Phazer sub-ohm tank (2 kanthal oils are included)
  • 1 Phazer manual
  • A (5) pack of Ni200 0.2 Ohm Nickel Coils
  • A 16 ml bottle of Fa-Q
  • A trustfire dual 18650 battery charger
  • A 18650 high drain battery (model may vary based on availability)




  • 3 Modes Of Operation: Temperature Control + TCR, Wattage, Mechanical
  • TCR adjustment for different temperature control wires: Ni200, Ti, SS and others
  • Compatible with atomizers as low as 0.06 ohm
  • Adjustment lock (press and hold both + and – for 3 seconds)
  • Bright and clear real time display
  • Adjustable screen orientation
  • Stealth mode
  • Dual Charging Options – Replace battery or USB Pass-Through Charging
  • Built in safety features including: 5 click lock, temperature protection, reverse battery protection, wide battery vent channels, over charge protection and low voltage protection


  • Massive amount of vapour and flavour
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Wide bore 510 drip tip
  • Air flow control ring
  • E-liquid flow control built into the coil heads
  • Coil head resistances: 0.2 ohm, 0.5 ohm
  • Full Stainless Steel and Glass construction
  • 510 threading


The Apollo Reliant Starter kit is offered at the price of $129.95 (price was $159.95). This price can be justified at a point because of the durability, the construction quality, the strong performance of the kit, as well as the many accessories offered. Still, if we wanted to say something negative about the Reliant, this would be its expensive price. You can always get the Reliant 60W Pro kit at a lower price for $99.95. You can also use our links below and get an extra 10% discount by using code: ECIGTOPIA at check out both for the U.S. and the U.K. website. U.K. users can check the Reliant 75W through the link below, as the 60W version is only available in the U.S.


Get 10% discount on the Apollo Reliant Starter Kit - Use code: ECIGTOPIA at check out

Final Verdict

The Apollo Reliant 60W TC is a powerful box mod suitable for advanced or moderate users. It offers great performance, durability, good engineering, vapour production and clouds.  It is an excellent kit in terms of vapour production and performance. If you find the Reliant expensive for your budget and you are looking for something more cost efficient, without compromising in quality and performance, you can also check our full reviews on the Apollo Oracle and the Apollo Valiant.

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