Halo High VG E-liquid Review

Halo High VG E-liquids Review:

Halo has most recently included a range of High VG liquids and today we will give you a taste of their new line, after having completed our Halo High VG e-liquid review. Any e-liquid that includes higher Vegetable Glycerine (VG) percentage is denser, it can produce bigger and thicker clouds of vapour. But if you prefer stronger throat hit, then you should go for an e-juice that is higher on PG levels.

Halo has taken the flavours that are most beloved by fans and created a high VG line of products. Halo produces its High VG e-liquids in different nicotine levels. Therefore, you can get them with 0mg/ml, 6mg/ml and 12mg/ml.  They have also added a concentration of 1.5mg/ml and 3mg/ml. Below you can find some unique characteristics for each one of these flavours. You can also check our review for the Halo Standard line of e-liquids.

Halo High VG

Halo High VG Flavors

  • Tribeca (Tobacco range)

Award winning e-liquid with Ultra smooth flavour and just a hint of vanilla and caramel. The combination of flavours is perfect and the end result is smooth, tasteful and not overpowering. The vapour produced is really good too. This is perfect for an all-day vape.

Halo Sub Zero e-liquid

  • Sub-Zero (Menthol range)

Its name says it all. The sub-zero provides three (3) times the cool mint effect of other menthol flavours for an icy finish. This one is so strong, that I found it tasted better when mixed with other e-liquids. If you are a menthol lover though, this flavour will probably excite you. The vapour production of this e-juice is amazing too.

  • Kringle’s Curse (Dessert range)

This is a dessert flavour as it includes sweet peppermint.

Turkish Tobacco High VG

  • Turkish Tobacco (Tobacco range)

Smooth light tobacco with a semi-sweet top note. The characteristic flavour of Turkish tobacco is that of semi-sweet, sun-cured tobacco. This is a smooth flavour whose taste imitates very closely that of a fine traditional tobacco cigarette.

  • Prime15 (Tobacco range)

Offers a soft dry sweetness with light spells of cocoa and is suitable for an authentic experience. Although it is strong, it is not overpowering and provides good vapour and throat hit.

Malibu e-liquid by Halo

  • Malibu (Dessert range)

The name suggests that this e-juice is exotic. Halo describes it on their website as ‘best described as a frozen Pina Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper’. The Pina Colada drink is indeed there, although I did not taste any coconut, possibly it was very subtle to sense. I tasted the pineapple though and a very subtle but refreshing menthol flavour. The end result is not overpowering, but still, it is interesting enough for a casual vape. The Malibu is available in both the Standard and High VG range.

  • Fusion: this is an e-liquid mixing medium that can either be used to tone down your e-liquid or to make it stronger with extra nicotine.
  • Devlin (Dessert range)

This e-juice is favoured by caramel lovers. Although it is sweet, it is creamy and smooth. The Devlin is perfect for an all-day vape and can be found in both the Standard and High VG range.

Halo Belgian Chocolate

  • Belgian Cocoa (Dessert range)

This one was one of my favourites in the Dessert Range. Congrats to Halo Cigs for having executed so masterfully the Belgian Cocoa flavour and also providing an e-juice that is multi-layered and not at all boring. The cocoa together with the layers of chocolate make for a result that is semi-sweet and not sweet. It is no wonder that the Belgian Cocoa is one of the highest in customer’s preferences. You can find it in both the Standard as well as the High VG range.

  • Madagascar Sunrise (Dessert range)

Sweet due to the grape flavour and exotic due to the lychee. The end result is an exciting tropical flavour.

  • Sugar Twist (Dessert range)

If you are big on sugar, this one is for you. Reminiscent of the flavour of an artisan bakery doughnut as it comes out of the oven.

Halo High VG Toasted Reserve

  • Toasted Reserve (Dessert range)

This one is very rich and creamy and reminds of peanut butter. I can still feel the butter feeling inside my throat as I was puffing this one!

  • Twisted Turnover (Dessert range)

Yummy and delicious, this e-juice tastes like tart apples in a freshly baked apple strudel.

  • Black Calico (Tobacco range)

Includes vanilla bean and a Cavendish base and is suitable for anyone looking for a strong experience. It is also available in the Standard Halo line of e-liquids.

Halo High VG

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