Mig Vapor X5 Xtreme E-cig Review

Mig Vapor X5 E-cigarette:

The Mig Vapor X-5 is a reliable, well-built electronic cigarette. It uses the new Xtreme Batteries which offer a power capacity of 1300mAh. With a bottom dual coil of 1.8 Ohm resistance and a 4.2V voltage, this e-cigarette delivers better vapour and its performance is impressive, for a vape pen category. The Mig Vapor X-5 Xtreme comes with well-thought features such as a LED light that indicates the level of battery charge and a power consumption meter.


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Mig Vapor Products

Mig Vapor products are well-built and feature some clever characteristics. Even their most basic products offer a higher battery capacity and voltage, than many other starting kits. In some of their products they collaborate with top manufacturers to deliver the best quality available. An example is their SR 72 Aspire vape pen kit which comes with one of the best tanks available on the market by Aspire and the Mig 21 e-cig. While the Mig Vapor products are not the cheapest ones, but most of their kits include everything that you will need for a while, so you do not need to be buying other accessories separately.

If you are interested in getting any of their products, it is very easy to do so, through their website. They ship internationally with some exceptions, which you can find out from the dropdown menu when you are making your purchase. Shipping in the U.S. is free for purchases over $75.

X5 Xtreme e-cig

Mig Vapor X5 Kit Options

Back to the X5 Xtreme E-Cigarette kit, you are also given the option to upgrade your batteries from the standard 1300mAh to a 1600mAh with the ‘Phantom 1600 Battery’ whilst you are making your purchase. Another option is to upgrade to the variable voltage ‘Twist Batteries’ which can go up to 4.8V.

The Mig Vapor SR 72 Aspire vape kit is very similar to the X5 Xtreme and costs about the same (the SR 72 costs $69.95 while the X5 Xtreme costs $64.95). They have the same specifications and the same options for upgrade. What is possibly their only difference is that the SR 72 comes with an Aspire tank.

Mig Vapor Xtreme Kit

The Kit

The Mig Vapor X5 Xtreme E-cigarette kit comes fully equipped with the following:

  • One Xtreme power battery
  • (1) Mig vapor wall charger
  • (1) USB
  • (1) X-5 tank with bottom dual coil
  • (1) 5-pack of replacement BDC coils
  • (1) 30ml bottle of e-liquid
  • User Manual
  • Video instructions available on the Mig Vapor website


  • Voltage: 4.2 Volts
  • Variable voltage between 3.2V-4.8V with the XTREME VV TWIST upgrade (+ $5.99)
  • Battery capacity: 1300mAh
  • Battery capacity 1600mAh with the PHANTOM battery upgrade (+$15.00)
  • Bottom dual coil
  • 1.8 Ohm resistance coil
  • EVOD battery
  • Power consumption meter
  • Safety features
  • White colour cables

Mig Vapor X5 E-cig Features

The kit includes some safety features which are the norm to find nowadays in e-cigarette kits of this league. Nevertheless, they are very useful. For example, in order to turn the battery on or off you have to press rapidly five (5) times the power button. This prevents the e-cig from firing accidentally when not in use, if for example you have it in your pocket.

Another useful feature is that there is a LED light surrounding the power button which turns white when it is fully charged, blue when there is a 50% charge and red when there is a 20% charge. Therefore, you will not need to be guessing, regarding when is the right time to charge your e-cigarette. Furthermore, the USB included lights to a green colour when it is charged.

E-liquids by Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor Flavors

The range of flavours on offer is very wide. You can either choose from a list of 29 Mig Vapor flavours including Colombian coffee, dragons milk, menthol, green tea, tropic storm, mocha mint, vanilla cream, watermelon or other more traditional tobacco flavours. Or you can choose the ‘no e-liquid’ option which gives you the versatility to use your own e-liquid. The nicotine strength comes in different options as well. From zero 0mg/ml to 24mg/ml and in between you can have 6mg, 12mg and 18mg increases, there is a good option for everyone.

Both the X5 Xtreme and the Mig Vapor SR 72 kits have a carry case where you can store your e-cigarette. The difference is that while it is included in the SR 72 kit, for the Xtreme you will have to pay an extra $10.00 to get it. The case is a plastic one that closes with a zip and resembles a plastic eyewear case. The BVC technology offers even better vapour and is a bottom vertical dual coil one. If you are running low on coils, then you can re-order a pack of 5 replacements for $13.97.

Battery and Tank

Regarding the battery, if you order the standard version, then you can have it in black, in rainbow effect colour or in stainless steel. The Twist version comes with the same options as well. The Phantom battery comes in a black or silver colour. The Mig Vapor X5 Xtreme e-cigarette kit comes with an extreme battery that offers a 1300mAh capacity and 4.2V voltage. With the 1.8 Ohm coil resistance and the bottom dual coil, you will get a stronger, warmer vapour and lesser dry throat hits. The 1300mAh will ensure that your e-cigarette will not die out of battery within one or maybe two days (if it is fully charged).

If you like more power and more control over your vaping, you have two options for an upgrade (with a few more money). One is to upgrade to a variable voltage between 3.2V – 4.8V and the other one is to upgrade to a battery with a 1600mAh capacity. The X5 Xtreme kit comes with a manual battery.


The Mig Vapor X5 kit costs $64.95. It comes fully equipped with everything you will need, although I think that for this price you could have an extra battery included. While other kits though include two batteries of low capacity, this one has a power of 1300mAh.


Mig Vapour offers a 90-day warranty for defective electronic equipment, effective from the day that you receive their product. The warranty is valid for hardware only, i.e. the batteries, chargers, adapters etc.  No more than three replacements of the same products are allowed. Mig Vapor also has a 30-day full money back guarantee for starter kits.


Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $75

Final Verdict

The Mig Vapor X5 Extreme e-cigarette kit is an advanced kit which offers an impressive performance with its powerful 1300mAh battery, a 1.8 Ohm coil resistance and a voltage of 4.2V. The device can be upgraded to either produce a 4.8V voltage or to a battery capacity of 1600mAh. Its price is $64.95 which is a bit higher price for kits of this league, but comes fully equipped and you can start vaping the minute you receive your kit.

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