Mig Vapor SR 72 Vape Pen Review

Mig Vapor SR 72 Vape Pen Review:

In our today’s post we review the Mig Vapor SR 72, one of the best-selling products from Mig Vapor. Its success is totally justified. In a compact size, albeit a bit less compact than the Mig 21 e-cig, Mig Vapor has managed to gather some of the most impressive characteristics: a powerful battery of 1300mAh and 4.2V, a bottom vertical coil technology that ensures even more vapour and an Aspire Tank, one of the best tanks in the market today. With this kit, you are also given the option to upgrade your batteries to get the ‘Twist’ ones which offer a variable voltage up to 4.8V.

On the plus side, the fact that they offer a unique product that even in their most basic devices comes with a voltage of 4.2V instead of the 3.7V, which is most commonly found in other companies. Their battery is also impressive in terms of consistency, as it is equipped with a power control board which secures a steady voltage from the first to the last puff.

The Mig Vapor SR 72 vape pen is a pen-style eGo that can be described as an Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV). The SR 72 is suitable for a new user or a more experienced one who is after more vapour, more flavour and a longer battery life, but wants a device which is easy and straightforward to use. Mig Vapor also offers some more basic starter kits for beginners, including the Mig 21.


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The SR 72 Starter Kit

The Mig Vapor SR 72 Aspire comes fully equipped with some very nice and useful accessories. It includes an SR 72 Aspire tank that you can have in either a standard or a glass version. The standard version is made of a transparent polycarbonate plastic, while the glass version is available for only an extra $2.00.  I would definitely go for the glass version as it is more hygienic and delivers better results.

The SR 72 Vape Pen kit comes with the following accessories:

  • (1) SR standard tank with coil or

(1) SR glass tank with coil, for an extra $2.00

  • (1) Xtreme power battery of 1300mAh
  • (1) 30 ml bottle of e-liquid
  • (1) Wall Charger and USB Charger with ‘green’ light, illuminating when fully charged
  • Bottom dual coil included
  • A pack of 2 replacement BVC coils of 1.8 Ohm
  • (1) Carry Case
  • A User Manual
SR 72 by Mig Vapor


  • Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Colour change technology to let you know the level of power
  • Voltage: 4.2 Volts (Standard Version) or 4.8 Volts (Twist Version)
  • Bottom Dual Coil Tank
  • BVC Clearomizer
  • Power consumption meter built into the button
  • EGo threaded tank
The SR 72 battery

SR 72 Xtreme Battery

The Xtreme Battery comes in black, rainbow laser metal or stainless steel finish. If you would like to upgrade to a battery version that enables variable voltage, then you can do this with an extra $7. The Xtreme VV Twist battery brings power up to 4.8 Volts. The Twist battery is also a pen-like e-cig which has a power consumption meter and a colour changing light. In both cases, the Xtreme battery offers a power of 1300mAh, so you can rest assured that your battery is going to last for a whole, full day of vaping, with moderate use. If you would like an even higher battery capacity, then you can upgrade to a Phantom 1600mAh in black or silver with an extra $12.00.

The SR 72 Aspire Tank

The Mig Vapor SR72 has enhanced technology from Aspire, one of the top producers of tanks today. You can have a top tear tank, made of glass for extra durability and better flavor, or you can order the standard version. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you are buying one of the best tanks on the market.

Its bottom dual coil design ensures a stronger, warmer vapour and lesser dry throat hits. On the minus side, I have to say that the draw of the puffs is a bit tight. To fill the Aspire SR72, turn the tank upside down and remove the threaded end cap. Fill the outer portion of the tank (avoid getting e-liquid into the center airflow tube) and then screw the end cap back onto the tank tightly. Then you can turn your tank right side up and check if there is any leaking.

Don’t wait until your tank is totally empty before you refill with e-liquid. Instead, you can refill your tank when your e-liquid reaches 1/3 full. After you fill your tank, let the juice saturate for 5 minutes. The BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) technology, offered from Aspire, produces even better vapour and it is compatible with all Aspire products and SR72 tanks. If you are running low on them, then you can re-order a pack of 5 replacements for $13.97.

Mig Vapor E-liquid

The 30ml bottle of e-liquid comes in 29 flavours that are sure to cover different tastes and preferences. You can choose between Colombian coffee, dragon’s milk, menthol, green tea, tropic storm, mocha mint, vanilla cream, watermelon or other more traditional tobacco flavours. You also have the option to not choose e-liquid and fill your tank with your own.

The nicotine strength comes in different options as well: from zero 0mg to 24mg and in between you can have 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, there are plenty of options for everyone to satisfy his/her nicotine cravings. Mig Vapor also offers a carry case where you can store your e-cig. This is a plastic one that closes with a zip and resembles an eyewear’ plastic case.

Mig Vapor dual vape kit

SR 72 Dual Vape Pen Kit

If you think that this kit would interest you but would like to share with a friend, or would be more interested in a more heavily equipped kit, with more accessories included, then the option of the SR 72 Dual Vape Pen kit might be the one for you. This kit costs $119.95, it includes everything that the SR 72 kit includes, but you have two tanks and two batteries. And it is cheaper by $20 than if you bought two SR 72 kits.  And if you would be interested to store your e-cigarettes in a beautiful handcrafted cherry wood box, then this is included in the SR 72 Special Edition. This offers the same as the Dual Vape Pen kit plus the box and is available for $129.95. If you are a total beginner you can check the Mig Vapor starter kits or the Mig 21.


The Mig Vapor SR 72 kit costs $69.95. If you are interested in free shipping and live in the U.S., you are eligible for this if your order is equal or more than $75.


Mig Vapour offers a 90-day warranty for defective electronic equipment, effective from the day that you receive their product. The warranty is valid for hardware only, i.e. the batteries, chargers, adapters and pass-through’s. No more than three replacements of the same products are allowed. Mig Vapor also has a 30-day full money back guarantee for the starter kits.

Mig Vapor SR 72 special edition

Final Verdict

The Mig Vapor SR 72 Vape Pen kit is a complete kit that is suitable for beginners and users with a little bit of experience or with higher expectations from their starter kit. Although it is not so advanced, like a variable voltage/wattage mod in the sense that it provides full control of your vaping, it offers a top tier tank from Aspire, a good battery capacity of 1300mAh with an option of upgrade to 1600mAh, a 4.2V which can reach up to 4.8V with the Twist battery version and a good-sized 2.4 e-liquid tank. Although it does not come cheap at $69.95, it includes everything you need to begin vaping, including a 30ml e-liquid bottle and 2 replacement coils. This is a starter kit for new users with higher standards.


earn 10% on your next order - free shipping over $75

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