JAC Vapour Series E Starter Kit Review

JAC Vapour Series E Starter Kit:

In this article, we review the JAC Vapour Series E starter kit. I was very curious to try this product, as in general their products are of high quality and for the ones I have tried until now the pros are much more than the cons.

The philosophy of this series is higher capacity than their 510 eGo series, premium specs such as variable voltage, but still accessible to the moderate user who prefers the easier nature and portability of this, compared to a mod. High performance but still quite affordable in price.


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About JAC Vapour

If you have read any of our JAC Vapour reviews until now, you probably have realized that the company offers a wide range of starter kits, each of them with very distinguishing characteristics that are well suited to each type of user: new user, moderate and possibly fairly experienced, experienced and possibly more demanding user. Their products are so versatile though, that most of their kits can be used by any type of user, unless they are the very advanced ones which require a bit more experience. JAC Vapour is a U.K. based company which ships internationally. Wherever you are based, you can get hold of their products.

I would like to pinpoint that JAC Vapour has a very nice website, as well. Not only is it easy to ‘surf’ around and find quickly what you might be looking for, but there is also a very explanatory text for every product they stock. This makes it very easy for any type of customer to understand what they are going to get, without scanning the internet to find the info about specific products!

Series E by JAC Vapour


You can get free shipping for orders more than:

  • £50 for the U.K.
  • €80 for Europe or £80 for international orders
  • $150 for the U.S.

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Series E black - ecigtopia

JAC Vapour Series E Kit

The Series-E includes three (3) different kits, based on the accessories they include. I ordered the Series-E Aero kit, which comes with an Aero tank and a Series-E battery.

The Series-E Aero kit came with the following accessories:

  • (1) Aero tank
  • (1) Series-E battery
  • (1) 1.80 Ohm V1 dual coil fitted in the tank
  • (1) Spare Coil
  • (1) Short lead USB charger
  • (1) Beauty Ring


  • Battery model: 510, eGo, evod
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh Series-E
  • Type of use: Light, moderate, Heavy
  • Voltage: Adjustable at 3.7V, 4.2V, 4.8V
  • Tank: Kanger Aero Tank with adjustable airflow and 2 coils
Series E kit and hard case

Other kits

What I really liked about JAC Vapour, is that their products are really versatile and you can definitely find something that will suit your needs. I mean that, not only do they offer a wide range of series and each series includes different kits based on the accessories they include, but also, for the kit you will choose, you can build up or down the cost by adding extra accessories if you think they are useful for you. For example, in this kit, you may order an extra battery, a hard case and a e-liquid, but rather than offering them all together obligatorily in one other kit, they give you the option to add them all or any of them, building the cost according to your budget. Therefore, you have the following extra accessories:

  • Extra battery (optional)
  • Custom Series Hard Case (optional)
  • 10ml U.K. made e-liquid (optional)

 Apart from the kit I ordered, you have another two options available:

1. Series-E Basic Starter kit – No Tank included. Available from £18.99

This kit does not include a tank, but, due to the eGo threading, gives you the option to use any 510 or eGo style tank you want, even if this comes from another company.

2. Series-E Geni Aero Kit Available from £16.99

This kit comes with a Geni Aero Tank from Kanger. The rest of the accessories are the same as the ones in Series-E Aero Kit.

Series E kit with Kanger tank


The Series-E Aero tank battery has a sturdy, solid quality in it. It is made of stainless steel and due to this solid feeling, you get the sense that it will go the distance. The battery is built to offer a higher capacity and this reflects to its size. Not to its length, which is almost the same to the compact JAC Vapour 400mAh 510 Series, but to its width. Due to this, it doesn’t seem too bulky or out of place when you hold it in your hands, but it definitely has a weight in it. I think that the Series-E might appeal more to men, as I think women are also seeking a level of slim design.

The Series-E is still compact, its length is only 7.8cm with the beauty ring attached and 6.8cm without it. Don’t forget that this is a 1000mAh capacity battery and if this is what you are looking for, this is a perfect 2nd generation e-cig for you. The kit comes with a beauty ring which serves exactly this purpose, to beautify your e-cig.


Due to its threading, it is fully compatible with any 510 or eGo threaded tanks, i.e. when the time comes to replace your tank, you can do this with any compatible tank of your choice and if you already have such a tank, you will not have to spend extra money. The Series-E is designed to perfectly match the 18.5mm tanks on the market. The spring-loaded positive connector ensures optimum contact with any tank you may connect it with.

The Series-E includes a dual coil of 1.80 Ohm. The lower the Ohm, the denser the vapour and the throat hit. It also includes a spare coil. The tank comes with airflow control. You can control the flow of the air that gets inside the tank (i.e. take light or stronger draws for your puff) to suit your vaping style.  Another feature, that is kind of standard nowadays with most e-cig companies, is the lock feature. With five (5) quick clicks you can either turn on or off your device to protect it from accidental firing, if for example, you have it in your pocket.


