Sense Herakles Sub Ohm Tank Review

Sense Herakles Sub Ohm Tank Review:

Today I am going to take a close look and review the Sense Herakles sub ohm tank, a tank which supports maximum output wattage of 100W and comes with two coils, a pre-installed 0.6 Ohm BVC coil and a spare 0.2 Ohm BVC coil. Both coils of the Sense Herakles sub tank have a dual parallel vertical structure while the 0.6Ohm coil supports a wattage of 50-100W and the 0.2Ohm coil has a range of 30-75W. The tank full kit comes with a spare replacement glass tube, so you will even have a backup glass in case an accident happens.

The Herakles is a 22mm diameter tank that sits really well on top of most devices and has an e-liquid capacity of 3ml. It is available in a black or stainless steel finish. The Herakles tank was released in the vaping market at a time when the latter has started booming with sub ohm tanks. The Herakles though is one of the first that comes to compete in the category of very high-powered devices that can produce immense clouds and keep, at the same time, a great balance as far as flavour is concerned. Does it live up to the hype? I tested the tank on the Smok XPRO M80 Plus which gives a very good 80W output power and ran it from 35-80 Watts. Make sure you use a compatible mod with your tank which can support such high wattages, so you can get the most out of its performance.

Herakles tank by Sense

The Sense Herakles Kit

The Herakles kit includes:

  • (1) Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank
  • (1) Herakles 0.6 Ohm Coil (pre-installed)
  • (1) Herakles 0.2 Ohm Coil (replacement)
  • (1) Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube

Note1: The Aspire Atlantis coils are compatible with the Herakles tank which is a big pro, as you can use existing coils for your new tank.

Note2: The Herakles does not come with an instruction manual.



  • E-liquid capacity: 3 ml
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Tank made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass
  • Bottom filling tank
  • Bottom airflow
  • Dual parallel vertical coil structure
  • Adjustable airflow provides ample flow
  • Coils compatible: 0.6 Ohm Kanthal coil (pre-installed), 0.2 Ohm Kanthal coil (spare), 0.2 Ohm Ni 200 nickel coil with single vertical structure (for temperature controlled wattage)
  • Suggested wattage range: 50-100 Watts (0.6Ohm coil), 30-75Watts (0.2 Ohm coil)
  • Bottom vertical coil (BVC)
  • Coils are designed with five (5) e-liquid entry points
  • Organic Japanese cotton as wicking material
  • Delrin-insulated drip tip prevents drip tip from getting too hot
  • 510 connection with copper pin


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Filling With E-liquid

In order to fill with e-liquid, all you need to do is unscrew the base of the tank and very carefully fill-in. Unlike the SMOK TFV4, the Herakles is a bottom filling tank. However, there is no ample space between the central chimney and the glass tube and therefore you need to be extra careful not to pour with e-liquid the centre hole.

The e-liquid capacity is not big, I would say it’s rather small, especially when you run in higher wattages. However, when compared with the Aspire Atlantis whose coils it can use, it is much larger – the latter features an e-liquid capacity of 2ml but is on the same time suitable for lower wattages.

Adjustable Airflow

The Sense Herakles features an impressive adjustable airflow control system which allows for a very airy vape when on the most open setting. There are four different settings which you can adjust manually, simply by turning the airflow control ring to your preferred setting. However, I will note that the fins at the bottom of the tank which are there to act as heat sinks and dissipate heat, make it a bit more difficult for you to actually see the opening of your chosen setting. This is not a major flaw because as I said before, you know which setting you have chosen simply when turning the ring.

Herakles sub ohm tank


I started with the pre-installed 0.6Ohm coil and a 40W output. At this point, there was nothing significant going on. Going up to 50 Watts, the flavour started getting pronounced and vape clouds started getting big. The peak point on performance was at indeed between 55-65 Watts where flavour was full-bodied, clouds were immense, there were no dry hits at all and I found this range to be my sweet spot. However, I did not experience any dry hits and I went up to 80 Watts. Although at these high ranges there was no reduction both in flavour and vapour, the tank started getting a bit hot for my tastes so I continued running it at around 60 Watts.

I also used the 0.2Ohm coil which is specified for a wattage output of 30-75W, although I think it can go a bit higher than the suggested maximum without any burning taste. Its peak performance was at around 65 Watts but I found 30 Watts very low for any potential to show.

The material used for wicking is Japanese organic cotton and it is of very high quality because I did not experience any dry hits at all and the coil lasted for a long time. Before you start vaping however, always make sure that you prime the coil properly and let it ‘sit’ inside the tank for some time before using, to ensure proper saturation of the wick.


  • Massive clouds
  • Full-bodied flavour
  • No dry hits
  • No leakage
  • Sturdy tank
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Suitable for intermediate and experience vapers
  • Great airflow control
  • Replacement glass tube included
  • Aspire Atlantis coils are compatible with the Herakles tank
  • Top-notch performance in the range of 50-70 Watts
  • Tank and replacement coils are available in a very good price



  • No RBA
  • No instruction manual provided
  • Tank drinks e-liquid quickly especially when run at higher wattages
Sense Herakles sub oh tank review


The Herakles tank is available in the price of $29.50 (initial retail price is $38)

You can optionally add a pack of five 0.2 Ohm or 0.6 Ohm coils with your purchase.


22% off for the Herakles Sub Ohm tank - Buy for $29.50 at

Final Verdict

The Sense Herakles Tank is a tank which left me impressed with its potential. It is mostly suitable for intermediate and advanced vapers who will vape up to 100 Watts. The tank performs excellent in the range of 50-70 Watts. There was no leakage, no dry hits or whatsoever. All there was, big clouds and rich flavour. Rising to more than 70 Watts I found the tank getting hot for my liking, but I guess that it all goes down to personal preference.

There are some minor flaws, such as the lack of an instruction manual or the quick consumption of e-liquid, but on the other hand, all sub ohm tanks consume e-liquid very quickly, especially when running in high power.

Overall, I would suggest the Sense Herakles sub ohm tank as one of the best tanks, together with the SMOK TFV4, regarding clouds of vapour and richness of flavour in higher wattages. The size of the 3ml Herakles tank is compact which makes it easy to carry everywhere and it is also sturdy and the coil quality is top-notch.

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