The Black Note E-liquid Review

The Black Note E-liquid Intro:

In our today’s post we will give you our feedback and share our thoughts, after reviewing the Black Note e-liquid. Since Black Note has entered the vaping world, it has truly and deeply challenged the industry by creating an e-liquid that is in every aspect remarkably different. Not only because it is marketed as such, but because it deserves to be called superior not for one, but for a handful of reasons. Mainly due to its high quality. Black Note e-liquids is the result of actually focusing on the quality of the product, instead of only paying attention in creating a nice, sometimes awesome flavour.  The latter here comes as a result of the former. There are no artificial flavours and colourings, chemical additives or sweeteners included.

There is no chance that you could confuse the Black Note line up with the products of any other company. Their sophisticated range of e-juices includes only Tobacco flavours. Instead, as preeminence for the company, these flavours are 100% naturally extracted from tobacco leaves. Even the Menthol Blend is 100% naturally extracted, with no artificial flavours at all, as it is delivered through the cold extraction process.

Black Note E-liquid

100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco

Black Note regards the delivery of blends that carry their own flavour notes of primary importance. Each blend carries all the hidden notes of the carefully selected tobacco varieties. It is an ideal balance of bold, robust and subtle notes. This is mainly achieved by selecting what is known as the best method of extraction. A cold maceration process which is a six to eight weeks proprietary method that does not involve the use of heat for the extraction. This way, the signature flavours of the tobacco blends are protected, as much as possible, to bring out even the most delicate tobacco essences.


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Quality Tobacco Selection

Black Note pays equal attention to the selection of only the very best seeds from different growing areas and different tobacco varieties that will enhance and bring out all the depth in the flavour. Their aim is to create blends that actually taste like tobacco, with no artificial flavours or chemical additives involved.

Like a musical masterpiece that takes a lot of time to be brought to perfection and, however much great it is, it only becomes integrated as a symphony played by different musical instruments. It is this great music that takes so much time to compose, the music that is perfect because the sound of it is a perfect balance of crescendos and decrescendos that acted as an inspiration behind the Black Note brand name.

Black Note E-liquid

Presentation And Packaging

Although it is the quality of the product that matters the most, I cannot help but praise enough the excellent presentation of the packaging. Each blend comes in a bottle that definitely reveals the thoughtfulness behind the marketing and all the blends together are delivered in a delicate box, designed to the last detail. When I received my package I was delightful with the presentation and the way that each unique Black Note bottle was placed in it. It is just like when you receive an aged bottle of Scotch that has been waiting for years until you open it and taste it to the last drop!

The Making Of Black Note E-liquid

The making of Black Note e-liquid is a lengthy process that takes 2-3 years in order to deliver an exquisite product. Black Note describes on their website all the different stages that take place, in order to compose their own musical symphony, a 100% natural blend. The selection of the tobacco variety, the way leaves grow and how they are cured, the moistening, conditioning and aging process, the blending, the natural extraction process and finally the bottling and packaging. Each of these stages is as important as the next one in order to achieve an exceptional result. Black Note is based in California, U.S. but they also have an expert team in Italy that consists of connoisseurs regarding the tangible product, the tobacco extraction and the e-liquid blends.

Black Note lab results

Black Note Lab Report

Black Note voluntarily discloses the lab reports onto their website and you can check it here. You should not expect to find any artificial substances such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein, acetoin, or, as the company very rightly states, anything that is hard to pronounce. Diketones are artificial flavourings used in e-liquids to give a caramel-like flavour (eg. a popcorn flavour) and are dangerous for causing serious lung diseases. The Black Note e-liquid does not include any flavouring that is tempting for kids, for obvious safety reasons. These flavours have been characterized by FDA as ‘appealing to minors’.


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Coil Protection and Longer Lifespan

Because of the premium quality of the Black Note blends, they do not cause any build-up to your coils. As Black Note claims, there is no ‘gunk-factor’ here, meaning that their e-liquids are coil friendly. Therefore, as the coils will not be degraded as fast as they do with synthetic e-liquids, the coil lifespan will be longer and better. You can check this yourself, as you will notice that Black Note e-liquids, because they are naturally extracted, they are not so thick like other e-liquids. They also don’t contain the chemicals other e-liquids do. This offers better protection for your coils and you can refill your tank more times, before replacing your coil with a new one.

Black Note Flavors

The Black Note E-liquid Flavors

The Black Note fine selection features six exquisite blends of ‘instrumental’ flavours that compose a perfect symphony.

  • Quartet: A rare Syria Latakia blendBlack Note Natural Tobacco

A rare, robust blend that comes from Syria Latakia varieties. Tobacco is sun-cured and then smoke-cured to create an exquisite peppery, smoked and woodsy taste. Latakia was a port in Syria that was an important market for sun-cured, smoke-cured tobacco before World War II, hence the name of this variety was born.  The smoke that is used to cure the tobacco is quite heavy, but the process leads to delicate and smooth aromas.

After curing the tobacco under the sun in tightly sealed barns, it is smoke-cured under controlled fires of Greek juniper, indigenous aromatic herbs, Aleppo pine, Lebanon Cedar and Valonia oak. Earth is playing its part as a foundation for the tobacco to nurture and oxygen delivers the symphony of aromatic notes through the smoke-curing process. The end result is a robust, strong but full of flavours blend. It is possibly an all-day vape for only a few people and due to its complexity, it is possibly better when vaped with a lower-than-your-usual nicotine level. This is a bold, adult blend with a peppery, smoky, real tobacco flavour.

