Mr Good Vape Liquid Review

Mr Good Vape Liquid Intro:

Mr Good Vape liquid company is a company based in Southern California that started as an idea in 2010 and was fulfilled in 2012. The philosophy of the company, according to its team, is that Mr Good Vape was ‘created as the ideal company that integrates a desirable environment throughout its facilities’. Loyal to their ideals and vision, the company has managed to become recognizable in the e-cig market as one with a small but creative and unique selection of dessert-like, mouth-watering flavours.


At the same time, it is one of these companies that disclose lab test reports regarding the existence of acetyl propionyl and diacetyl, the artificial additives known as flavourings that produce a buttery, pop-corn like flavour to e-juices and that may be associated with serious lung diseases when inhaled for long periods.

Not only they don’t leave you wondering what there is indeed inside their e-liquids, but they upload on their website the chemical test reports for every e-liquid they offer. The results are more than satisfying: no diacetyl or acetyl propionyl (2,3 – pentanedione) has been detected above the detection levels used for the test purposes, which (levels) are very low.


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Quality and Flavor

Mr Good Vape tries to bring to customers only the best vaping liquids, both in quality as well as in flavour uniqueness.

The high quality of the e-liquids has an obvious impact on the flavours. Although the e-liquids do not have the level of depth of some very sophisticated e-liquids, nor are they so expensive as some offered by niche brands, nevertheless, the flavours are inspired, masterfully executed while some of their e-juices can easily compete with e-liquids that are quite more expensive.

E-liquid flavors by Mr. Good Vape

Mr Good Vape Liquid Selection

Mr Good Vape features a line of 14 e-liquids, all of them being dessert-like flavours and in the same philosophy like the Motley Brew or the Mad Hatter e-liquids. These include blends of drinks, fruits, sweets or savoury and sweet flavours. The bottles come in 16.5ml, 30ml or 120ml with the price dropping significantly when you purchase the bigger size. For example, the 120ml bottle is about 30% cheaper than the 16.5ml one, which is ideal when you know your favorite e-juice and you can stock up. Each bottle comes with childproof plastic cap with dropper, to facilitate filling of the e-juice. The nicotine sizes available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

The bottles feature a comic persona with moustache, probably the ‘godfather of vaping’. Although the illustration does not have a cult or expensive look, it looks cool and playful. As the name of each flavour does only give a slight clue regarding the main flavourings, they are written on the front side of the bottle so that the flavours you prefer catch your eye more easily. For example, the ‘Sunshine Daydream’ includes orange, pineapple, banana and yogurt, but you wouldn’t guess unless you read the description. It is a small gesture, but nice.

The natural flavourings included come from local grocery stores or from well-known companies that offer highly concentrated natural flavourings. There are also artificial flavourings but no acetyl propionyl or diacetyl.

Each flavour has a different PG/VG ratio. There are no other options apart from the given concentration, which some might consider a disadvantage. It would be nice to be able to choose from different options, depending on what you prefer, whether you are inclined towards a good throat hit or big vapour clouds. What I would guess about this, is that Mr. Good Vape has tested each e-liquid in various PG/VG ratios and has probably opted for the optimum choice for each one. Most e-liquids on offer, are high VG which gives a slightly sweeter taste and better vapour.

Mr Good Vape

Mr. Good Vape E-Juice Flavors

  • Bahama Mama: A savoury coconut complemented with tropical pineapple and fresh banana (60%VG / 40%PG)

A delicious tropical blend of coconut, pineapple and banana. A twist on the exotic Pina Colada drink due to the addition of banana in perfectly right levels so that Bahama Mama feels both familiar and new.  Each flavour has taken its own place on the blend and can be sensed, but on the same time no flavour overpowers the others. The result is a rich, but on the same time smooth feeling. The coconut adds the creaminess while the pineapple, because of its tangy nature, makes Bahama Mama a refreshing e-juice, promising to satisfy your senses.

  • Dabble Dooyah: Tart Granny Smith Apple pie laced with cinnamon and drizzled with vanilla creme anglaise (50%VG / 50%PG)

A delectable apple pie flavour that has the power to bring back childhood memories of fresh baked pies coming hot out of the oven. A hint of cinnamon is drizzled over fresh apples which are then baked in a buttery pie crust. A drizzle of Creme anglaise is added on top. Mr Good Vape has succeeded into creating an extremely rich flavour. The buttery element of delectable sweet pies is there, the vapour is satisfyingly rich, the vanilla and cinnamon add this special ‘something’ to the flavour. A very sweet and rich blend, not over the top sweet, but definitely one that will be preferred if you have a sweet tooth.

  •  Sunshine Daydream: Tart Greek Yogurt blended in with zesty orange, sweet pineapple and ripe banana (40%PG / 60%VG)Mr Good Vapor e-juice

Greek Yogurt is not a common addition in vapour liquids and this e-liquid offers a refreshing new flavour. A smoothie of yogurt and fruits, not overly sweet, creamy and buttery because of the banana, zesty because of the orange, exotic because of the pineapple. Having said this, none of the ingredients is more distinctive than the others. The yogurt is noticeable in the beginning, but it is mainly there to blend perfectly with the fruity ingredients and produce a cooling smoothie. The fruits are very well blended together as well. Although none of them is overpowering, the orange and pineapple are the notable refreshing elements in the juice drink.

