Mig Vapor Minion Vape Mod Kit Review

Mig Vapor Minion Vape Mod Kit Review:

Our Mig Vapor Minion vape mod kit review is our newest review to the Mig Vapor line of products. The Minion is a vape mod that produces massive vapour, features an impressive battery capacity of 3000mAh while on the same time being one of the most portable and simple to use e-cig mods on the market. This is why it is perfect for beginners and experienced users who are on the quest of a powerful device without the bulkiness of other vape mods. Mig Vapor describes this kit as a ‘masterpiece of simplicity and design’ and they couldn’t be more right, as they have mastered a compact style in a device that produces a maximum output of 30W.

The Minion Vape Mod kit is the latest edition for Mig Vapor to their already broad range of products. They offer a wide selection of starter kits, from kits suitable for beginners to the more advanced ones. You can read our reviews about the Mig Vapor Morpheus, the Stinger or the SR 72 and get an idea about the Mig selection. One of their main specifications is the best possible battery capacity for even their simplest kits. In main of their products they collaborate with top manufacturers such as KangerTech and Aspire to offer the best result and product available. Apart from utilizing the best technology, another strong feature of their kit is that in most cases they come complete with everything you will need, including e-liquid. Aside from starter kits, they offer other products as well which range from accessories to e-liquids.

Their company is based in Florida, U.S. but they ship internationally. Shipping is free in the U.S. for orders over $75.

Minion Vape Mod

Free Shipping over $75 for the U.S.


The Mig Vapor Minion Vape Mod kit is the simplest one in their range of four vape mod kits, in terms of design. It is capable of producing very good vapour without the bulkiness of other vape mods and without having to mess around with adjusting several buttons. It is very straightforward in its use as the Minion is a constant voltage output mod. In other words, it works at a constant voltage output of 3.5V when the battery is more than 3.5V.

Its main features are the following:

  • Battery capacity of 3000mAh
  • Maximum wattage of 30Watts
  • Works with 0.5Ohm sub-ohm coils
  • Compact design

Minion Kit

The Kit contains:

  • Minion Kit configuration
  • 1 Minion 30W battery
  • Battery spring loaded with a 510 connector
  • 1 Micro USB charger
  • 1 mouthpiece made of stainless steel
  • 1 Minion tank tube of 3ml e-liquid capacity
  • 1 Minion tank base
  • 2 Minion sub-vertical kanthal sub-ohm coils of 0.5Ohm resistance
  • User Manual for the battery and tank

The kit comes with five parts that need to be connected: the atomizer tube, the atomizer base, the atomizer tank, the drip tip and the battery.

Mig Vapor offers a free juice with your order and you have a choice between the following flavours: vimanna, dark angel, innocent, dragon’s milk, dragon’s blood cheesecake, fruity loops and Caribbean freeze. Selection of free e-juice is not as big as with their other starter kits and if you want to order some more e-liquid you should do this separately through their website. The nicotine level for the free e-juice comes in the following options: no nicotine, 3 mg and 6mg. Remember that with sub-ohm vaping the flavour and the taste produced is very strong and clouds are massive.

Minion mod by Mig Vapor


The Mig Vapor Minion Vape Mod utilizes a 3000mAh Minion battery. This powerful battery will last for sure a couple of days or even more, but obviously, the higher the wattage settings, the lesser the battery will last. When the battery is more than 3.5V, the Minion works at 3.5V. When the battery voltage is less than 3.5V, the Minion will work at a full output power. The Minion is a constant voltage output kit.

When the device is ready to use, a button located onto the battery will turn green. Vape mods can be dangerous if the temperature rises very high. Therefore, this kind of system should be used with caution, as with very high power, the battery and the atomizer can produce a lot of heat.  The Minion Vape Mod kit utilizes a temperature control system to minimize the danger. What this does exactly, is that if the temperature rises above a certain degree – 78°C, the battery will turn off automatically until the device gets back to normal temperature. Of course, you should always use this device with caution.

Another safety feature which is also practical is that the device has a 5-click to turn on and off. This does not make it utterly safe though and Mig Vapor advises that you should never store it in your pockets, as the power button is turned on very easily.


The Mig Vapor Minion Vape Mod is capable of producing massive vapor and a great performance while on the same time being easy to use. This makes it a great vape mod kit for users who are in the quest for ease of use and simplicity.

Final Verdict

The Mig Vapor Minion Vape Mod kit is the newest addition in their line of vape mod kits. It’s made for the user who wants to vape with sub ohm resistance using a simple and compact device. At the same time the Minion is capable of showing an impressive performance and big clouds with rich flavour.

Minion Vape Mod

Free Shipping over $75 for the U.S.

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