The Njoy Daily Review

The Njoy Daily:

The Njoy Daily review gave us the opportunity to test a disposable electronic cigarette that has the look of a typical cig-a-like. It is very light when you hold it in your hand or placed in your mouth and this makes vaping with Daily a real pleasure. Njoy Daily has a nice, elegant design, it is discreet and makes you feel comfortable when you are out with people.

About Njoy

Njoy is one of the biggest, independent and well established e-cig companies in the U.S. and they have a reputation for the quality products they deliver. It is a private held company and their goal is to maintain, with consistency, the quality of their products at the same high level they are now. They also have a big range of e-liquids, all blended, produced and manufactured in the U.S.A.

We were very impatient for the Njoy Daily review to take place, as we had some very good feedback for all the Njoy products. This was our first review of the Njoy e-cigarettes and there will be more updates on the Njoy product line.

The Daily Disposable

Njoy created a disposable for beginners and people who want to make an easy switch from smoking to vaping. The Daily is designed to offer its user the sense that he is using a real cigarette, so the transition from real cigarettes to e-cigs is really smooth and simple.

The Flavors

The Daily comes in four flavors, Classic Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, Menthol Cool and Blue – BlackBerry. We tried the Classic Tobacco and the Blue – Blackberry and they were both fantastic. The first one has a rich, thick taste which brings back in your memory the time you used to smoke regular cigarettes and the Blueberry gives you nice and full throat hits while it leaves a taste of sweetness in your mouth. A highly recommended flavor that will excite you.

Njoy uses 50/50, PG/VG concentration for the Daily electronic cigarette which seems to be ideal for getting nice throat hits and a rich flavor. The experience of vaping with the Daily gets better, as it features a soft tip that simulates, in the best way, the sense of smoking a traditional cigarette.

The Daily Battery

The Daily has a descent battery life which will usually give you a few hours of vaping, during the day. If you are a light to average smoker (about a pack per day) and we assume that you take a break every hour to have a few puffs, then a Daily cigarette is a great way to enter the rising vaping community. If you are a heavy smoker (more than 2 packs per day) then you will need two Daily e-cigs per day, which I wouldn’t recommended because your daily vaping cost will go very high. If this is the case, probably you will need to move on to some other types of e-cigs, like the Njoy Recharge, the Njoy Convenience Vaping or even the Njoy Custom Vaping.


Have in mind that the Daily disposable has a very big nicotine concentration, reaching 45mg or 4.5% if you prefer. If you consider that an average heavy smoker uses nicotine from 12mg to 18mg then you can have an idea about the throat hits you can get from your Daily e-cigarette. In fact, the Daily is ideal if you want to have some short breaks from your work and take a few quick hits. It uses the QuickVapor technology which gives you rich flavor, thick clouds and extends the battery life of your electronic cigarette.

After vaping with the Daily for about 4 weeks, I have to say I am amazed with the simplicity and the performance of this cig-a-like. It has a descent battery life, good throat hits for this category of e-cigs and a full, rich flavor. The Daily disposable has an elegant and stylish design and it is very portable to take it out with you everywhere and vape with discretion.

The Kit

The Njoy Daily comes in four flavors and, even though I tried just the two of them, I am eager to order the other two as well because I know that they will be also great. I am very curious especially about the Menthol Cool as I have very good feedback about it. Njoy offers you a variety of options and you can buy from 1-pack to a 100-pack of Daily cigarettes. One pack is basically 1 Daily electronic cigarette and you can have a 5-pack, a 20-pack or a 100-pack. A nice suggestion on my side would be to get a 5-pack or a 20-pack with different flavors, to begin with and see what you like and suits you the most.

Final Verdict

If I was a beginner I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the Njoy Daily as my every day disposable because I think it gives you the chance to make a smooth switch from smoking to vaping, in no time. The only thing I would like to be improved is the number of the Daily flavors. If we had some more options in picking other flavors as well, it would be great!

Besides that, our final estimation, after finishing the Njoy Daily review, is that the Njoy Daily is one of the best and most satisfying options in the market for someone that wants to quit smoking and start vaping instantly. If you are a heavy smoker or you want to move to a more advanced level of vaping, with more power, bigger clouds and a more clear taste, then you should check some more advanced kits like the Njoy Recharge or the Njoy Convenience Vaping.

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