Motley Brew E-Juice Review

Motley Brew E-Juice Intro:

The Motley Brew e-juice company is a relatively new company that emerged in the e-cig scene in 2015. Motley brew means a product brought about that has great levels of variety and at the same time it gives you intense hard notes of flavors, like a rock song does in your ears. Not a rock attitude in terms of inconsistence but one regarding the road less travelled to achieve the best that is possible. A road where imagination, creativity and ideals play a role indeed.

The whole line of the Motley Brew products has been built around this rock and roll idea. The names of e-liquids are inspired from songs or bands that have built a legend in the rock industry. While the illustration of the bottles is quite simple, the logo of Motley Brew is quite catchy with a heavy rock flairs, as it kind of looks like a skull.

Since the founding of the company, its creators have stated what their ideals, regarding their e-liquids, are. And it seems that their e-liquid quality is on par with their ideals. What is also notable is that the Motley Brew vapour liquid is also offered in a fair price, $14.99 for a 30ml juice.

Motley brew e-liquid

Prime Quality Ingredients

It is not a few times that we have seen companies boasting about the high quality of their juices, while the reality is far from their statements. In the Motley Brew case, there is no inconsistency.

These are the main points regarding the Motley Brew e-liquid:

  • All Motley Brew e-liquids are free from Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.
  • Tests have taken place in FDA registered labs in the U.S.
  • The Motley Brew e-liquid is handcrafted in the U.S., in FDA registered laboratories.
  • The nicotine they use is 99.89% pure.
  • The Vegetable Glycerine used is soy based.
  • The ingredients used for the Motley Brew e-liquids are specifically made to inhaled and are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) from the FDA.
  • The ingredients used are USP Kosher Grade.

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Motley Brew E-liquid Specifications

There are currently nine flavours available in the Motley Brew selection. These are premium vaping liquids made with the highest standards, just like the Black Note or the Halo VG e-juices. Each bottle is available in a 30ml size, as 30ml have become the standard size in the industry. It would be nice though having the option to try more smaller bottles before you settle on your favourite ones. That said, Motley Brew offers high quality products in more than fair prices. You can also read our complete reviews on Mr. Good Vape and Mad Hatter e-liquids.

The bottles are made of glass and have a dropper to facilitate use. The purple cap of each bottle agrees in appearance with the rebellious flair.  Each Motley Brew flavour comes in a range of nicotine levels: 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%.

PG/VG ratio is 30/70 which agrees with the general tendency in the field to offer e-liquids with higher vegetable glycerine concentrations that offer great vapour, a smoother throat hit and on the same time are suitable for sub ohm vaping. I believe that a 30/70 PG/VG ratio gives a good throat hit, one that is not overpowering or disturbing, while the maximum VG helps produce an excellent vapour.

Motley Brew line of e-liquids

The Flavors

Motley brew currently has nine flavours on offer. Taking under consideration that is about a year since the company was founded, there is definitely some space for growth. Most of the flavours combine fruits with sweet and sometimes savoury tones, but there is also the occasional vapour liquid with the more unique or ‘mature’ flavour’. Although the whole spectrum of flavours cannot be represented in a small selection, nevertheless, the flavours that are available are quite creative and include a variety of ingredients.

Crumb DMC: ‘Experience the perfect mix of apple, crumb cake and light cream notes….’

Green apple on the inhale, followed by spells of cinnamon and balancing sweetness of crumble cake. The after note is sugary sweet. The tangy and refreshing taste of green apples is accompanied by sweet and savoury to bring balance to this blend.

Brews Brothers: ‘A mastered blend of the finest dark roasted European Espresso, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, mildly sweet tobacco and a hint of rich butterscotch to top it all off ..’

A mature and fine blend of tobacco that will appeal to new vapers who like a hint of tobacco in their vape but are longing to try culinary flavours and to experienced vapers who enjoy a more mature, dark taste. Definitely a flavour to try after dinner, it surprises with the balanced notes of rich, robust coffee flavour and vanilla that ‘rounds’ the flavour, together with butterscotch that brings that creamy smoothness that leaves you longing for more. This is a top of the range unique vapour liquid that definitely gains credit for its creativity.

