The Phantom X UFO V2 E-cig – By Mig Vapor

The Phantom X UFO V2 E-cig

The Phantom X UFO v2 e-cig is an extremely durable and resilient device which utilizes the best technology to produce the best vaping components. This is the case where Mig Vapor collaborates with Kangertech, a top manufacturer, to produce the UFO tank, made from surgical stainless steel and Pyrex glass. This tank can withstand high temperatures to produce a powerful vapour and a rich, clean flavour.

This is an advanced tank for experienced users who want some control of their vaping. Its powerful and impressive performance lies on the following characteristics: Variable Wattage from 3Watts to 15Watts, airflow control, Pyrex glass tank, made from Kanger, a 1600mAh battery and optimized coil resistance. All these together contribute to the creation of a hearty vapour and strong flavour.


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About Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is an American company based in Florida. They collaborate with top manufacturers and engineers to produce the highest quality products. Nevertheless, they have a nice line of products, starter kits and accessories and their website can be a one-stop shop for their products. They have come a long way and have definitely made big effort towards the production of quality devices. They have also updated their website into a really nice, simple and sophisticated website.

If you are interested in their products, you can find their analytical descriptions on their website and order them through there. They deliver their products internationally and shipping is free in the U.S. for orders over $75.

Mig Vapor UFO V2 e-cig

The Kit

The Phantom X UFO v2 e-cig includes everything you need and is one of the best kits from Mig Vapor.

This is what you will find in the kit:

  • (1) Phantom X ecig battery of 1600mAh
  • (1) Kangertech pyrex glass tank of 2.8ml
  • (1) stainless steel tank
  • A bottom dual coil inserted
  • (1) 5-Pack of replacement coils
  • (1) 30ml e-liquid bottle
  • (1) instruction leaflet
  • Video directions in the Mig Vapor website
  • (1) Power USB cable
  • (1) Soft Carry case



  • Battery capacity: 1600mAh
  • Battery wattage: 3W-15W (variable wattage)
  • Coil resistance: 1.8Ohm
  • Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) clearomizer
  • LED screen that reads wattage and ohms
  • LED indicator showing battery level
  • USB cable compatible with phantom X battery only
  • Safety features includes five-click on and off
  • Compatible with Mig Vapor Stinger tank, SR72 tank and UFO tank
  • Stainless steel is available in black or white
  • eGo adapter
  • air-flow control
  • 510 threads
E-liquids by Mig Vapor


With the purchase of the Phantom X, Mig Vapor offers for free a 30ml e-liquid bottle in the flavour of your choice. There is a wide selection of flavours available, 29 in total, including: baked vanilla custard, berry beach, blueberry, Caribbean freeze (menthol), Colombian coffee, cherry zinga, menthol, mocca mint, tobacco junkie.

The nicotine strength ranges from 0% to 2.4% to suit every need: therefore, you may choose from 0%, 0.6% (light), 1.2% (medium), 1.8% (strong) and 2.4% (heavy).

The soft carry case is the same model they have used in other kits as well, a plastic one that resembles an eyewear case. It comes in black, white, cherry or pink colour. There isn’t a wall charger included in the kit, which I think would be a nice addition, especially if you take into consideration the price of the kit that lies on the expensive side. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to have a wall charger but if you would like to add one, it costs $7.95.

The kit comes with a small leaflet with directions, regarding the tank and some simple pictures to help you understand what the small accessories included with the tank are.

Kanger UFO V2

The Kanger UFO v2 Tank

Mig Vapor has paid a lot of attention into this kit and has therefore offered some well-thought accessories with it.

The tank is a high quality, durable, level 4 Pyrex Glass tank made from Kanger, one of the top manufacturers in the e-cig industry. Included on the kit, is a ‘collar ring’ which is needed for an eGo battery, used as a transition for the lines of the tank to the battery. Apart from the Pyrex glass tank, Mig Vapor has also included a stainless steel tank which you can use to replace the glass tank in cases where you might want to prevent any accidental dropping of the tank on the floor, for example on a night out.

The Kanger UFO tank has a 1.8 Ohm dual bottom coil installed, but there is also an extra coil included in the kit (apart from the extra 5-pack replacement coils included as well). Extra coils are sold separately from the Mig Vapor website for $13.99 for a pack of 5 dual coil replacements. The Phantom X UFO v2 kit features airflow control with which you can control how tight you would like your draw to be. As with every tank, you will need to be careful when you are filling it with e-liquid, so that you do not spill any e-liquid accidentally into the centre hole. In case this happens, then leakage of e-juice might occur while you are vaping.

Mig Vapor Phantom UFO kit

The Battery

The Mig Vapor Phantom X UFO v2 comes with a Phantom battery of 1600mAh capacity. The battery kit includes an eGo adapter, which makes it compatible with tanks such as the SR72. The device turns on and off with five quick clicks. This is a safety feature that prevents it from firing accidentally when not in use. Full instructions of how to use it are included.

The most distinctive feature of the Phantom e-cig is the variable wattage. There is a LED screen onto the battery that shows the wattage set and the resistance in Ohm. The wattage can be set from 3W to 15W. This is not a sub ohm vaping kit and if you are interested in that kind of vaping, there is a selection of devices available from Mig Vapor. You can adjust the wattage to your preference by rotating the base of the battery.

Air holes are cleverly positioned onto the sides of the battery in order to prevent overheating.  Another well-thought feature is the LED light that indicates the level of the battery charge. The battery comes in a black glossy or a silver colour.


The high quality components of the Mig Vapor Phantom X UFO v2 e-cig really help all the flavours from your e-liquid come forward. The vapour produced is powerful and thick. If you prefer a lighter vape though, the magic of this device is that you can adjust it through the wattage control and the air flow control.

The price of the Mig Vapor Phantom X UFO v2 e-cig kit is $119.95, it includes everything needed for your vaping and also accessories that will facilitate your experience. If I had to say something I dislike about the Phantom X kit, this would be its price, as it is more expensive than other e-cigs in this category. Although it does not come cheap, this is a high performance device with built quality. It also offers extra 5-pack atomizers included and free e-liquid. Moreover, Mig Vapor offers free shipping for orders more than $75.

Mig Vapor Phantom X kit


There is a 90-day warranty for hardware (for example batteries, chargers, adapters and pass-through’s) and a maximum limit of three replacements of the same product.

If you are unhappy with your product, Mig Vapor offers a 30-day full money back guarantee which is applicable only for starter kits.  Unfortunately, no returns or refunds are available on international orders.

Final Verdict

The Mig Vapor Phantom X UFO v2 e-cig kit is an eGo style device suitable for all users who would like a level of control, but not the bulk of Mods. Its most impressive features are its well-built and durable components, variable wattage and a good battery in terms of performance. It includes everything you need to start vaping and although I didn’t like the fact it does not come cheap, users with high expectations will really enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping by and reading our complete review on the Phantom X. For any questions you might have, please leave a comment or send an email at


Earn 10% on your next order - Free shipping over $75

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