Eleaf IStick 60W TC Review

Eleaf IStick 60W TC Review:

Our Eleaf IStick 60W TC review was completed, after 2 weeks of testing and trial this very popular starter kit by Eleaf. The IStick 60W is a powerful vaping device that can offer good vapour with its maximum wattage output set at 60W. The Melo 2 tank is offered as a part of the kit and is a perfect match to the dimensions and specifications of the battery. The Melo 2 atomizer offers temperature control functions as well. The IStick 60W comes as an upgrade to the IStick 40W TC, the first box mod device from Eleaf that offers temperature control and can reach a maximum wattage of 40W.

In brief, except the IStick 40W and the Pico 75W, Eleaf offers temperature control functions in the more recently released IStick 100W and the IStick 200W. Other devices in the very ergonomic IStick series are the IStick 30W and IStick 50W, which however, do not offer temperature control settings.

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IStick 60W Main Features

The IStick 6OW accepts both nickel and titanium coils. It comes with a Melo 2 sub ohm tank, included in the kit, with a very practical side hole to fill in your e-liquid, without the risk of spilling it. Style-wise, the IStick 60W features magnetic covers of various colours that can be attached on the sides in order to personalize your device. The latter feature is only optional though and you have to order these side panels separately. The device uses a single 18650 battery which is also not included in the kit and has to be bought separately.

Aesthetics and Build

The IStick TC 60W comes securely packed in a white cardboard box, which includes all the parts of the kit. The box features a photo of the atomizer and has ‘Temperature Control’ written in large fonts. Eleaf gives you the option to check the authenticity of your device. If you scratch on a specific part underneath the box, an authenticity number will be revealed. Using it on the Eleaf website you can check whether your kit is genuine or not.

The IStick TC60W has a sleek and ergonomic slightly curved design which makes the grip comfortable. The device is lightweight and compact, meaning that it is easy to carry it around. Also, it feels that no sacrifice has been made on its build quality. Instead, it feels that this is a sturdy device of good quality. Likewise, the mouthpiece of the Melo 2 Tank is made of stainless steel to protect from wear and tear from usage.

The two slightly curved sides of the device come in a brushed silver or black finish which is the one that can be interchanged with other colourful side panels. However, the latter is only optional and you need to buy the colourful magnetic covers separately (teal, blue, grey, black and white colors are available). This is definitely a nice touch to personalize your device and give an extra note of customization. I did not encounter any issues when closing the battery door, as I found it locks really smooth, but it needs some attention to line it perfectly.

Eleaf IStick 60w box kit

The Kit

The contents of the Eleaf IStick TC60W kit are the following:

  • 1 IStick 60W TC mod (no battery included)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 IStick TC 60W user manual
  • 1 EC Head 0.3 Ohm (Kanthal)
  • 1 EC TC-Ni Head 0.15 Ohm
  • 1 EC TC-Ti  Head 0.5 Ohm
  • 4 Sealing Rings
  • 1 Melo 2 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Melo 2 user manual


The specifications of the IStick TC 6OW are the following:

  • Frame colour is black or brushed silver
  • Size: 90mm * 38mm * 28mm
  • Cell type: 18650 cells
  • Maximum battery wattage of 60W
  • Rated output wattage 1W- 60W
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded 510 Connector located on the top of the mod
  • Temperature control feature: temperature range is 100°C – 315°C (200°F – 600°C) (TC-Ni/Ti Mode)
  • Coil resistance in temperature control mode: 0.05-1.0 Ohm
  • Coil resistance in variable wattage mode: 0.15-3.5 Ohm
  • 100% pure cotton wick
  • Side panels can be removed to use coloured ones
Melo 2 Specifications

Melo 2 Specs

  • Main material is 304 Stainless Steel
  • Length: 66mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Glass tank
  • Delrin insulated drip tip
  • Convenient side e-liquid fill hole
  • Tank e-liquid capacity: 4.5 ml
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece, air pipe, EC head and atomizer head
  • Tank airflow control
  • Blue o’ rings for Nickel coils and pink o’ rings for Titanium coils
Eleaf 60 watt black and grey

IStick 60W Functions

The functional buttons as well as the OLED screen of the IStick TC 60W are located on the small side. Due to the compact size of the device, the OLED screen is not as big as it could be (there is a lot of spare space that could have accommodated a bigger one). Although the screen space could be a bit bigger, it is not really an issue. The display screen shows output wattage, voltage, temperature, battery life and resistance.  You also get screen messages for device protection, such as low voltage, temperature protection or if the temperature is exceedingly high, you get temperature alert messages.