Grateful Red: ‘This smooth concoction of tart Granny Smith apples and ripe red apples will have your mouth watering, while the glaze of brown sugar will send you over the top .. It doesn’t stop here, a Tahitian Vanilla Custard is then split with a caramelized cane sugar, while a lightly salted caramel is drizzled atop …’Mptley Brew Grateful red

Tart green apples bring their lightly acidic content, giving a refreshing front note, which is then balanced with the sweetness of red apples. The recipe becomes unique, savoury and delectable with the addition of salted caramel. The main flavour that gets through though is that of Tahitian Vanilla Custard. A dessert-like recipe, accompanied by fruity accents, this is a rounded flavour that makes an all-day vape, while on the same time being full of flavour and bold.

Old Fashioned: ‘A barrel aged premium whiskey that offers spicy, aromatic citrus notes and the perfect touch of sugar cane ….’

A fine, bold, mature recipe that is also quite specific. Motley Brew has captured the flavour of Whiskey quite successfully, while the citrus notes give a refreshing flair to an otherwise ‘heavy’ flavour on the senses. The touch of sugar cane does a good job in making this whiskey blend sweeter and thus, more easily vaped. This is a very good execution of the taste of whisky, but despite this, it will appeal more to lovers of strong tastes who like a bit of old-fashioned.

Froot Fighters: ‘A candied melon medley with the addition of cool watermelon ….’

A very tasteful medley of ripe and sweet melon, refreshing watermelon and strongly aromatic honeydew, accompanied by some secret undisclosed ingredients. This is a very fruity, sweet juice, but on the same time it is refreshing and cool. Froot Fighters is a trully nice blend that will appeal to most, even those who are not so keen on melon vapes.

Pearadise City: ‘A tropical field of exotic lychee, delicious pears, all tastefully mixed with thick French Vanilla Bean Cream ….finishes with a cool breeze of freshly harvested mint’

This is a vape juice with contrasting flavours. On the one hand, very creamy sweet pears that feel more candy-like than fresh-refreshing and lychee which adds a bit of tangy exotic flavour. On the other hand, the hint of mint on the exhale adds a balancing and refreshing sensation to an otherwise very sweet blend. This is a different take on mint, which is usually added on chocolate flavoured vapes. If you like mint, it might be nice to try it, just bear in mind that this is a very sweet blend.

 Bubble Pop: ‘A ripe strawberry and kiwi combination arrives loading your tongue with a sugary front note. A palatable fusion of watermelon and melon lime dance … when all this said and done, bubble pop leaves a berry infused bubble gum back note you will not soon forget..’

A candy-like flavour, albeit a nice and fruitier, in a refreshing way, compared to other versions. Kiwi and strawberry gives a fresh taste to an otherwise bubble gum, artificial flavour, while melon adds sweetness. The berry infused back note feels the mouth with delicious flavour. This flavour is not me for me though, I prefer flavours which are savoury and sweet, but in a real-fruit way. Motley Crew has created a nice bubble gum flavour juice that will appear to vapers who like these candy flavours.

Other Flavors

Almost Famous

One of the company’s best sellers and for good reason. Memory inducing and comforting freshly baked cake is infused with wild blueberries that add this extra level of flavour, while rich praline pecan nuts make the vape juice savoury and round off the flavour.

The Drop

Motley Brew’s take on what lime juice should taste like. Refreshing and savoury lime cookie flavour is topped with blueberry reduction and vanilla that add extra flavour, depth and smoothness respectively.


The Motley Brew liquids are available for $14.99 for a 30ml bottle. This is a very decent price considering that prime e-liquids, like the Black Note or the Halo VG, generally cost between $20-$30. Only because of this fact combined with the quality of ingredients, this is a brand you should definitely give a try. Motley Brew ships for free in the U.S.

Final Verdict

Motley Brew is a relatively new company in the vaping scene, albeit one that has already started off with great momentum. Although they do have a long way to go regarding the building of an integrated line of e-liquids, they already offer some good stuff. Also, their effort to build a quality line is apparent and very respectful. If customers are the ones to make a change, then they should prefer e-liquid vendors who are honest towards them and transparent regarding the product they offer.

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