Five Pawns Vapor Liquid Review – One Of The Best E-liquids?

Five Pawns Vapor Liquid Intro:

Today we will have a look at the Five Pawns vapor liquid, a selection of premium e-liquids, known for its unique, multi-layered combination of flavors.

A pawn is a key piece in the game of chess that is often sacrificed, usually for a bigger purpose. It was this sophisticated game that gave inspiration to the founders of Five Pawns, an e-liquid brand that emerged on the scene in 2012 and has since changed the vaping game.

Five Pawns is a leading maker of premium vapor liquid. They are known in the vaping world as one of the first e-liquid makers that introduced culinary flavours with up to eleven ingredients each. The company team that mainly comprises of three men who oversee personally each aspect of the brand, boast for the extraordinary depth, the rich flavour and the spectrum of the richly scented notes. As a result, Five Pawns has managed to have loyal customers all over the world.


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Five Pawns Unique Recipes

The Five Pawns premium e-juice aims to satisfy all five tastes: Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty and Savoury (Umami). While some of their e-juices satisfy one taste each, some of their e-liquids satisfy more than one or even the five senses simultaneously. Such is the craftmanship before the production and release of each bottle. If you have ever tried Cuttwood e-liquid, or the Space Jam juice, I am sure you will find similarities regarding the complexity of these flavors.

Everything is made by hand in Southern California from locally sourced ingredients and only in very small batches. Most of their recipes come in only 500 bottles per lot. Five Pawns was the first company to introduce information written on their high-quality glass bottles, making each bottle traceable: information including batch numbers, bottle numbers and best date before expiry.

Premium e-liquid by Five Pawns


The Five Pawns e-liquid is not one that aims to satisfy everyone: it is a niche product targeted at sophisticated vapers who are themselves looking for ‘top of the shelf’, elite products. It is the identity along with the exquisite retail presentation that the company makes the most of, so that the elite price tags of its products are justified.

Of course, to maintain the identity of a premium product, it also must be top in quality. Five pawns states that they are committed to quality through the following basic steps:

  • Only locally sourced ingredients to take control of each phase that leads to production
  • Ingredients used are deemed Food Grade by USP, i.e. the United States Pharmacopeia.
  • Ingredients used are designated GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) under the U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It is important to note that the e-cigarette industry has not been regulated until this day and therefore, the ingredients used in e-cigarettes are not specifically approved for the e-cig industry. Nevertheless, it is important when companies take initiative and follow strict quality standards to produce their products. Regarding the GRAS acronym, it is defined as substance intentionally added to food that is subject to review and approval by FDA.
  • The nicotine used is 99,9 pure, certified, pharmaceutical grade
  • ISO quality standards are being applied to ensure a ‘clean’ technology production process, meaning that their laboratories are designed in such a way so that the highest quality of products is derived and there is minimal waste.
  • A gravimetric process in the Five-Pawns laboratory ensures accuracy of ingredients.
  • Five Pawns is one of the first companies to have introduced sealed glass bottles that are also protected by secondary packaging that protects the e-liquids from any potential damage from exposure to light.
Five Pawns aged Castle Long Reserve

Availability and Shipping

Five Pawns e-liquid are available through authorized premium retailers or through the Five Pawns website.

The company ships free within the U.S. for an amount as low as $25. International free shipping is available for purchases over $150.

The Five Pawns Signature E-liquid

Five Pawns have created their products for the more demanding, connoisseur vaper. Therefore, one should not expect to find a wide range in their e-liquid selection. There are ten different e-juices to choose from, some of them being a limited edition, but all of them are aiming to satisfy the five different tastes, the sweet, the sour, the bitter, the savoury and the salty. By using up to 11 different ingredients that include nuts, spices, fruits, herbs, grains, liquors and vintage extracts, the result is a multi-dimensional e-juice of different layers.

Five Pawns has followed a proprietary blending and aging process, for example, the Castle Long Reserve which was first released in 2013, is the first oak barrel-aged vapor liquid. All Five Pawns e-liquids are available at 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18 mg nicotine levels. The ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is 50/50, just like in the Space Jam e-liquid, so that the right spots are hit both in terms of flavour and throat hit, as well as clouds.

Tendency nowadays for sub-ohm vaping has led the way for e-cig companies to produce more potent e-juice that creates big clouds. It is in this philosophy that Five Pawns has just released their new brand, ‘Taken Three’, a line of blends that have a higher concentration of vegetable glycerine, like the Halo VG e-liquid or the Mad Hatter juice.

E-juice line by Five Pawns

What’s In The Five Pawns Vapor Liquid?

The ingredients you should expect to find in a Five Pawns vapor liquid are the same as the ones that can be found in any other e-liquid. The ingredients used for the Five Pawns blends are nicotine, flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, in a proportion of 50/50 for their Signature series. The flavorings used are both natural and artificial. It is therefore their products quality that plays the most important role. Five pawns use only locally sourced ingredients. Why is this important? Because this way they can control what is used in their blends and maintain the same quality for their products.

