SMOK TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank Review

SMOK TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank Review:

Our SMOK TFV4 sub ohm tank review lasted for 3 weeks and we realised why this tank has won, very soon after being released, a top place in the sub-ohm tanks Hall of Fame. It is already considered a legend and it is easy to understand why, as this extraordinary device is compatible with wattage up to 140W and produces plumes of vapour.

The TFV4 is compatible with the Patented SMOK Triple and Quadruple coils that can fire up to 130W and 140W respectively and promise to give you the most pleasurable and full of flavour experience with huge clouds everywhere, something truly unprecedented.  It also comes with a small bag of 100% pure organic cotton. The SMOK TFV4 tank is compatible with a wide selection of interchangeable coil heads. Rising to such high temperatures and high wattages, you should expect the tank to warm up in an uncomfortable manner. For this reason, the TFV4 is equipped with a new drip tip, featuring airflow control, to provide a cooler vape.

The tank holds a 5ml of e-liquid which is a very good capacity for a sub ohm device, because it is expected that the e-liquid will be consumed quickly. Other basic specifications are its top fill design with a sliding top that makes the whole process of filling a lot easier. Finally, the tank comes with an RBA section which can use the option of single and dual coils.

SMOK TFV4 Full Kit

  • (1) TFV4 tank
  • (1) replacement glass tube
  • (1) Quadruple Coil Head
  • (1) Triple Coil Head
  • (1) RBA Head
  • (1) Refill Warning Card
  • (1) User Manual
  • Spare Parts include Japanese Organic Cotton, Screwdriver and Top Cap
  • (1) Black silicone band
  • (1) White silicone band
  • (1) small bag of pure organic Cotton


SMOK gives you the option to buy a TFV4 kit with less equipment that includes only the Triple Coil Head and costs cheaper than the full kit.

 SMOK TFV4 Simple Kit

  • (1) TFV4 tank
  • (1) Triple Coil Head
  •  (1) User Manual
  • (1) Silicone ring



  • Tank e-liquid capacity: 5 ml
  • Weight: 92gr
  • Dimensions: 24.5 mm tank diameter, 73.5mm height
  • Tank made of stainless steel and high quality glass for maximum taste
  • Colours: Stainless Steel,  Night Black
  • Enhanced adjustable airflow system on base with four large airslots
  • Four adjustable airslots on drip tip
  • Innovative widebore drip tip for maximum heat dissipation
  • Easy top refill system
  • Wattage range: 40W-140W
  • Triple and Quadruple Coil Heads produce the ideal heat insulation
  • Compatible with the following interchangeable coils heads
  • TF-T3: Triple Coil Head, 0.20 Ohm
  • TF-R1: Single RBA Coil, 0.85 Ohm
  • TF-R2: Dual RBA Coil, 0.25 Ohm
  • TF-Q4: Quadruple Coil Head, 0.15 Ohm
  • TF-CLP2: Clapton Dual Coil Head, 0.35 Ohm, 30-90W
  • TF-RCA: Rebuildable Clapton Coil Head
  • TF-S6: Sextuple Coil Head, 0.4 Ohm, 30-100W
  • TF-N2: Ni200 Dual Coil Head, 0.12 Ohm, 420°F-600°F
  • TF-N2 Air: Ni200 Dual Coil Head with 2 added air holes, 0.12 Ohm, 420°F-600°F
  • TF-T2: Higher Resistance Dual Coil Head: 1.5 Ohm, 20W-45W
  • TF-T2 Air: Higher Resistance Dual Coil Head with 2 added air holes: 1.5 Ohm, 20W-45W
  • TF-STC2: Stainless Steel with Clapton Coil rebuild, 0.25 Ohm, 40W-70W, 350°F-550°F
  • Tank can be disassembled into drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil head and base
  • 510 thread


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Coils: The Quadruple coil head works with four coils while the Triple coil head works with three coils, as their name suggests, each one of them located in a separate tube, in order to achieve the best heat dissipation possible. Otherwise, when the tank works at such high wattages, it would heat very fast and become unbearable to use. Each coil has the wattage and resistance range engraved on it and the SMOK logo as well, indicating what kind of coil it is (triple or quadruple).

Size: The TFV4 has a 24.5mm diameter and will therefore overhang quite a bit on average box mods that are suitable for 22mm tanks. The tank is quite heavyweight, its weight is 92grams and this is without e-liquid on it. However, people who buy this tank do this because of its performance and extreme capabilities and will not consider the weight a trivial issue and in this case it isn’t.

Drip Tip: The drip trip features a unique double-layered structure. When seen from the top, it features a double wall, the outer one made of stainless steel and the inner one made of glass or stainless steel. The 1-2mm distance formed between the two tubes protects by serving as a heat shield.

Colour does not wear off: The colour of the TFV4 has been achieved by a method called vacuum plating, which allows the colour to adhere in the best possible way and protects it from wearing off.

