Eleaf IStick Pico 75W Review – Melo 3 Mini Tank

 Eleaf IStick Pico 75W Review:

Today we are going to take a look at our Eleaf IStick Pico 75W review. The Pico is a temperature control box mod which is also sold as a kit, matched with the new Melo III Mini tank. One of the newest additions to the very popular IStick collection that includes the popular IStick 40W and Eleaf 60W.

What distinguishes the Eleaf Pico 75W from other devices? First of all, its size: yes, you understood correctly, Pico is as in piccolo! At the time of release, it is the smallest 18650 single battery operated device on the market: its length is only 70.5mm which means that it can fit the tiniest hands and the tiniest pockets. Ergonomic, compact, but with a clever technology that is by no means inferior to the one demonstrated by its predecessors. So, what are its main assets? Well, it is as I said a clever device that features temperature control, can go up to 75W maximum output and has upgradeable firmware.

The Eleaf IStick Pico comes as an upgraded version of the IStick 60W, although it is obvious that it serves a different purpose. The IStick 60W can reach a maximum wattage of 60W, it has temperature control system and large tank of 4.5ml (when paired with the Melo 2 tank) but its firmware is not upgradeable. While the IStick Pico 75W can reach up to 75W, it also has an advanced temperature control system, its firmware is upgradeable but because of its truly compact size, when paired with the Melo III Mini tank, it only has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml. If you want more capacity for your e-liquid you can use the Melo 3 that features 4ml capacity or any other compatible tank. You can also use a mouth to lung tank (not sub ohm), like the Aspire Nautilus Mini or the Aspire Triton 2 which can be used both as sub ohm and mouth to lung.

The Kit

  • 1 Eleaf IStick Pico 75W TC Mod – no battery is included
  • 1 EC 0.3 Ohm Kanthal Coil Head
  • 1 EC 0.5 Ohm Kanthal Coil Head
  • 4 Coloured Seal Rings
  • 1 Micro Usb charging cable
  • 1 MELO III Mini atomizer
  • 1 User Manual for the IStick Pico 75W
  • 1 User Manual for the Melo III Mini atomizer


Eleaf IStick Pico 75W TC Specifications

  • Frame colour is available in white, brushed silver, silver, hot pink, grey and black
  • Size: 45mm * 23mm * 70.5mm
  • Cell type: 18650 cells (battery not included in the kit)
  • Maximum battery wattage of 75W
  • Rated output wattage 1W- 75W
  • Spring-loaded 510 Connector
  • Output mode: VW, Bypass, TC (Ni, Ti, SS, TCR-M1, M2,M3 mode)
  • Temperature range in TC mode: 100°C – 315°C (200°F – 600°C)
  • Side USB port
  • Coil resistance in temperature control mode: 0.05-1.0 Ohm
  • Coil resistance in variable wattage / bypass mode: 0.1-3.5 Ohm

UPDATE: The IStick Pico collection has recently been enriched with two very slick colours, Jet Black Bronze and White Bronze. In these models the main body is in jet black or white, while the finishing is in a pink gold/bronze colour.


Melo III Mini tank SpecsThe Melo 3 Mini sub ohm tank

  • Main material is 304 Stainless Steel
  • Length: 55mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 65mm
  • Glass tank, silver colour
  • Glass tube not protected / caged
  • Top e-liquid fill
  • Tank e-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece, air pipe, EC head and atomizer base that can be detached from each other and easily cleaned
  • Tank airflow control is ‘hidden’ yet can be easily used
  • Four (4) seal rings
  • 0.3 Ohm coil
  • 0.5 Ohm coil


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IStick Pico Temperature Control

Besides its compact size of only 45mm*23mm*70,5mm, the Eleaf IStick Pico 75W is an integrated device. It is impressive how Eleaf has managed such a level of sophistication in one box mod. The temperature control features Ni200 Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium heating elements. The wattage range is from 1 to 75W, while the resistance that can be used is from 0.1 Ohm to 3.5 Ohm. Finally, the temperature control mode has a 3-memory feature to offer maximum personalization. With this, you can set by yourself the TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, memories are symbolized with M1, M2, M3 respectively).

