JAC Vapour V1P PCC Kit Review

JAC Vapour V1P PCC Kit Review:

A week ago we tried and tested the JAC Vapour V1P PCC Kit, one of their best sellers. This product aims mostly at beginners but even more experienced users could use it, as it is a solidly constructed cig-a-like, while, at the same time, being compact and portable. For more advanced vapers who want more power and customization in their vaping, the Series-B Tilt is an excellent choice.

The company has two websites, one U.K. based address and one Germany based from where their product is shipped internationally. Wherever you are based, you can get hold of their quality products.

JAC Vapour offers a wide range of products and starter kits to cover all tastes and needs. Whatever you are searching for, there should be something to satisfy you.

JAC Vapour V1P cig-a-like

The V1P Kit

 The V3i starter series is a versatile product, as you are offered the possibility to acquire it with a range of accessories that will deem your experience more enjoyable. From a Portable Charging Case to pre-filled cartomizers, with a variety of e-liquid flavours or empty cartridges included, if you prefer to fill your own e-liquid, you have the choice of building up your unique kit.

I ordered the V1P+ PCC E-Cigarette kit, which comes with one battery included. I should have probably ordered the V1P+ PCC Pro kit which comes with two batteries. The V1P+ PCC kit is one of their best-selling products as it includes everything you need to start your vaping experience, plus a portable charging case. This is not only practical, as it carries your battery and e-cigarette when you are out, but it also doubles up as a charging case. Nevertheless, this is a very practical and reliable kit that will go a long way.

The V1P+ PCC kit includes the following:

  • PCC Storage Portable Charging Case
  • 1x V3i battery (1x 65mm Black V3i battery supplied by default)
  • A pack of five (5) cartomizers, either pre-filled or blanc carts
  • A LED tip in your choice of colour for the battery
  • A USB Charger
  • A packet of five bungs with different colours


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Other Kits In The V3i Series

JAC Vapour also offers to you the option of opting for one of their other kits (of the same line V3i), which adhere to the same philosophy, but are more or less equipped with accessories so as to suit all tastes and requirements:

  • V1P+ PCC kit (1 Battery included): This kit offers the same accessories as the V1P PCC kit, but the PCC (portable charging case) has a larger capacity.
  • V1P+ PCC kit Pro (2 Batteries included): Differs from the standard kit in that it includes two batteries and a portable charging case with more capacity.
  • Basic kit (2 Batteries included): The basic kit compared to the V1P PCC kit does not offer the portable charging case and the extra USB charger. But, it comes with two batteries. Therefore, this is also an excellent choice for the ones who do not mind about the PCC, as the second battery offered will keep you covered.
  • Social kit (1 Battery included): This kit is the same as the Basic kit, only difference is that it comes with one battery.

JAC Vapour offers a wide range of high quality options to its customers and what makes them stand out of other e-cig companies, is that their basic series offer many different kits and each one of them comes equipped with everything that you need. Obviously, some kits are better equipped than the others, but even if you order the most basic option available, you do not have to purchase anything more. I would suggest getting another battery though because if you are an average smoker you will definitely need one. For vapers looking for something more advanced, like a mod, check out the B-Tilt mod.

V1P PCC starter kit by JAC Vapour

The Design

The V3i series is designed to offer an experience similar to smoking, without the harmful effects. For this reason, they are equipped with the V3i battery which has a size similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. The design is engineered with the following parameters in mind: compact size, comfort, versatility and performance. This is why it is suitable for new users who have moved from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes, but want a more advanced experience than the disposables. We ordered the V1P+ PCC kit, one of the company’s bestsellers, especially for new users.

The kit arrived with a metal PCC (Portable Charging Case) which looked very impressive and futuristic. It opens with a sliding mechanism and has space for your batteries and some Carts. The PCC is not only portable but elegant as well. It comes in graphite colour and has the company logo (JAC Vapour) discreetly written on it. Being portable means that its capacity for space is not huge, it can easily fit an e-cig up to 65mm and a 35mm cartomizer plus one battery. If you have ordered the larger battery, then it can fit but separately from the cartomizer.

Furthermore, you have various options for the battery. If you want it to mimic a tobacco cigarette in appearance, then you may opt for a 55mm battery (which will offer a more limited battery life). If battery performance is more important to you than portability (for me this is the case), then you should go for the 65mm or the 78mm battery.

The V1P Battery

Batteries come in the following options regarding


  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless Steel



  • Rubber, which looks more stylish
  • Standard non-rubber coated, which is easier to clean


LED Tips:

  • Blue tip (by default)
  • Yellow tip (mimics tobacco cigarette glow, no extra charge)
  • Orange tip (mimics tobacco cigarette glow, no extra charge)
  • Black / white tip (more discreet, no extra charge)

The kit arrived with a packet of five (5) bungs which came in different colours. This is quite clever, as you can put each bung on the top of each one of the 5 in total cartomizers. This way, you will always remember which e-liquid you have in each cartomizer.

