The Kangertech Evod Starter Kit Review

The Kangertech Evod Starter Kit:

The KangerTech Evod Starter Kit is one of the most popular and classic models that Kanger has released to date and one that has really contributed to the success of the company within an extremely competitive market. The success of the product is mainly attributed to its versatility. It boasts a handful of characteristics like a carefully engineered solid construction, a compact size, aesthetically pleasing looks, ease of use, ease of maintenance and competitive price.

KangerTech is a Chinese manufacturer that also stands as a leader in the e-cig industry, due to the high quality of its products and the strict EC and worldwide standards and ISO that it complies with.

The Kanger Evod Review

The Kanger Evod Starter Kit features 2 sleek Evod Clearomizers with a bottom changeable coil head, 2 Evod batteries that offer an impressive performance of 650mAh, a USB charger, a wall charger and a User Manual. The kit does not contain any e-liquid. Kanger has also produced a kit specifically for E.U. users, featuring an E.U. plug.


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The Kanger Evod features an eGo threading. This means the kit is perfect for newbies who want to use a simple and straightforward device and might have been using disposable e-cigs until now. But it is also perfect for more experienced users who have the possibility to use the existing setup and attach it to any 510 devices. Experienced user who are after more power can take a look at the Endeavor or the Valiant kit

The Evod has a nice compact size and features a very elegant design. It has a matte finish and is available in six colours (black, stainless steel, purple, yellow and blue). Therefore, it can cover all needs depending on your style. In terms of the construction materials of the clearomizer, its base is stainless ensuring the durability of the product, while its main part is coated.

Kangertech Evod - Ecigtopia


The Evod features a detachable bottom coil head and metal base. The kit includes a set of 5 bottom coil heads. When the one attached dies out, you can attach another one by only replacing the head. You do not need to replace the metal base. Now, why would you go for a bottom coil head? A main advantage is that the wicks will keep moist and saturated with e-juice at all times. Therefore, the bottom coil setup is suitable for users who do not like dry throat hits. Also, the superb quality of the Kanger products means that an excellent vapour is produced at all times.

Another plus is that you only need to replace the coil heads and not the entire clearomizer. By replacing only the coil heads and not the clearomizer, like in the prefilled cartridges, the cost will be significantly less and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. The clearomizer is also absolutely easy and straightforward to refill.

Kanger 1300mAh Evod power


The Kanger Evod has a 650mAh battery capacity which offers a long-lasting performance. The battery is customized for the Kanger Evod clearomizer. If you prefer to use another battery though, the Kanger Evod clearomizer is compatible with almost every eGo battery, offering great versatility. Apart from the eGo threading, there is a 510 threading as well to ensure maximum versatility.

Just to mention the difference between an eGo thread and a 510 thread, an eGo thread is the outside thread part, while the 510 thread is the inside thread part. An eGo thread device is always compatible with all the eGo and 510 devices but a 510 only device is not always compatible with all eGo devices. The Evod offers a safety feature so that your device does not turn on and off whilst not in use. The power button has to be clicked upon 5 times to turn the device on or off.

Evod Clearomizers by Kanger

Kanger Evod Clearomizer

The Kanger Evod Starter kit comes with two assembled clearomizers. Each one of them can hold 1.6 ml of juice. This means that together with the battery capacity of 650mAh, the e-cig can hold strong during the day without needing to refill or recharge. Obviously, this will depend on your vaping style as well. If you are a heavy vaper you will definitely need your extra battery and clearomizer to keep you going through the day.

The clearomizer features a small discreet transparent window on the side that enables you to easily check the remaining e-liquid amount, without having to unscrew the device or guess.

How To Refill

This is a great product offering ease of use. It is really simple and straightforward to refill the clearomizer, just follow the steps below:

  1. With the mouthpiece facing the floor, rotate the tank and unscrew its base with a counter-clockwise motion.
  2. Fill the tank with e-liquid, taking care that the latter does not spill into the centre hole.
  3. Screw back the base to the tank.
  4. Bring the tank upright and use.
  5. Before using let the e-liquid saturate the coil for 5 minutes.


Another great spec is the continuous output of 3.7 Volts of the battery. Until the time when you will need to recharge your battery, the quality of the vapour produced will be consistent and steady and not declining while the battery is dying out. The dual bottom coil design also ensures a smooth, moist and steady quality of vapour. This is an ideal kit for new or more experienced users.

The Kit

  • (2) EVOD batteries
  • (2) EVOD clearomizers
  • (1) 5 Pack Bottom Replacement Coil Heads
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (1) Wall charger
  • (1) User Manual


  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Charger: 1500Ma
  • Coil Heads: 2.5 Ohm
  • Clearomizer Capacity: 1.6ml


The Kanger Evod is currently on sale. Its price is $25.95 (you save $24.00). Considering that this kit is really versatile and includes almost everything you will need (apart from e-liquid), we can say that the kit is truly a value for money.


  • Highly Versatile: compact, stylish and competitive price
  • Lasting battery performance
  • E.U. adapter included for European customers
  • Bottom coil design ensures a moist throat hit
  • Great versatility due to eGo and 510 threading
  • Product suitable for new and experienced users
  • Steady and consistent vapour produced
  • Good clearomizer capacity of 1.6ml


  • No e-liquid included

Final Verdict

The KangerTech Evod Starter Kit features a handful of great points. Great construction, versatility, portability, good e-liquid quality, steady vapour flow, affordable price and ease of use and maintenance. It is an excellent product for beginners or more experienced users that seek all the above features into one device.


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