Smok Magneto V3 Review

Smok Magneto V3 Intro:

The SMOK Magneto V3 is a telescopic mechanical Mod, which offers versatility and great power. The device is suitable only for experienced users as it is unregulated, with only a few basic safety features and requires an advanced level of knowledge about electricity and its laws. It is ideal for producing huge amounts of vapour and flavour, as it is basically a personal vaporizer which you can handle to your preferences.

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About Mechanical Mods

As with any mechanical mod, there isn’t any circuitry involved, which on the one hand means that the user can enjoy a great level of flexibility, but on the other hand it is a device that pushes the vaping experience to the limits. Due to the unregulated current that reaches the atomizer and the low ohm coils that are used, there are significant safety issues which might arise if the user has not taken necessary precautions. Before delving into the world of mechanical mods, you will need to have some basic knowledge of Ohm’s Law and how resistance interacts with amperage, so as to prevent any overheating of the battery which might potentially be very dangerous.

Safety Features

In this unregulated field of mechanical mods, SMOK has provided to its Magneto 3 Mechanical Mod an array of advanced safety features:

  • A locking ring to prevent the device from firing accidentally
  • Ventilation holes at the top and the bottom of the main housing. These air holes provide the necessary ventilation so that the device does not overheat and burst.

SMOK provides specifications regarding the batteries used and the resistances which they are compatible with. This is a telescopic design, built for use with a specific range of batteries.

Magneto 3 mech mod by SMOK

SMOK Magneto 3 Design

The SMOK Magneto 3 Kit is a top of the league, sturdy and well-engineered device. It is made of high quality stainless steel and feels nice to hold. It also features great portability. Depending on the length of the battery used, the device length might range from 7.3mm to 10.4mm, while its width is steady at 2.2mm.

The Magneto 3 is compatible with the following batteries:

  • IMR 18350 – 750mAh – 8Amp high drain
  • IMR 18500 – 1100mAh – 10Amp high drain
  • IMR 18650 – 2500mAh – 20Amp high drain
  • IMR 18650 – 2900mAh – 10Amp high drain
  • IMR 18650 – 3200mAh – 10 Amp high drain

The telescopic design means that it is really easy to accommodate the battery you will choose. While each one of them has different length, you only need to unscrew the main device and lengthen or shorten it in order to place the battery you have selected. The device is suitable for sub ohm (i.e. below 1ohm) vaping, but in the case of the 18350 battery you should make sure that the resistance you use is not below 0.6 Ohm, as this will draw more Amp than the cell is rated for.

Mechanical mod SMOK Magneto V3

The Kit

The basic kit does not include any battery. It only comes with the SMOK Magneto 3. You can add all the necessary equipment for your Magneto, including a sub ohm tank, e-liquid, a charger and of course the battery. You can also buy a compatible tank like the Aspire Cleito, the Kanger Nano or the Aspire Atlantis 2.

More Magneto Features

Apart from the fire button and the air holes which ensure proper ventilation, the SMOK has been designed and delivered with other premium features as well:

  • It is 510 compatible, but lacks an eGo threading, therefore it is unsuitable for eGo threaded devices.
  • Also, the adjustable centre pin secures the voltage so that it does not drop. Indeed, I noticed that the drop was very little while I was using this product.
  • The device features reverse threading, so there is no chance of pressing the firing button accidentally.
  • Finally, the battery is securely held in place by a magnetic switch


  • Sturdy finish, stainless steel construction
  • Compact design even for the largest battery
  • Variable voltage and wattage
  • Telescopic design makes it compatible with a range of different batteries
  • Magnetic switch to hold your battery securely in place
  • Some basic safety features such as ventilation holes and lock for firing
  • Very competitive price compared to the quality you get


  • Suitable only for advanced and experienced users and may pose serious safety issues if used in the wrong manner
  • Lack of eGo threading
  • Lack of safety features – of course, this is the case with all mechanical mods
  • No temperature setting

Final Verdict

If massive clouds, strong, intense flavour, performance and ability to set your vaping to your own taste is what you are after, then this is one of the best kits available on the market. You just need a powerful sub ohm tank, like the Aspire Cleito or the Atlantis 2, to match your Magneto mech mod.

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