Cyclops Vapor E-liquid Review

Cyclops Vapor E-liquid Review:

Cyclops Vapor e-liquid review will be our today’s post topic, an e-liquid created by the homonymous company based in Alabama, U.S. Cyclops Vapor was founded in 2013 and its first release involved only three products: Colossus, Poseidon and shortly later, Athena. It was nothing else than the founders’ effort to create the highest quality and the most rich and accurate flavours on the market.

In Greek Mythology, Cyclops were gigantic one-eyed monsters, sons of Gods that did not possess any fear of Gods. They were Hephaestus, the God of fire and any craftsmanship that related to fire, workmen. After having fought for Zeus against the Titans, they gifted him with his weapons for thunder and lightning and continued working for him at Mount Olympus, the Mountain of the Gods.

Based on the stories of the Mythology, Cyclops Vapor created an integrated line of products and today the company has fourteen liquids on offer. Each vapour juice is inspired and named after a Greek God or mythical creature. Cyclops Vapor is supposed to be the best quality mythical e-liquid that only a Cyclop can craft. An e-liquid that will be adorned by mortals that only a mythical creature can create. Each e-juice is inspired by the flair or the acts of these mythical creatures, whose silhouette is illustrated on the bottle.

Cyclops Vapor Quality

Each liquid is manufactured and bottled in the U.S. Although natural and artificial ingredients are used, Cyclops Vapor does not list them analytically on the bottle, in order to maintain the proprietary nature of the recipe. Although e-liquids are offered in one ratio of PG/VG (35/65), the company has worked hard on each of the flavours to create a quality e-juice, both in flavour and consistency. Nicotine strength is available in a wide variety of different strengths: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg.

Each flavour is handcrafted and bottled in Alabama in their warehouse, thereby ensuring the best quality control. Cyclops Vapor also abides by OSHA’s (the federal ‘Occupational Safety and Health Administration’ agency in the U.S. that works for the enforcement of health and safety regulation) strict manufacturing standards. It takes months to test, alter and perfect each flavour.

Cyclops Vapor claims that each flavour is pre-steeped to perfection. Nevertheless, it is always good to let the e-juice steep for a few days. Upon arrival, each bottle label informs regarding the main ingredients, batch number and even the date when the e-juice was bottled, so you can rest assured that what you are getting is a fresh product!

Cyclops Vapor e-liquid

The Cyclops Vapor Flavors

Following flavours are offered:

  • Artemis (berry cobbler)
  • Athena (green apple)
  • Cerberus (chocolate mint)
  • Colossus (vanilla custard)Colossus e-liquid by Cyclops Vapor
  • Eros (cranberry citrus)
  • Gryphon (blueberry Danish)
  • Hades (roasted coffee)
  • Minotaur (classic peanut butter cookie)
  • Phoenix (fresh crisp strawberry)
  • Poseidon (fruity melon)
  • Siren (pineapple upside-down cake)

Cyclops Vapor has recently released a new line of e-juices at more affordable prices, but still of good quality:

  • D’nish (bright cherry pastry)
  • Mosa (orange with champagne)
  • Berry rock (strawberry hard candy)

E-liquids Tested

We ordered and tried the following e-juices from Cyclops Vapor:

  • Colossus: The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of Helios, the Greek god of the sun. The Colossus stood above 33metres high and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Colossus e-juice is mainly the one responsible for the rise of Cyclops Vapor to stellar heights of fame. Its reputation is well deserved, because it is one of the best vanilla custard flavours in a whole sea of e-liquids.

This vapor liquid is rich and robust and while no participant ingredient is downplayed, the blend is smooth and subtle, deep layered and complex. What you get in the inhale is a deep vanilla custard flavour. On the exhale, you get a subtle fruit flavour that I identified as blueberry, possibly. Although this is just a hint of fruit, it really gives a twist and freshness to a sweet and bold flavour. The Colossus is very well-blended. Creamy and thick, but if you find it too strong to use as an all-day vape, you can try lowering the nicotine level.

  • Poseidon: Poseidon was one of the 12 Olympian Gods in Greek Mythology. He was the ‘God of the Sea’ and protector of anything aquatic.

Poseidon, by Cyclops Vapor, is a complex blend that tries to encapsulate the complex nature of the sea. Although it is a fruit and melon medley, it develops to different layers. I think that the best description for it is bright. Although it is sweet, it is not extremely so. There is a certain tart, citrus flair in this e-juice. What I also identified in the flavour was mango or peach. I found the 12mg of nicotine a bit harsh though, next time I would lower the nicotine level. Also, after a few days of steeping, the flavour mellowed quite a bit. Overall, I would say that the flavour is bold but not overpowering and on the same time quite refreshing and sweet. If you like fruit and sweet flavours, you can try this one, it is good, but to my taste palate, the Colossus liquid was better.

  • Artemis: The Goddess of the Hunt and the protector of the Natural Environment in ancient Greek mythology.

Artemis is mainly a dessert-like flavour based on blueberry. I am not a big fan of fruit flavours, but this one is a baked crust flavour with only a hint of blueberry. The buttery crust is the one flavour that stands out. The blueberry is very subtle, almost faint here. I found this e-juice more of a dessert-like flavour with just a hint of fruit. The flavour is well blended so that you cannot tell exactly what other flavours are there in the mix, although you taste some subtle notes from other fruits. But, the flavour is not rich. It is smooth but very light, it can definitely make an all-day vape for some, but I would not describe it as a rich flavour. I suggest you leave this one steep for a few weeks.

  • Athena: The Goddess of Wisdom, Craft and War in ancient Greek mythology.

Just as Athena was Goddess of War but on the same time had a sweet, nurturing nature which showed through the protection of craft, so does the Athena vapour liquid. It has two different natures, the sweet and the tart, which perfectly balance each other. On the inhale, you get the tart sense of a green apple. Strong and full of flavour. On the exhale, the flavour is balanced by sweet, red apple. This is a good apple vape with quite a hard throat hit.


Cyclops Vapor e-juices can either be purchased directly through their website or through reliable international web retailers. At the time being, their product ships internationally through web retailers.

The e-juices are available in 30ml, 60ml or 120ml glass bottles with child resistant caps. The 60ml size costs $25.99 while the 120ml size costs $49.99 for their premium line of e-liquids which bares mythology topics. The 30ml e-juice costs $13.99, making this one of the most affordable premium e-juices in the market.

Their new line of products, including the D’nish, Berry Rock and Mosa e-juices, are available in 60ml or 120ml bottles. The 120ml bottles cost $29.99 while the 60ml cost $21.99.

Cyclops Vapor e-juice

Final Verdict

It is not by chance that the Cyclops Vapor is regarded by many as one of the best e-juices out there. High quality, strict manufacturing standards, outstanding flavour in a number of their e-liquids, integrated approach regarding the philosophy of the company and investing in money and time to produce the best product available, are some of the factors contributing to the offering of a top-notch product. And price-wise, the company still maintains affordable prices that can make quality products accessible to more people.

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