As the temperature increases, the resistance of a material changes. The higher the resistance of the coil initially, the greater the change in resistance with the increase of temperature. The material used for temperature control, i.e. whether it is Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel plays a role itself regarding how the resistance will change. So, what you do here, is custom choose the TCR, the correct wire and enjoy your vaping.

Eleaf Pico battery

The Battery

The layout of the functional buttons in the IStick Pico 75W has been fully adapted to its compact size. As an example, I bring the size of the battery: the atomizer is so compact that the battery itself is protruding from the atomizer, i.e. it is longer than the atomizer. But only by a little. This does not really pose a problem neither in terms of aesthetics nor in practical terms. The battery is protected by a battery cap which can be taken off really easily – but it is also securely placed when screwed – to facilitate the changing of battery cell, even on the go. Of course, Eleaf has included all the usual protection features for the battery.

 The battery cell itself is not included in the kit and you will need to purchase it separately. A single 18650 battery is needed and by choosing a good quality one you can extend the battery life by a bit.

The Screen and Functional Buttons

The IStick Pico 75W features a good-sized screen with proper brightness settings and therefore, it is very easy to read the output settings. It displays output wattage, atomizer resistance, output temperature and battery remaining. The display screen can be read from left to right and from right to left. You can do this by switching off the mod and holding the buttons + and – on the same time. The + and – buttons are located, underneath the atomizer. Next to these buttons, are some ventilations holes for better heat dissipation. The display screen and the firing button are located on the side.

Upgradeable Firmware

Eleaf has listened to its loyal customers who were asking for a firmware upgradeable device and after the huge success of the IStick 40W and the IStick 60W, they created the IStick 75W. Via the USB port, you can connect the mod with your pc and download the latest upgrade from Eleaf, directly to your device.

Eleaf pico box kit

Eleaf IStick Pico


  • Compact and slim design, this is the smallest single battery operated device on the market
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Very nice design
  • Suitable for new, intermediate and advanced users
  • Features temperature control
  • TCR feature
  • Bright screen of fairly good size
  • Comes in many different colours
  • Consistent performance
  • Firmware is upgradeable


  • Battery not included
  • Some buttons are located underneath the device, not really a problem, but needs some time to get used to
The Melo 3 Mini

The Melo 3 Mini Tank

The Melo III Mini tank is a perfect match for the Eleaf IStick Pico 75W. Having a width of 22mm and length of 55mm it fits perfectly the compact and delicate design of the Pico. Unfortunately, in order to fit these prerequisites i.e. to maintain a decent length, the e-liquid capacity of the tank is only 2ml. Have in mind that the Melo 3 Mini, being a sub ohm tank, it will consume pretty quickly the amount of e-liquid. Filling the tank with e-liquid is pretty easy, as all you need to do is remove only the top cap of the tank.

No spare glass tube is included in the kit, so you will need to pay some attention not to drop it, as the tube is not protected by any form of steel caging. The Melo III Mini tank gives you a bit of flexibility, as it can be used with the Triton, the Atlantis or cCell coil structures.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • No burning taste


  • No spare tube glass included

Only 2ml e-liquid capacity


We vaped until 60 Watts, and this kind of wattage and the e-liquid would have been consumed much quicker. The device gets warm but not hot like overbearing and you can vape with pleasure. The Eleaf is still very comfortable to the grip. Vapour production is very good and the flavour is rich and full. I did not encounter any burning taste.

Final Verdict

The Eleaf IStick Pico 75 is a tiny device with big capabilities. Advanced features like TCR and Temperature Control are packed in this upgradeable compact device that allows you to easily carry it everywhere. The IStick Pico 75W is paired with the Melo III Mini tank, an accordingly compact tank with 2ml e-liquid capacity but great flavour and vapour production. The kit is suitable for new, intermediate and advanced users who are looking for advanced functions, in a straightforward to use device.


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