Is Vaping Cheap? – What Is The Cost Of E-cigarettes?

What Is The Cost Of E-cigarettes:

Is vaping cheap? How much do e-cigarettes cost? Are they cheaper than tobacco cigarettes? It is true that most of the first time e-cigarette users are ex-cigarette smokers, trying to quit the habit. Health reasons should be and in most cases are, the primary reason why ex-smokers make the switch to vaping. If you consider though, the added taxes imposed on cigarettes, by governments and their extreme costs, (for example, the average cost for a pack of cigarettes in the U.K. is about 7£) smokers have another good reason to make the switch from smoking to vaping, as far as savings are concerned.

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Savings Can Be Huge

Most e-cigarette companies will advertise themselves as offering savings of around 70%. In this topic, we will break down the cost of e-cigarettes and inform you about what to expect from your e-cig. Our cost analysis is an average estimate, as it is obvious that savings will differ between vapers of different types (for example how much they vape), the e-cig brand and accessories they choose. Also, in different countries or states, one could make more or less savings depending on how much the tobacco cigarettes are taxed. This could also change in the future if some countries decide to tax the e-cigarettes as well. But the bottom line is that for an ex-tobacco smoker who decides to switch, there can be huge money savings.

Example Of Savings

Let’s assume this example for a pack-a-day tobacco smoker who switches to e-cigarettes. In the U.S., if a packet costs on average about six (6) dollars (in New York it can even reach the cost of 13 dollars), then the smoker will spend for a month: 6$*30days = 180$/month and for a year it will cost around $2200.

What is the cost of e-cigarettes

Rechargeable e-cigarette

     1st Case: Rechargeable Ecig Models

The rechargable e-cig models will require a bigger upfront investment than the disposable ones, but in the long term they prove to be a much better investment in terms of savings. In this case the vaping expenses include a one-time investment for the batteries and the chargers, around $50 and the everyday cost of the cartridges. The price of a cartridge can vary between $1.5-$4. An average price for a 2ml cartridge (used for a day of vaping) is $2.75. Let’s assume that the e-cig user used to smoke 1 pack of cigarettes per day. If 1 Cartridge is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes then:

           PER DAY: 1 rechargeable e-cig is equivalent to 20 tobacco cigarettes

           PER WEEK: 7 rechargeable e-cigs are equivalent to 140 tobacco cigarettes

           PER MONTH: 30 rechargeable e-cigs are equivalent to 600 tobacco cigarettes

           PER YEAR: 365 rechargeable e-cigs are equivalent to 7300 tobacco cigarettes

The equivalent costs will be

      PER DAY:       1*2,75=$2,75/e-cig instead of $6/pack of cigarettes

      PER WEEK:    7*2,75=$19,25 instead of 7*6=$42

      PER MONTH: 30*2,75=$82.5 instead of 30*6=$180

      PER YEAR:  365*2,75=$1003 instead of 365*6=$2190

Add to this 2 batteries for around $25 each, then the


instead of a



It is obvious that the difference with the cost of buying cigarettes is really huge, as it can be more than $1200/year!

Now imagine that the ex-tobacco user lives in a different state where cigarettes are far more expensive, for example in New York, then the savings can be around $3500!

Disposable electronic cigarettes

Disposable e-cigs

     2nd Case: Disposable E-cig Models

The e-cig companies generally advertise their disposable models as being equivalent to two (2) packs of cigarettes.


A disposable e-cig will cost around $6-$10/piece. An average price for a disposable would be around $8 per day. Thus, in this case, the cost breakdown is about $8/2 = $4/day for a smoker who used to smoke a pack of cigarettes per day.

Thus, the equivalent costs will be:

      PER DAY:       1*4=$4/e-cig instead of $6/pack of cigarettes

      PER WEEK:    7*4=$28 instead of 7*6=$42

      PER MONTH: 30*4=$120 instead of 30*6=$180

       PER YEAR:  365*4=$1460 instead of 365*6=$2190

As you can see, even in the case of disposable e-cig models, the cost is much less than buying tobacco cigarettes!


Respectively, the savings for the U.K. market for disposable e-cigs are the following, based on an average sale price of £7.70/pack of tobacco cigarettes in 2014. The savings are typical for a pack/day ex-cigarette smoker.

      PER DAY:       1*4=£4/e-cig instead of £7.70/pack of cigarettes

      PER WEEK:    7*4=£28 instead of 7*7.70=£53.9

      PER MONTH: 30*4=£120 instead of 30*7.70=£231

      PER YEAR:  365*4=£1460 instead of 365*6=£2,810.5

Obviously the cheapest way to go is to quit smoking altogether. But, in any case that an ex-smoker is not ready to quit cold turkey and wants to switch to e-cigarettes to help him quit, the savings can be huge.

Vaping saves you some money

Is Vaping Cheap? Final Verdict

If you want to save even more, then it is advisable that you buy the so called ‘Starter Kits’. These include everything that you need to get started, for example the battery (or two batteries), the charger, a USB cable, a bottle of e-liquid and the tank, at a very fair price. Your savings will be even greater if you buy starter kits that include everything you need, instead of buying accessories separately. Depending on the kit, it usually costs $40 to $100 for a good complete kit. You will purchase this once in the beginning and then your expenses will be the atomizers, which usually last about 2-3 weeks each and the e-liquid.

In the long run this is the cheapest way of vaping, instead of buying prefilled cartridges or disposables and the savings can be really big. No matter which way you will choose to go with, the most important thing and motivation, for switching from smoking to vaping, is your health.

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