Cuttwood E-juice Review – Premium E-liquid Flavors

Cuttwood E-juice Review:

Due to our recent Cuttwood e-juice review, today we’ll have a look at some flavors from Cuttwood e-liquid company which produces some of the best-selling e-liquids in the vaping market.

Cuttwood e-liquids are handcrafted in California, the Mecca of vaping juices. The company was established in 2014 and has since gained many devoted fans. It currently features a limited selection of ten (10) vapour liquids, albeit a creative, integrated and quality selection. Flavours are mainly savoury and sweet, dessert or fruity like, or blends of the previous. In any case, they do not just include fruits blended in, but also spices, pastries, sometimes tobacco and breakfast flavours, such as cereals.

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Cuttwood claims that is ‘committed in producing the highest quality vapour liquid through research, development, rigorous testing and innovation’. They use the name ‘The Boss-Sauce’ for their e-liquid, which highlights the fact that the Cuttwood e-juice flavors are of a great consistency, full of flavour and robustness.

The Cuttwood e-liquid has a concentration of greater VG than PG.  This is good if you are after big vapour clouds. The maximum VG concentration also gives an extra sweetness to flavours, while a lesser amount of PG is enough to give a good but not disturbing or overpowering throat hit. If you prefer quality liwuids with 50-50 PG/VG for a stronger throat hit, then you can take a look at our review on the Five Pawns e-liquid or our Black Note review if you seek premium Tobacco flavors.

Each vapour liquid is offered in a wide range of nicotine levels: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg are available.

Cuttwood premium e-liquids

The Cuttwood Style

The Cuttwood branding is somewhat vintage, somewhat cult while it brings a resemblance with the logo on the bottle of a very famous whiskey brand. It gives the impression that the Cuttwood e-juice is not a common one, but a multi-layered one, with bold and mature flavour for demanding tastes.

Cuttwood - The Sauce Boss

Cuttwood E-liquid Flavors

We ordered and vaped some of the unique flavors Cuttwood has to offer, so it’s time to share our thoughts and impressions.

  • Unicorn Milk: One of their top-selling flavours, a delicious blend of strawberries and cream. On the inhale, you get sweet and creamy smoothness, while flavour pleasure is heightened with the addition of strawberry. Strawberry did not taste natural to me though. It came across as creamy strawberry milk. Although there are many similar flavours on the market and some of them are delicious, this one remains a favourite. Probably because Cuttwood has used not one, but four different creams that add depth, flavour and smoothness.
  • Boss Reserve: A golden honey Graham cereal blend with creamy milk and bananas. Although I am not a big fan of cereal flavours, this one is truly delectable. If you have not yet tasted Graham cereals, these are toasted cereal pieces that are made of whole wheat and corn. What you taste is a mix of honey cereal and brown sugar. It is this sugared cookie flavour that takes the cereal flavour to another level. The addition of roasted nuts adds savoury goodness and depth. Although the banana is not overpowering it adds flavour and creaminess. While it seems that this is a single-level flavour as far as depth is concerned, this is far from true. Boss Reserve is a delicious all-day vape.
  • Bird Brains: Another blend with cereal flavour, although this time fruitier, that takes centre stage. But, the flavour is like Froot Loops, a fruit-flavoured breakfast cereal and these kinds of flavours do not appeal to me. Not bad, but nothing extraordinary either.
  • Sugar Drizzle: This must have been my favourite from the bunch. A baked pastry flavour with a strong cinnamon taste. Although there is sweet milky cream in it, it did not come across as one of the basic flavours. Maybe it is added to play down a bit the cinnamon flavour. Whatever the case, sugar drizzle is an exceptionally blended, very balanced e-juice, which I would happily re-order.
  • Mega-Melons: Mango, Cantaloupe Melon and Papaya are blended to give a sweet, fruity, subtly tropical flavour where despite the name, it is the tropical fruits and mainly the Papaya that offers the most flavour. Melon lends its sweetness to balance this tropical blend. The flavour is full and fruity and if you like sweet tropical flavours, this is a flavour you have to try.
Cuttwood premium line of e-liquids

Additional Cuttwood Flavors

The selection of Cuttwood e-liquids includes some more flavors which we will be reviewing shortly at our Cuttwood e-juice update. Till then, you can have an idea below about them.

  • Tobacco Trail: Mild Sweet tobacco with just a bit of honey
  • Mr Fritter: A warm fritter enriched with apple, cinnamon and some other secret flavours
  • Manic Mint: A peppermint flavour
  • Vivid Lime: A rich lime flavour with a twist
  • Outrage Orange: Cuttwood’s version of orange flavour


The Cuttwood flavours are available at medium to high prices. But, we have scoured the internet to find the best prices out there. More specifically, 15ml will set you back $11.99, the 30ml bottle $21.99, while the 60ml size costs $29.99 and the 120ml $64. If you try their e-liquid and like it, it would be wiser to buy a bigger size, like the 60ml bottle for just an extra $8, compared to the 30ml bottle. Premium e-liquids, like the Five Pawns, Black Note or the Space Jam vapor liquids may cost a bit more than the average, but they have a multilayered complexity and intensity that you rarely find in an ordinary e-liquid.

Final Verdict

The Cuttwood collection includes vapour liquids that are rich and bold in flavour, so that they will either appeal to you strongly or not, depending on your taste preferences.  The good thing with Cuttwood is that most of their e-juices can be used as an everyday vape, while some of the flavours, such as the Boss Reserve and the Sugar Drizzle, are great.

Other than that, the Cuttwood e-liquid is one that offers a true pleasure, because it is not flat, instead, it has depth of flavours. Thus, when you vape a Cuttwood juice you feel that you are vaping a more refined and premium product.

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Buy 30ml Cuttwood eliquids for $21.95 at VAPORBEAST.COM – Free shipping on orders over $35 and 10% off your next purchase.

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