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JAC Vapour Series E Battery

The Series-E Aero Tank Stainless Steel kit offers a 1000mAh battery capacity. The high capacity of the battery means that you should expect it to last all day, even if you vape a lot. If you are a light to moderate user, then you should expect the battery to last for a couple of days. What’s more, you have the option to add one more battery for £10.00 when you make your purchase.

The Series-E offers a great versatility in terms of voltage. With the click of a button, you can set it to your choice: 3.7V, 4.2V or 4.8V. The button varies from other e-cigs in that instead of switching it to adjust to your preferred voltage, you need to press the button three times. Then, depending on the voltage set, a coloured light will appear around the button. Each colour represents a specific voltage.

  • Red light: 3.7 V
  • Green light: 4.2 V
  • White light: 4.8 V

In the beginning it might take a bit to remember which colour represents which setting and in this sense, I might like it a bit more if there was a small screen indicator located in the e-cig. But after a while, it became second nature indeed. The Series-E is suitable for any type of use: be it light, moderate, or heavy and this is due to its versatility.

You will need to make a few combinations and trials in order to decide which setting is better for your taste, because the sense you get does not only depend on the voltage, but also on the e-liquid strength and the coil you are using. In general, the lower the coil resistance, the stronger the throat hit you get. If your e-liquid has a higher nicotine level, then you may prefer to use a higher voltage setting which will produce a softer throat hit.

Kangertech Geni Aero

Kanger Aero Tank and E-liquid

The JAC Vapour Series-E Aero kit comes with a Kanger Aero Tank. The tank has an e-liquid capacity of 2.5ml, but the purchase of the e-liquid is optional. With the initial cost of £30.99 you do not get e-liquid and if you want to buy from JAC Vapour, you have the option to do this very easily (you just add e-liquid  in the same web page of your purchase, no need to navigate). Should you decide on JAC Vapour e-liquid, then you will need to pay an extra £4.99 for a 10ml U.K. made e-juice and you will have the following choices in terms of flavour:

  • Banana
  • Pure Menthol
  • Real Tobacco Lite
  • Toffee
  • Real Raspberry

For each flavour you can choose between five (5) different nicotine levels. Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg), Very High (24mg). I suggest that you start with a medium level of nicotine to see where you taste lies at, because with the adjustable voltage you might get a very strong, to bear, throat hit.


The Series-E kit left me perfectly satisfied in terms of vapour, which was consistent at all times. I found the higher setting of voltage a little too high for my preferences and I think I would prefer it if I could adjust the voltage manually to my exact preference, rather than choose from 3 different settings. But even with these three settings, you can find one you really enjoy.

When you find the combination of e-liquid strength and voltage you prefer, you will definitely get the vapour and throat hit you long for. Regarding the battery performance, in terms of capacity, this is very good, as it lasted for almost two days for my light to moderate usage.


  • You can replace the coils and not the whole tank
  • The Kanger Aero Tank is a very reliable one with very good e-liquid capacity
  • Very well-built battery made of stainless steel
  • Variable voltage in the press of a button
  • Battery size is very portable in length as it is designed to be wider
  • Suitability for all types of users
  • Buildable kit to your choice of cost and accessories
  • Compatibility with any eGo or 510 tank on the market


  • Kit does not include e-liquid so you need to purchase separately
  • Kit only includes a USB charger and not a wall adapter
  • Quite heavy and wide e-cig
Series E by JAC Vapour


The JAC Vapour Series-E stainless steel Aero Kits costs £30.99 as it comes. If you would like to add a 10ml U.K. made e-juice bottle, you will need to spend another £4.99. You can also add a second Series-E battery for £10.00, a hard shell case for £4.99 and a 5-pack of dual coils for £9.95. What you will need to order extra for sure is a pack of coils and a bottle of e-liquid to get you through for a few weeks, without having to worry about your stock. If you are looking for a more premium device than the eGo style series, then the Series-E can definitely please you. If you would like a bit more compact e-cig though, then the 510 Series might suit you better. If you decide to go for the Series-E or any other JAC Vapour kit, you can take advantage of our exclusive 5% discount. Just type the discount code: ecigtopia at checkout.


JAC Vapour offers a 6-month warranty for the Series-E batteries. The USB chargers have a 4-month guarantee. Any item can be returned for a refund or replacement within 14 days from the day you received it. The company responds via email but boasts to have a prompt and customer friendly service.

Final Verdict

The JAC Vapour Series-E is a premium device with features more advanced than the eGo and simpler than a Mod system. With this kit, you can achieve quite good control of your vaping and still pay an affordable price for a high performance kit.


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