  •  Prelude: A Virginia tobacco blend

This Virginia tobacco variety has grown the foot of the Italian Alps. The curing process involves gradually reducing heat and allows all the natural sweetness from the sugars and resins of the tobacco to be derived. The Prelude Blend has a naturally sweet, smooth, subtle and not too complex aroma. This is a delicious blend that will be appreciated by former light-smokers and even pipe smokers. It can easily be used as an all-day vape due to its smooth qualities.

  • Forte: A Burley tobacco blend

Tobacco has been harvested from the fertile volcanic soils around Naples, sun-cured, shade-dried and then air-cured. Due to this procedure, the vapour liquid is a sweet and strong but not overpowering blend of burley tobacco. A rich but subtle flavour that can be used as an all-day vape for former smokers.

  • Sonata: A Cavendish tobacco blend

Dark Virginia tobacco has been fired and then steamed to create a wonderful blend that is as intense as it is sweet and full of flavours. A great smooth flavour that is neither strong nor overpowering. It can definitely be used as an all-day vape for most, like all the Black Note e-liquids.

  • Legato: A Kentucky tobacco blend

An earthy and smooth blend from tobacco that has been harvested from the slopes of Tuscany and then flue-cured by a slow process that allows all natural resins and earthy and nutty mild aromas to be released. Subtly sweet but robust flavour, this is possibly better enjoyed when vaping with lower than usual nicotine levels.

  • Solo: A menthol tobacco blend

A Virginia tobacco blend that is enhanced with fresh menthol extract. Nothing is artificial here: as with all other Black Note e-liquids, the menthol flavour is derived from mint leaves. This is a refreshing menthol flavour that will most possibly excite menthol lovers who are looking for a bright but smooth flavour.

Black Note’s Premium Boxes:

  • Classical Notebook: Try premium e-juices

The selection includes four (4) 10 ml bottles of the following flavours: Prelude, Sonata, Forte and Legato

  • Instrumentol: The ultimate tobacco e-juice box that includes five 10ml bottles of Prelude, Legato, Sonata, Forte and Solo (menthol).

Note: The Quartet is available only in the 30ml bottle. Until the end of October 2016, the Black Note line of e-liquids consisted of three more blends: Adagio, Bravura and Cadenza. Although these delicious blends have been much loved by customers, they have been discontinued ‘due to sheer necessity’ that has been caused by the strictness of FDA regulations. The call to comply as soon as possible means that many companies might have to pair down their offerings.

Nicotine Levels And PG/VG Ratio

Each Black Note blend comes in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio that offers a perfect balance between flavour, throat hit and vapor clouds. The nicotine levels available are 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%. The blends are extracted in Italy, bottled in California and sold all over the world, in 30ml bottles.

Availability, Shipping and Returns

Black Note is one out of only a few companies that actually show their care to the loyal customer. And this is how:

  • They have totally free shipping within the continental U.S.
  • This is one, out of only a few, companies that is happy to pay for return shipping i.e. return of their e-liquid are free if you are not fully satisfied.

Black Note also has its own vaping blog, where you can get news and updates regarding vaping. If these do not mean that they actually feel responsible about customer satisfaction, then what does?

Black Note Price

The Black Note e-liquid comes in a 30ml bottle and it costs $29, except for the rare blend of Syria Latakia Quartet that costs $39 for the same size, if you wish to buy them separately. If you want to try them out first, you have the option of buying 4-5 10ml bottles which are included in The Classical Notebook selection of four 10ml bottles and costs $39, while the Instrumentol Sample Box of five 10ml bottles costs $49.

 I was glad to see that Black Note deems the rewarding of its customers very important. How? By rewarding them. By referring Black Note to a friend, you can earn $10 customer reward points if you share with a friend and they become customers. Also, you get reward points by registering onto their website, reviewing their products and making purchases. They can even send over your e-liquid with a customized label, free of charge.

Black Note

Final Verdict

The Black Note e-liquid selection consists of premium tobacco e-juices that are suitable for all day vaping. Their high quality easily shows as subtle, smooth flavours are released, when vaping. Black Note uses a cold, maceration process that keeps all the essences from the tobacco unharmed and untouched, so you can taste real tobacco when you vape. Moreover, using Black Note’s e-liquids expands the life of your coils and you can use them for more re-fillings, thus you save money.

I ordered the Instrumenthol Sample Box which contains 5 e-liquids, the Solo, Prelude, Sonata, Legato and Forte. After trying all of them, I found that my favourite e-liquid is the Legato because it is very delicate, while the Forte is the strongest of all. I loved all the flavors and even I am not a Menthol fan, the Solo was one of the best menthol flavors I have tasted.

Pricewise, they are sold as premium juices and that means a higher price tag. Their all natural consistence though, as well as the exceptional and sometimes rare quality of tobacco varieties that have been used, can justify a higher cost. High quality and lack of artificial flavourings should be the normal for all e-liquid companies in the market. For the time being though, it is not. As more and more companies will have to comply soon with the strict FDA regulations, competition between them will definitely grow and good quality will hopefully prevail. Until that time, the Black Note selection will most possibly continue featuring e-liquids that are worth paying a bit more. This is the case where you get what you pay for and in the end you are very happy with it and ready to order again!


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