Eleaf IStick 40W Starter Kit Review

Eleaf IStick 40W Starter Kit Intro:

The Eleaf IStick 40W starter kit is the first in the IStick series that incorporates temperature control technology. Before its release, the IStick products were already popular because of the product philosophy: big capabilities that fit in a small, compact device that resembles an IStick. With the release of the TC 40W, Eleaf is enjoying even greater success, as it can now cover the needs of more advanced users looking for technology efficiency and greater versatility.

The IStick 4OW TC mod can reach up to 40 watts of power. It is a temperature control mod which can fire Ni200 nickel coils in a temperature range of 100°C – 315°C (200°F – 600°F). Having a resistance range of 0.05 to 1.0 Ohm in TC mode and 0.15 to 3.5 Ohm in variable wattage mode, it is both suitable for vaping with traditional clearomizers/atomizers as well as with sub ohm vaping devices. All output settings are displayed in an OLED screen. The IStick TC40W features a battery capacity of 2600mAh.

Eleaf suggests that you pair the Eleaf IStick TC 40W with a tank from their own range, such as the Eleaf GS TC tank, as it has been designed as a match to the former, regarding size and specifications. The Eleaf GS TC tank is sold as a kit with the Eleaf TC40W, but you can also buy each one of them separately. I am also reviewing the GS TC tank which features a 2.5ml tank of adjustable airflow. The IStick 40W has 510 thread connection which makes it compatible with a very big range of great tanks such as the Nautilus Mini, the Aspire Cleito or the Kanger Subtank Mini.


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Eleaf Products

Since the release of the IStick TC 40W, the IStick range has been enriched with other products that feature temperature control technology, such as the Eleaf IStick 60W and the Eleaf IStick Pico 75W. Now, you might ask, why not get the most upgraded version? Well, the answer is that each product has its own target group. The IStick 40W is a great entry level device that has many features packed in a small size. The Eleaf 60W and the Pico 75W can fire up to 60 Watt and 75 Watt respectively but if you are not usually vaping on this range, then the 40W mod is more than enough to cover your needs. The Pico has a very good size, with a length of only 70.5mm that some might find very convenient regarding portability, while others might find small and more uncomfortable to the grip (the TC60W has a length of 90mm).

The TC 40W comes, optionally, with the Eleaf GS TC tank which has a capacity of 2.5ml, the TC60W comes with the Eleaf Melo II tank with a capacity of 4.5ml and the Eleaf TC Pico 75W is paired with the Melo III with a capacity of only 2ml. In the end, each device fits a specific purpose and you might find that all of them are useful in different circumstances. In any case, these are just suggestions, you can customize your own kits and match your battery with almost any tank available on the market.

Eleaf IStick 40w starter kit review

Eleaf IStick 40W Kit

  • 1 IStick TC 40W mod
  • 1 Micro USB cable
  • 1 Eleaf GS TC tank atomizer
  • 1 user manual

IStick 40W Specs

  • Frame colour is available in black, brushed silver, silver (large sides are silver and small sides black), blue, grey and full black
  • Size: 36.2mm * 23mm * 77.3mm
  • Rated output wattage 1W- 40W
  • 2600mAh power capacity
  • Spring-loaded 510 brass connector and stainless steel threads
  • Temperature control feature: temperature range is 100°C – 315°C (200°F – 600°C) (VW, TC (Ni200)
  • Utilizes Ni200 (temperature control mode) or titanium coils
  • Bottom USB port
  • Coil resistance in temperature control mode: 0.05-1.0 Ohm
  • Coil resistance in variable wattage: 0.15-3.5 Ohm
  • Stainless steel firing button
  • OLED Screen
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low battery warning (when battery is less than 10% OLED screen flashes).
  • Temperature protection
  • Temperature alert
  • Atomizer protection
  • Short circuit/  no atomizer protection
  • Rotation display

