The Kanger Emus Starter Kit Review

The Kanger Emus Starter Kit Intro:

The Kanger Emus Starter kit features a pen style, slim and elegant clearomizer that offers a great portability, due to its lightweight and size. On the same time it features a good battery (550mAh) that can last during the day. This kit truly fills a gap in the market for the light to medium smokers who want to enter a smoke-free world but care more about the quality of vaping and are not after the huge clouds.

The kit comes with two Emus Clearomizers, 2 Emus Batteries, one pack of bottom coil heads for replacement, a wall adapter, a USB cable, a user manual and a gift box. The kit is an excellent choice for first time vapers. The only thing not included in the kit is the e-liquid, so have in mind that you will need to purchase your own e-liquid separately.


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About KangerTech

KangerTech is a Chinese brand that is regarded as a leader in the E-cigarette technology. Although the company has its headquarters in China, KangerTech is considered to dominate the market because of its high quality products and the strict quality control standards it complies to.  When you are buying a KangerTech product you know that you are buying a reliable product that has passed CE, ROHS standards and certifications in the E.U. and worldwide and meets the standards of the ISO14000. The latter consists of a family of standards for companies looking to manage and perform well in their environmental responsibilities.

The Kangertech Emus kit

Kangertech Emus Design

The Kanger Emus Starter kit features the same style as the Kanger Evod, with a bottom coil heating system. What is the difference between bottom and top coil heating systems? Although it comes down to personal preference, a bottom coil system might be easier to use and produce a richer and cooler vapour than a top coil system. The size of the e-cig is between a KR808 and an eGo, with more portability than the eGo but with a bit lesser than that of the KR808.

Although being smaller than the eGo, Kanger Emus manages to produce an excellent performance which is of a similar league. Its performance can also be compared to the one from Evod, still its size is more compact than the latter. The dual coil will ensure the best quality of vapour that you can get for this size of e-cig. And when the coil head dies, you only need to replace the head of the coil. The Emus replacement coils are not the same as the ones of the Evod.

The small size of the Emus means that the capacity of the clearomizers in e-liquid is also reduced – each clearomizer holds only 1.3ml of e-liquid. Therefore, this is not possibly the e-cig that you would choose to use if you do not want to refill often. But it is a great choice for the first-time light to moderate user, who wants a sleek design to use on the go, in an affordable price and a good performance for this category.

The Kanger Emus comes in a choice of 2 colours, black and stainless. It also features a removable mouthpiece.

Emus kit by Kangertech


The battery of the Kanger Emus is fully compatible with the Kanger Evod Clearomizer. However, featuring a 510 and an eGo threading, the clearomizer can work with almost any eGo battery. You can even use a 650mAh battery.

The Kanger Emus starter kit contains 2 batteries which will come precharged. Of course it is always better if you charge them yourself for a few hours, before using them. There is a safety feature included that ensures the device will not turn on accidentally whilst being for e.g. in your pocket, or turn off for any reason when you do not want it. There is a power button that you have to press 5 times quickly in order to turn it on/off.

Emus tank by Kanger

Kanger Emus Tank

The Kanger Emus Starter kit comes with two metal tip replaceable clearomizers. Each one of them holds a capacity of 1.2ml of e-liquid. Thus, the user will find that he will have to refill quite often, compared to a tank that holds 3ml-4ml of e-juice. As the battery is quite good regardless of the compact size, its lifespan before charging will outlast the refill time.


As described above, the Kanger Emus Starter kit is suitable for a user with a light to moderate use, but cloud chasing is not what he is after. Still though, with a battery of 550mAh, the performance is good, especially when one takes under consideration its compact size. This is a product designed especially for newcomers in the e-cig world who want a stylish and portable product.

The Kangertech Emus box

The Kit

  • (2) EMUS batteries
  • (2) EMUS clearomizers
  • (1) 5 Pack Bottom Replacement Coil Heads
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (1) Wall charger
  • (1) User Manual


  • Battery capacity: 550mAh
  • Charger: 1500Ma
  • Coil Heads: 2.2 Ohm
  • Clearomizer Capacity: 1.2ml


The Kanger Emus Starter kit is a product suitable for new users of e-cigs in a very affordable price. Including everything that you need, apart from the e-liquid which you will need to purchase separately, it is sold for $35.95. If you are interested in this kit though, you will need to hurry, as the kit is currently on sale and you save $19.00. The kit is only available from the Apollo U.S. website.


  • Portable and stylish pen-like e-cig
  • Bottom-coil heating system for better vapour production
  • KangerTech product reliability
  • Suitable for new, light to moderate users
  • Battery longevity


  • No e-liquid included
  • Small clearomizer capacity, frequent refill needed
  • Not suitable for cloud chasing or strong vapour

Final Verdict

The Kanger Emus Starter kit is a solid product produced by KangerTech, a leader in e-cigarette manufacturing. The product poses a few limitations, especially regarding its powerfulness. It is not suitable for a user who is after cloud chasing or strong vapour. For its compact size and portability though, the product performs really well and if you are after a stylish product that you can easily carry around but do not mind refilling quite often, this might be a product you want to try.


save 35% on the Kanger Emus kit - Buy for $35.95

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