Element E-Liquids Review

Element E-liquids Intro:

Today we review the Element E-liquids, a series of e-liquids crafted in South Florida, U.S. that gains more and more fans because of the accuracy of the flavours created. The objective of the company is to maintain the purity and integrity of an American-made e-liquid and for this reason, they stand behind every small detail to ensure maximum product quality.

The Element Series Of E-liquids

Element offers five different e-liquid series. I will refer to all of them, because the main point that differentiates them is the PG/VG ratio, each ratio makes them suitable for different purposes:

  • Element E-liquid Traditional Line: Currently features 20 different flavours which are pretty straightforward as they are mainly created from one or two ingredients. The Element traditional line has a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. Nicotine strengths are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Bottle sizes are 10ml, 20ml and 60ml.
  • Element Dripper Series: It offers almost the same flavours as in the traditional line and currently 15 flavours are available, but the VG/PG ratio is 80/20, making them suitable also for mechanical mods and drippers, as they are created to produce the biggest clouds possible. The dripper series is available in the following nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg. Bottle size is either 20ml or 60ml.
  • Element Tobacconist: A series of five e-juices which are based on tobacco, blended with other flavours such as caramel, chocolate etc. They are available in 20ml or 60ml bottles and cost the same as the traditional line. This series is basically a part of the traditional line, it is mainly named as ‘tobacconist’ to facilitate distinguishing its ingredients. The bottle sizes available are 10ml, 30ml, 60ml and 125ml.
  • Sub-Atomic Series: The most premium line which includes more ‘gourmet’ recipes and a different logo than the one of the basic series. Currently only five (5) flavours are available. Nicotine strengths are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. You have a choice between 50/50 or >70% VG/PG ratio. Bottle sizes available are 10ml, 30ml or 100ml.
  • Far E-liquid: Candy or refreshing fruit flavours is what you will find here. In terms of illustration, this is the most ‘cool’ series of the range, as each bottle has a graffiti-like labelling. The 100ml juice is included inside a graffiti spray can! This e-juice is available in max VG (75%+).

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Element e-liquids are crafted in the U.S., just like the Motley Brew, Mr. Good Vape, Vista Vapors and many more e-juices, using the highest quality ingredients. Nicotine is sourced from the most respected and reliable USA companies. The same goes for the natural and artificial flavourings used, as well as the PG and VG. As far as the manufacturing quality standards are concerned, Element abides by ISO9001.

E-juice is included in glass bottles with dropper in the 20ml size. All e-liquids are pre-steeped which means that ingredients will already have been blended well before you receive them. Having said that, I find that most e-liquids need some extra steeping time, but being pre-steeped definitely saves time.

The Element E-liquid Profile

The Element e-liquid is bottled in dark blue bottles, with a label that very much resembles a chemical formulation. The packaging on the Element liquid is very straightforward: each bottle states clearly the name of the e-juice, the nicotine level and the PG/VG ratio.

Nevertheless, the idea behind the branding is that each e-liquid resembles a chemical element of the periodic table (remember this from school days?!), hence the name Element. The ultimate message behind this is that each blend, each recipe is made of top-notch formulations, ingredients, compounds that are ordered in such a way according to their chemical formulations. The sense I am getting from this kind of brand profile is that the basic e-liquids will be very accurate in flavour.

The Element E-juice Series

These are some of the flavours offered from Element e-liquid:

  • Element E-liquid Traditional Line: Banana Nut, Blueberry, Green Apple, Key Lime Cookie, Limon, Mojito, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, Tangerine, Tobacco, Vanilla, Watermelon Chill.
  • Element Dripper Series: Crema Dripper, Banana Nut, Redberry Dripper, Pomegranate, Strawberry Whip and other flavours from the traditional line.
  • Element Far Collection: Candy Punch, Grape Vape, Melon Ball, Neon Green Slushie, Pineapple Bliss.
  • Element Tonix Collection: American Apple Pie, Blood Orange, Cherry Almond, PB & Blueberry Jam. The Tonix range, their more ‘culinary’ range which includes dessert flavours, such as Cherry Almond, American Apple Pie and Tangy Tart looks quite more expensive based on appearance. The e-juices are bottled in brown bottles while the labels look like cult, vintage products.
  • Tobacconist Series: Blackcurrant Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, Absinthe Tobacco, Chocolate Tobacco, Hazelnut Tobacco, Honey Roasted Tobacco.

Element Review

We ordered some of the Element e-liquids to taste and review. Unfortunately we can’t taste every single flavour from every e-liquid company we review, therefore we pick some of them which we think are the most interesting and present them to you.

Pink Lemonade, Traditional Series:

I was keen to taste and review the Pink Lemonade e-liquid, as it won the ‘Juice of the Show’ award at the Vapor Expo UK in 2015. A particularly refreshing vapour liquid, it made me feel invigorated with the freshness of the tangy lemon and the added goodness of sweet red fruit. More on the refreshing than sweet side, this is a light vape which does a light throat hit that is not harsh at all and has therefore the potential to become an all-day vape juice. On the exhale, you can feel the zingy aroma of the lemon. This was very close, both in flavour and taste to the real pink lemonade drink!

Strawberry Whip, Dripper Series: A delectable blend of berries with strawberry flavour being the main flavour that comes through. Cream is added to create this strawberry milkshake aroma. I was astonished by how the air around me was filled with the strawberry flavour even before I tasted the e-juice. Upon inhaling, I did not taste a strong shortcake flavour, just fresh, natural strawberries with that distinctive fresh smell, balanced a bit with lush, velvety cream. Throat hit is smooth.

Zen – Traditional Series:

The Zen e-liquid is meant to destress and uplift you, because of its bursting aromas, intoxicating flavours of lychee, guava and sweet peach and passionflower. Upon inhale, the strongest flavour comes from lychee and guava, giving a very exotic flair to the e-juice. Sweet peach is a secondary flavour but it really complements the blend. So is the passionflower, which although I like as an aroma, find a bit particular to taste. However, I found Zen overly sweet for my tastes. This is a very sweet, fruity, tropical fruit. Nevertheless, the throat hit produced is smooth and the vapour produced is amazing.

Strawberry Cupcake – Far Series:

While the Strawberry Whip e-juice from the Dripper Series is more Strawberry with added velvety cream, the Strawberry Cupcake by the ‘playful’ Far Series is a bit more creative, as it tastes more of a creamy vanilla cake with strawberry icing. Lovely smell and taste, smooth but rich and not too sweet. If you like dessert strawberry flavours, then you should definitely give this a try.

Shipping and Availability

Element is one out of only a few companies that have a U.K. website and customer service in order to cater more promptly to their customers there. Therefore, according to where you are based, you can order their e-liquid from the respective site. Fortunately, Element ships products worldwide.


  • Element basic series, Element Dripper series and Element Tobacconist: 10ml cost $6.99, 30ml cost $14.99 and 60ml cost $30.
  • Far range: 10ml cost $6.99, 20ml cost $14.99, 60ml cost $30 and 125ml cost $59.99.
  • Tonix range: 10ml cost $9.99, 30ml cost $22.99, 60ml cost $30 and 100ml cost $59.99.

Final Verdict

Element e-liquid company offers a good range of flavours, mainly basic ones, but has recently also expanded its offerings with more complex, mainly fruity-like flavours. My favourite one from the Element juices is the very refreshing Pink Lemonade e-juice. The company ships internationally.

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