GS Tank Specs

  • Length: 50mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Maximum wattage: 30-40W
  • Transparent glass tube
  • Glass tube not protected / caged
  • Available in silver colour
  • Suitable for mouth inhale
  • Ni200 heating wire
  • Easy to use airflow control ring
  • Heat insulated mouthpiece
  • Bottom refill – unscrew atomizer and refill into the hole along the tube (not into the air pipe)
  • Tank e-liquid capacity: 3ml
  • 2 * 0.15 Air TC head (0.15 Ohm)
  • 510 threading
  • Pure cotton wick
  • Tank can be easily disassembled into mouthpiece, atomizer tube, GS Air TC Head and Atomizer Base
  • Recommended for IStick TC40W
Istick 40w by Eleaf

IStick 40W Battery

The IStick TC 40W has a 2600mAh battery capacity and you should expect it to last about a day before recharging. Depending on the use it can last even more, but learning to use the temperature control function will definitely save power and extend your device’s battery life. You will also see a big difference in the e-liquid consumption. You also have a stealth feature option that can disable the display on the screen, while vaping and this also saves a little bit of power. The IStick 40W is a very good device, easy to handle and carry around and one of Eleaf’s best sellers.

Eleaf IStick 40 watt kit

Eleaf 40W Mod Functions

The IStick 40W features a circular firing button, a bright OLED screen, an ‘up’ adjustment’ button, a menu button and a ‘down’ adjustment button.

  • In order to turn your device on and off, you simply press the fire button five times. The screen will display that the device is ready to be used.
  • If you want to turn on and off the stealth mode, you hold the fire button for five seconds while you are simultaneously pressing the ‘down’ button.
  • You can also rotate the display screen to read from left to right or right to left: Just turn the device off and press and hold the ‘up’ and ‘down’ Adjustment Buttons for 5 seconds.
  • If you want to lock and unlock the display buttons, turn the device on and press and hold the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons simultaneously for five seconds.

You can switch from one mode to the other, i.e. from temperature control to variable wattage by pressing and holding the menu button for 5 seconds. Then, you adjust the temperature and wattage by pressing the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons.


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Performance of the IStick TC40W surpassed my expectations. I used it both with the Eleaf GS atomizer and my Kanger Subtank Mini and I got a very flavourful vape both on the VW as well as on the TC modes. I vaped on around 25 Watts. I used a 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid and the flavour was nice and smooth with satisfying throat hits. I noticed though, that the performance of the device is not as consistent as it should be when vaping on lower temperatures (this happens only in TC mode). Therefore, you need to vape on a higher temperature to get the power needed for a consistent output. Also, in TC mode the wattage remains fixed at 40Watts, which means that you have no control over it, in order to adjust to your preferences.

Eleaf 40W


  • Can be used with both sub-ohm and regular atomizers
  • Suitable for entry level users who want to vape with TC features
  • Simple to use
  • Good size screen
  • Suitable for entry level use on TC devices
  • Very affordable price
  • Compact design
  • Comes in different colours
  • Stealth feature is good for saving power


  • Small battery capacity
  • Limited features, not suitable for advanced vapers


GS Tank


  • Quite good 3ml e-liquid capacity
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Compatible with various TC batteries


  • No spare tube glass included
  • Prone to breakage if it falls, as glass tube is not caged in steel


The Eleaf IStick 40W is very affordable, whether it is sold on its own or as a kit with the Eleaf GS Atomizer Tank – the latter suggested as a match by Eleaf. The Eleaf IStick 40W battery costs around $25 when sold separately, while the Eleaf IStick 40W costs $39.99 when sold as a kit, paired with the Eleaf GS atomizer tank.

You could also get the Eleaf IStick TC40W and use it with a compatible tank like the Nautilus Mini or with a sub ohm tank of greater capacity, like the Kanger Aerotank Mega.

Eleaf battery all colors

Final Verdict

The Eleaf IStick 40W starter kit actually delivers quite a lot for a very affordable price. And still, it is quite cheaper than competitive products on the market. The Eleaf 40W device performs very well for what it is. It has a good size, power and it can last the whole day without having to recharge in between. You can even extend the battery life, by cleverly using the temperature control and the Stealth features. It is compatible with various tanks, but Eleaf suggest you pair it with the GS tank atomizer, a tank with a spacious 3ml e-liquid capacity. I would have no hesitation suggesting the IStick TC 40W for users who are looking for a, simple to use, temperature control device, in an affordable price.


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