JAC Vapour starter kit - Ecigtopia

The V1P+ PCC kit includes one V3i battery in your choice of size and therefore, capacity. As mentioned before, you can choose between the following:

  • 55mm battery length, capacity – 150mAh
  • 65mm battery length, capacity – 180mAh
  • 78mm battery length – 280mAh

Remember that the PCC charging case can charge a 78mm battery, but you have to remove the cartridge.

If you would like to have a bit more control over your vaping, then you have the option of manual batteries. They have a small button on their side, which you will need to press when you want to take a puff. This will fire the battery. If you prefer automatic batteries (you just take a puff and vaping is done automatically), you have this option as well.

If you have purchased the kit with the Portable Charging Case, it will take around 4-5 hours to charge, but it only takes around 2 hours to charge an e-cig within it. The V3i batteries come with a KR 808 threading, which is great as an option for consumers who prefer the looks of a tank system but prefer a cig-a-like in terms of size.

The battery life between charges will depend on the battery you will choose. I choose the 65mm battery, because I thought that this would offer the perfect balance between battery life and aesthetics. This one has a capacity of 180mAh which is not much indeed and you should expect it to last around 2-3 hours before you will need to recharge it again. If you choose the smallest size, it will be as portable as it gets but on the same time you should expect it to last for about 1-2 hours. This is why I suggest you either purchase separately a second V3i battery or that you get the V1P+ PCC Pro kit which includes two batteries. In any case don’t buy just one battery because you will have problems with the battery life. Get yourself an extra battery, even if you are a moderate smoker. This way you will not have to worry all the time about the battery life of your cig-a-like.

The Cartomizers And E-liquid

The V1P+ PCC kit comes with 5 pre-filled cartomizers in your choice of strength and flavour. JAC Vapour is also one of the few companies that gives you the option of choosing either this, or empty cartridges which you can fill yourself if you wish. If you choose this option don’t forget to buy a bottle of e-liquid. Regarding the nicotine strength, there is a wide range of options: 0, 6mg, 12mg, 18 mg and 24mg.

The company boasts that each cartomizer can be refilled around 10 times, which not only saves you money but also from bothering to re-order every once in a while. Therefore, contrary to other companies which offer disposable cartridges, these ones will really go the distance.

If you choose the option of prefilled cartomizers, these cost £6.79 for a 5-pack. If you prefer the blank carts, you will need to purchase e-liquid separately, which starts from £4.35 for 10ml, £7.29 for 20ml and £15.99 for 30ml.

JAC Vapour’s e-liquid comes in the following delicious flavours:

  • Menthol
  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco Reds USA
  • Tobacco Virgin
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Capuccino

Bear in mind that if you order the pre-filled carts, then you will have to choose between mixed flavours, tobacco or menthol flavours only.

V1P Batteries


The JAC Vapour V3i is a series that brings to consumers the reliability of JAC Vapour. These are not kits that will produce a very strong throat hit or huge clouds of vapour, but still, the batteries operate at 3.7V and what you should expect from your e-cig is a smooth and nice vape. For a starter kit mainly for beginners or even more experienced users, who want a kit to get them through casual or moderate vaping, this is as good as it gets. A great option for someone who wants a more powerful device would be the B-Tilt mod. You can check out our B-Tilt review.

The Kit

  • (1) V1P Portable Charging Case
  • A USB Charger
  • (1)  V3i battery
  • (1) LED tip for the batteries
  • (1) 5-pack of Cartomisers
  • (1) 5-pack of Mixed coloured bungs


The Specs

  • Battery model: V3i battery, KR 808 threading
  • Voltage: 3.7V
V1P starter kit


The V1P+ PCC kit costs £34.99. We really suggest this kit, not only from our personal experience which left us with a very good impression, but also based on other people’s opinions. This is a classic kit and is highly suggested as a starting point to the world of vaping.

JAC Vapour Warranty

JAC Vapour offers a 42-day warranty for the V3i batteries and a 4-month one for the USB chargers and the PCC. However, should you receive any items dead on arrival, you should contact the company immediately and they will replace it. Also, for any product that you want to return and replace or get your money back, you can do this within a 14-day period from arrival day. If any of their products malfunctions after this period but within the warranty period, the company will need to assess the product first.


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Final Verdict

The JAC Vapour V1P PPC kits are reliable, ease of use, they have a competitive price and a solid performance. This is an excellent choice that will keep you satisfied, if quality and portability is what you are looking for. What I would add for sure in my kit is a second battery, as it is more than necessary. Otherwise, you will have to recharge your battery every 2-3 hours, which is not convenient at all.

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