A big pro of the device is that it is really easy to change between different modes. To turn the device on and off, you simply press quickly the fire button five times. In the beginning, you will want to choose the mode: press and hold the menu button to choose between variable wattage, TC Ti mode or TC Ni mode. The temperature changes in increments of 1 degree, while the wattage changes in increments of 0.1W. You can also adjust the wattage while in temperature control mode, by pressing the menu button and then up or down with the adjustment buttons. There is a ‘+’ and a ‘–‘ button, so pressing the relative button will adjust to your preferred setting.

You can choose the stealth mode (the device does not display anything on screen, for power saving, while the device functions properly) by pressing simultaneously the fire button and the ’ –‘ button for 5 seconds. Finally, you can lock the device by holding for 3 seconds the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons.

Battery Life

Accommodating a single 18650 battery, the Eleaf 60W will give you easily a full day of vaping and usually more, depending on your vaping style. The 18650 battery itself is not included in the kit so you need to buy it separately.

Eleaf IStick 60W


  • Compact and slim design
  • Ergonomic, slightly curved design
  • Suitable for new and intermediate users
  • Features temperature control
  • Changeable battery cover to personalize your device
  • Comes in two different finishes
  • Well-build device for an affordable price
  • Very good response time when changing between modes
  • Consistent performance in most functions
  • Affordable price


  • Small screen is not very practical to read
  • Performance in TI mode is not as good or consistent as in the other functions
  • Adjustment buttons are quite close to each other which can make manoeuvring a bit uncomfortable
  • The firmware parts are not upgradeable
Melo 2 vape tank

Melo 2 Tank

The Melo 2 tank is an upgraded version of the original Melo. Their main differences are that the new version features a 4.5ml tank, while the original one had a 3.5ml tank. The new version is also more easily disassembled and has 100% organic cotton as wicking material. The Melo 2 features a top side e-liquid fill hole to facilitate usage. However, the hole is quite small so it needs a bit of maestri to perfect your filling skills. Of course, the hole can be opened to fill with e-liquid by rotating anticlockwise the regulation ring on the cap and then, it can be securely closed by rotating the regulation ring clockwise and back to place. The tank can be more easily disassembled than its predecessor to the mouthpiece, atomizer tube, EC head and atomizer base.

The main parts of the Melo 2 are made of stainless steel while the tank is made of glass. However, the glass part is not protected by any form of steel cage and therefore, it will take some attention not to drop the tank, as the risk of breakage is a bit higher. I am not particularly happy that a spare glass tube has not been included in the kit. On the plus side though, it is always easy to check the level of e-liquid with the glass tube. The stainlesss steel cap not only provides conditions of hygiene from the high temperatures developed, but it is also an excellent heat insulator.

On the atomizer base you can find the airflow control with various adjustments regarding the amount of airflow. You can easily choose your preferred one by rotating the airflow control ring. It takes some testing and trial to find the desired settings on how ‘open’ or ‘close’ you want your vaping feeling, but after you find the right spot you are ready to start vaping and enjoy the experience.

Melo 2


  • Very convenient 4.5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Innovative e-liquid filling system with regulation hole that opens and closes
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Absolutely no burning taste at all
  • No leakage encountered


  • No spare tube glass included
  • Prone to breakage if it falls, as glass tube is not caged in steel


The Eleaf IStick TC 60W kit includes both the box mod and the Melo 2 sub ohm atomizer. You have the option of buying only the box mod and pair it with any tank you like but using it with the Melo 2 matches perfectly, as it has been designed for it. Melo 2 can be compatible with various temperature control devices, but is especially suggested from Eleaf for the 60W mod.

In terms of performance, I found the IStick 60W to be more consistent when used with the standard 0.3 Ohm coil. The vapour was great and so was the flavour. However, in the TC-TI mode (0.5 Ohm) the device was not very consistent reading cold temperatures and power was not steady throughout.

Final Verdict

The Eleaf IStick 60W TC is a mid-range device that performs really well in medium wattages. It is simple to use, convenient and ergonomic. Paired with the Melo 2 tank, which has been designed as a perfect match for the IStick 60W, you get excellent results as far as battery life, vapour production and flavour are concerned. The only thing I would expect from Eleaf would be an extra glass tube replacement for the tank but all in all, the Eleaf IStick 60W kit is a very good choice for normal or sub ohm vaping with temperature control functions. When you feel that you are much more demanding regarding quality and complexity of functions or need a more powerful setup, you can move to more advanced options like the Pico 75W.

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