Are The Electronic Cigarettes Safe To Use?

Are E-cigs Safe?

Are the electronic cigarettes safe? Is vaping safer than smoking? All these questions comes to our mind, after the burst of electronic cigarettes and vaping, during the last years. Apart from the health effects of vaping e-cigarettes, on which studies have shown that they are 95% more safe than cigarettes, it is important to inform potential users on the safety precautions they should take when vaping.

are e-cigarettes safe

Regulated And Mechanical Mods

The newest generation of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), the so-called MODS (shorthand for modified), give to the user more control of the amount of nicotine inhaled, as they provide batteries whose power can be modified. Usually mods have several safety features and as electronic cigarettes evolve, the devices are far safer than it was in the past.

On the other hand Mechanical mods have only a basic circuit with no extra safety features enhanced. People who prefer rebuildable atomizers like the mech mods very much. Use by inexperienced consumers though, can potentially lead to battery explosion, which, in turn, could lead to severe burns in extreme cases. So if you have no idea about electric circuits and some knowledge of electronics, stay with the regulated mods and you will be perfectly safe.

Is e-cigarette safe?

Advices For Safe Vaping

It is also important that you never overcharge the battery as this will result in an overheated device. Always buy compatible chargers, as faulty use may lead to accidents.

Never bring your skin in contact and never inhale liquid nicotine. Liquid nicotine is a toxic substance and could lead to fatal effects. Advice young people and keep out of children reach any equipment and parts used.

Are the electronic cigarettes safe?

Final Verdict

The electronic cigarette vapour might contain metal nanoparticles. It is possible that these particles are generated from the device itself when overheated. This could be the case especially when using devices of questionable origin.

We suggest that you conduct your own research and always prefer brands that enjoy a high level of consumer recognition, as there is a great variability of the quality offered by different brands. Possibilities are that a well-established and trusted brand would not risk its reputation by using bad quality vaporizers and e-liquids.

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