Nowadays, there are many companies that disclose ingredients information wilfully. Five Pawns uploads information for each year, after 2014, on their website. This information is based on test results of bottles pulled randomly. Although it is commonly accepted today that it is better to use products that are completely diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free, the published results of the Five Pawns e-liquids show diacetyl concentrations of less than 5mg/ml. Since the e-cigarette industry has been an unregulated one in the past, an e-juice company gains credits by publishing test results in transparency.

Five Pawns vapor liquid series

The Five Pawns Signature Blends

The first five blends of the Signature Series were being tested for a good six months before being released.

Each e-juice can contain up to 11 ingredients: herbs, nuts, spices, fruits, liquors, vintage extracts are meticulously blended to create an excellent result in terms of layering. Depth and different flavor layers are what should be expected: some of them intense, some of them subtle.

 There are currently 10 products in the Signature Series:

  • Bowden’s Mate: Seductive chocolate that is sharpened with notes of mint, reminisces of the after-dinner mint. A soft touch of French Vanilla takes the layering to a deeper level and adds smoothness. The presence of mint is quite strong here and therefore the Bowden’s mate is an excellent choice for mint lovers.
  • Castle Long: A very sophisticated and refined flavour, this one hasAged Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns notes of Kentucky Bourbon that are masterfully blended with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean and a topping of caramelized brown sugar. This is a non-barrel aged version (the barrel-aged version is the Castle Long Reserve e-juice), a bold, rich choice that fully justifies its reputation as one of the best-selling e-juices in the Five Pawns collection.
  • Castle Long Reserve Edition V Double Barrel: An extremely limited edition, a special blend that is aged in two different oak barrels. Ingredients used include toasted coconut, roasted almost, vanilla bean of Madagascar and French vanilla, brown sugar and Kentucky Bourbon.
  • Gambit: A delicious sweet and savoury flavour. Crusty apple pie with decadent layers of caramel that is smoothened by a tiny bit of French vanilla and unsweetened whipped cream.
  • Grandmaster: A sweet and savoury dessert-like flavour of creamy and rich peanut butter that is perfectly balanced with banana cream and rich caramel. Once again, the blend is masterfully prepared so that none of its ingredients is overpowering. Instead, it is an excellent balance of all.
  • Queenside: A citrusy, fruity flavour of delicate, blood oranges. Instead of being common and monotonous though, it is the combination with creamy French vanilla that brings a great balance to this bold flavour and brings out the smooth factor in the blend.
  • Nona: A blend from the FP Limited Edition series. Savoury, sweet and Five Pawns Nona e-juicespicy, this is a bread pudding with notes of sweet vanilla glaze and spices that take this blend to another level.
  • Symmetry Six: A combination of graham crumble and oat grain with vanilla cream, together with strawberries and sweet rhubarb. A nice all-day vape, but not as intricate or gastronomic as I would wish for such a premium e-juice. The flavour is nice though and the ingredients are well balanced together.
  • Black Flag Risen Original: A delicious, complicated and multi-layered blend of decaffeinated cappuccino with notes of truffle cream and a hint of mocha black walnut. The Black Flag Risen has been created as a reaction to customer’s reviews regarding the original Black Flag Falling flag, which created second hand vapour. This is both a lighter version as well as a creamier and more balanced one. A delicious combination of ingredients that will enthuse all coffee lovers. This is a special edition of coffee and cream.
  • Black Flag Risen Enriched: The original version of Black Flag Risen, enriched with a hint of cured sweet Virginia tobacco leaf. A delicious version that will enthuse vapers who need a bit of tobacco flavour into their e-juice.


The Five Pawns e-liquid comes with a quite hefty price tag: indeed, most of vapers will agree that $27.99 for a 30ml is a big amount of money. And although Five Pawns has a lot of fans that absolutely love their vapor liquids, from what I’ve been reading in different forums, I can say that all of them would be happier if the prices were a bit lower. The Castle Long Special Edition comes with a price tag of $37.99. But this is not an e-juice that can be compared to the average e-liquid. It does not carry common, simple, flat flavours. This is multi-layered, skilfully mastered blend of up to 11 ingredients that stimulate different taste buds: from sweet to savoury, spicy and so on, and sometimes all of them together. Nevertheless, it is still quite a bit more expensive than the culinary series that most premium e-liquid companies have on offer today. This is an e-juice that has been created by a meticulous team and it is marketed towards vapers who demand exquisite flavours in their e-juice.

Five Pawns signature blends

Final Verdict

Five Pawns deserves a leading place in the hierarchy of e-juice makers. For me, my personal favourites are the Castle Long, the Grandmaster the Bowden’s Mate and the Gambit. While the other flavors are also rich and special, they didn’t have the extra push I wanted for my vaping. Everything about this company, starting from their website, their sophisticated brand identity, their excellent customer service, shows the Five Pawns people have gone into extraordinary depths to create a premium product. Five Pawns vapor liquid prices are quite higher than the average product and it is up to each vaper to decide whether this product is suitable or not for them. Some of the Five Pawns blends though, are quite special and I would be very happy ordering them again.


Save 10% for Five Pawns e-liquid. Buy at VAPORDNA.COM for $24.75. Discount applied automatically. Free Shipping for U.S. on orders over $49.

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