  • Dreamsicle: Rich Vanilla Ice Cream coated with a frozen layer of sweet and tangy tangerine (50%PG / 50%VG)

A childhood memory inducing flavour with a refreshing taste. Although ice-cream is not usually blended with citrus fruits in e-liquids, this is an unexpected, but surprisingly good combination. The rich creaminess of the ice cream is balanced with the zesty, refreshing nature of tangerine to produce a nice blend of dessert and fruit. The cold ice cream is not distinctive though. The flavour I got was more of a nice cream which followed the tangerine on the inhale that balanced an otherwise specific, citrusy, strong flavour.

  • Heavens Candy: Fresh Apple and Grape Candy melted into a splendid richness of candy sweetness (60%PG / 40%VG)

A rather sweet blend of sugar candy, apple and grape candy, where the dominating flavour is that of the sugar candy, surrounded by spells of grape candy. The fresh apple was not very prominent. For fans of candy-like flavours, this is a nice blend which is a bit more refreshing than other, similar flavours because of the fruit addition.

  • Karma Cream: Fresh Peaches with a smooth custard-like vanilla bean ice cream (25%PG / 75%VG)

A delectable blend of peaches and cream, skilfully blended to produce a refreshing, sweet and smooth flavour that is rich on the senses. Filling the air with delicious smell from the moment you open the plastic that seals the bottle, while the flavour is equally bold, but not overpowering. I did not get the ice-cream flavour though; the peach is the most prominent element here which is a bit creamy. The vapour produced was impressive, given that there is a 75% VG concentration, it makes sense. This is a nice and satisfying to the senses all-day vape.

  • Honey Baby : Fresh Honeydew with tropical guava, Madagascar Vanilla and Pure Honeysuckle.

Another creative and inspired blend from Mr. Good Vape, which comes across as a sweet but soothing flavour. The main distinctive flavour is that of Honeydew watermelon. The flavour is ‘rounded’ with the addition of Guava and Madagascar vanilla, although the guava is not particularly noticeable on its own. The addition of Honeysuckle adds extra flavour and is possibly the most prominent ingredient in the blend. Honeysuckle is a flower species that produces a sweet, edible nectar. It has a strong and distinctive flavour that reminds of ‘flowered’ honey.

  • Melon Head : Juicy Cantaloupe with the refreshing complement of tart citrus, Hawaiian papaya and sweet mango (20%PG / 80%VG).

This is a sweet but refreshing vape with the cantaloupe melon being the most powerful flavour. The citrus is not distinctive, but the papaya and sweet mango give a nice, subtle but on the same time refreshing and exotic flavour to the blend. Vapour wise, Melon Head is impressive.

  • Hedon’s Bite: ‘A perfect balance of sweet, sour and tart notes, thereby creating an aromatic, crisp otherworldly apple. It is coated with deep, earthy caramel for a blast of flavour: vital, juicy, fresh and irresistibly. Finish with ripe melon that resolves on a cliffhanger, ready to dive in for more’.

This has a taste of an out of this world apple. Sweet and tart with different layers of flavour. The caramel is the ingredient that balances the recipe. It is quite subtle though as the creator wanted to give more space to the apple flavour. The melon can be perceived at the end and although I would have initially considered it an outsider, I think that in the end it gave to the e-juice an unexpected touch, this something else that takes the e-juice to a different level.

A Few More Flavours

  • Sundae Fundae has a smooth vanilla bean ice cream flavour with a hint of hot caramel and buttered pecans layered in warm waffle.
  • Pistachio Man will appeal tobacco lovers as it tastes of rich Italian tobaccos, savoury dark chocolate and a subtle cooling and refreshing hint of mint. The surprising element here is the pistachio. Toasted pistachios is not something commonly used for e-liquids, but it does to the savoury nature of the e-liquid and blends really well with the rest of ingredients.
  • Sweet Lovin will appeal to candy lovers, as it is a strawberry watermelon flavour with chewy bubblegum.
  • Bakers Dozen is a new flavour that has just been released: white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie, topped with frosting.


Mr. Good Vape offers their e-liquids in prices that are in the average price range of premium e-liquids like the Vaporfi Grand Reserve, the Halo VG and the Black Note liquids. For example, the 16.5ml bottle costs $12, a 30ml bottle costs $20 and a 120ml bottle costs $65.

Final Verdict

Mr. Good Vape e-liquid is one that lovers of desserts and sweet flavours will thoroughly enjoy. Although the selection is not geared towards refined, mature flavours, in the way that a few e-liquid companies that specialize in tobacco flavours are, this is an e-liquid created for a specific audience that appreciates delicious, tasty, not complicated but on the same time creative and greatly executed flavours.


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