Glass Tube: The glass tube lets you check the e-liquid levels at any time, while on the same time it reveals the nice design of the coils.

Easy Top Filling Tank

The SMOK TFV4 features a top-filling system that has been designed to make filling of e-liquid a breeze. It actually works with a sliding mechanism. In order to fill with e-liquid, while you are holding the tank with the one hand, use your other one to press the top cap and turn it counter-clockwise. Add the e-liquid on the dedicated hole while paying special attention not to pour any e-liquid into the central airflow hole, as this will result to leakage. Close back the cap carefully and let the coils prime with e-liquid for a while, around 5-10 minutes.

RBA Section

If you already own the Kanger Subtank Plus, a beast of a tank that has a 7ml e-liquid capacity, you might wonder how the two tanks compare regarding the RBA section. In any case, the tanks feature completely different wattages (the TFV4 has a much higher wattage output) so they would not appeal to the same target group. The SMOK TFV4 features a larger RBA section which will allow for much better builds when you want to build you own coils. Another great option, in terms of performance would be the Aspire Cleito which features an RTA section and has a 3.5ml capacity.

TFV4 Rubber Bands

The SMOK TFV4 kit comes with two rubber bands. Each one can be placed around the glass tube to protect it from breakage in case the tank falls down. It must be noted that the TFV4 also comes with a replacement glass tube, which is a nice extra.

Adjustable Airflow Control

The SMOK TFV4 features eight (8) adjustable airflow holes that allow for maximum heat dissipation and control of draws to your liking: four are located on the base of the tank and the other four are located on the drip tip. It is very easy to control airflow by either turning the ring on the base or turning the ring on the drip tip.

Anti-Leakage Design

The SMOK has been designed in the best possible manner to protect from any leaking issues. As soon as you open the top cap, in the manner we have described above, you will see a white silicone sealing pad that surrounds the central tube and there is also a replacement one included in the kit. The silicone pad features two holes, one is the filling hole and the other is the central airflow hole. The filling hole is protected by a tiny wall that surrounds it and protects from leaking to the central hole.


Starting at 50W with both coils (triple and quadruple), performance and flavour was a bit weak for the capabilities of this monster device. Getting through 50-70 W, vapour starts getting bigger, a bit thicker and better, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Flavour improves but still lacks density. Around 80-90 Watts, I got the best performance I could wish for: huge clouds and flavour on its peak. However, at about 100 Watts, with the quadruple coil, a vertical dual parallel coil, the tank started getting hot, clouds started becoming overwhelming up to the point you cannot enjoy neither the flavour nor your draws.

On the contrary, the triple coil seems to withstand a bit higher wattage and vapes better than the quadruple, at around 120 Watts. This starts climaxing and reaches the most unbearable point at around 120-140 Watts. Although the tank is built to withstand such high wattages, it is for sure that you will not get the most out of it. On the contrary, vaping can even become disturbing. Because of this, if you are an advanced vaper who enjoys extreme clouds, I would suggest that you vape at around 80W-90W with the quadruple coils and possibly around 110W with the triple coil. Vape using lower amounts of nicotine, much lower than your usual, as anything high will deprive from flavour and become unbearable. I used a 3mg e-liquid and it was more than enough for my throat and lungs.

Vapour wise, the TFV4 produces an overwhelming amount of vapour which is super exciting at around 100W but more than that, it will probably take away the pleasure of vaping. Vaping to me is enjoyable when I can sit back and enjoy both the flavour and the vapour. At higher wattages, flavour becomes muted and the vapour is so strong that literally fills the room. The warmth of vapour will restrict you from taking deep drags if you decide to go higher than 90-100 Watts. If you look for a simplier and more straightforward solution, without RBA section, you can read our complete review on the Kanger Subtank Nano.


  • RBA deck
  • Huge clouds
  • Enhanced flavour
  • Great airflow control
  • Unique triple and quadruple coils enhance performance
  • Kit includes everything you shall need, including a replacement glass tube and protective bands
  • Improved top-fill system



  • Consumes e-liquid quickly
  • Batteries die fast when higher wattages are used
  • Although we didn’t experienced this issue, leaking problems have been encountered by a few users
  • Can only be supported by devices which are compatible with very high wattages
  • 24.5mm diameter tank might overhung in quite a few devices

Final Verdict

The SMOK TFV4 is literally one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market for huge clouds and vapour. It has brought about many innovations, such as the patented triple and quadruple coils. Although it drinks up e-liquid very fast and battery also drains quickly, I have been using it with the Sigelei Spark at 80-90 Watts, at occasions where I want to get the most out of my vaping and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Its performance is also exceptional with the RBA, where I found I can vape at much lesser wattage with same satisfying results. The TFV4 is a top sub ohm tank and it’s certainly worth investing your money there.


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