The Space Jam E-liquid Review – Is It Really That Good?

The Space Jam E-liquid Intro:

Today we will be reviewing some flavors from the Space Jam e-liquid selection to find out whether they have to offer something different and unique in the vaping community.

Space Jam was founded in 2012 in California. Initially, it offered a very limited number of flavours which were enough though, to make the company jump into a status of intergalactic success, because they were very good. From that time on, Space Jam e-liquid can be found almost everywhere and it is most possible that you have already tried one of their flavours or at least heard of it.

Is it great marketing that has taken the company to such great heights of success? Or is it that they offer a very good product, indeed? I believe it is a combination of both, but definitely, one does not rule out the other. Space Jam boasts that they offer an out of this world product, in terms of flavour. Indeed, their 3-4 flavours that have helped them gain so many loyal customers and which we review today, are still as good and ahead of the market as they were when they were first released.


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Brand Name

Space Jam has managed to build a strong brand name, as well. The Space Jam name implies that the vapour liquid is out of this world, perfect, one that will become your favourite when you try. Along with the catchy name, come the names of each vapour liquid.  Following an integrated approach, each e-liquid borrows its name from planets or astronomical events: Andromeda, Pluto, Eclipse etc. Which reminds me of the Cyclops Vapor e-liquid, a company that gives its e-liquids names from the Greek Mythology like the Athena and Poseidon e-liquids.

The Space Jam profile flavour is not specific, in that in their small selection of ten e-juices, you will find fruity, dessert-like, tobacco and refreshing vapes, or vapes that are mix of the previous.

Space Jam Flavors

Space Jam E-liquid Specifications

Space Jam e-juice proudly claims to have the highest quality for handcrafted e-liquids. The taste is there to prove it, but there is no information shared regarding exact ingredients. Apart from pharmaceutical grade PG, VG, there is pharmaceutical grade nicotine and flavourings which are either imported or domestic and all these are bottled in the U.S. to produce a delectable vapour liquid.

E-liquids are offered in various nicotine levels: 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml and 18mg/ml. The PG/VG ratio is 50/50 respectively. Some e-liquids are now offered in a high VG version, which means bigger clouds, less harsh throat hit and more sweetness. Nowadays, e-liquid companies, like Halo and Mad Hatter, release, in parallel with their basic series, some high VG liquids. The Space Jam e-liquid is offered in two sizes: 15ml or 30ml glass bottle with dropper.

Space Jam Flavors

The Space Jam e-liquids are fruity, dessert-like, refreshing or include tobacco. All in all, the company offers a selection of 10 e-liquids. Although it sounds a quite small number, the flavour profiles are quite complex. None of them is a single-ingredient flavour or has a flat flavour, which means that the chances to find a few delicious e-juices, are big. We tried some flavours and we would be happy ordering again most of them.

  • Andromeda: This is the one flavour that took Space Jam in stellar heights of success. Including pomegranate and blueberry, the description sounds quite simplistic compared to the depth of this flavour in reality. This is a fruit flavour, but the blueberries give all the sweetness, while the pomenagrate, being tangy and exotic, makes this vape a very refreshing one.
  • Omega: Space Jam liquid made of peaches and cream. Described as made of flavouring of natural peach, this appears true as far as the refreshing, cool, tangy and not very sweet taste is concerned.
  • Astro: A blend of strawberries, apple and peaches. A smooth one as far as throat hit is concerned, this is definitely an all-day vape. The taste is light, fruity and refreshing, with no particular flavour taking centre stage. This is no strong flavour as far as richness is concerned. This is a light, subtle fruity vape.
  • Pluto: Pluto is a melon blend. Refreshing watermelon, sweet and juicy cantaloupe, floral sweet honeydew melon. A bubblegum flavour on the exhale gives a twist to the flavour. Subtle mint notes are also added to balance and refresh. The primary flavour notes are that of watermelon. Mint is truly subtle. I am not big on bubblegum flavour, although it was not overwhelming; it was not one that I especially liked, either. Flavour is a very distinctive element here, if you are big on flavours and like watermelon vapes, you should give this one a try.
  • Eclipse: This is a taste that will appeal to pipe lovers. Blended with Cavendish tobacco and sweet vanilla custard, the initial taste is that of vanilla with soft, tobacco flavour notes following shortly. This gave me a quite harsh throat hit, and although the flavour is quite smooth, this is a vapour liquid I would use every once in a while.

Price and Availability

Regarding the price, Space Jam e-juice is on par with premium e-liquids. This means that it is quite expensive for everyday use, but then, some might regard that the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here. As with any other vaping company, you will find that not all of its flavours will appeal to you. But the ones that are done well are indeed done well and will most possibly appeal to most.

The most cost-effective price we have found is $21.99 for a 30ml bottle and you can get it for $19.79 if you click the links below and use promo code: ECIGTOPIA. The 15ml bottle costs $11.99 and after the discount you can get it for $10.79. Getting the bigger size will save around 10% but you are given the option of getting the smaller size first and see whether you like it or not. Space Jam does not sell vapour liquids directly through their website, but through reliable e-shops.

Final Verdict

Space Jam e-liquids have developed a strong brand name based on two factors: a unique and integrated marketing image and a premium quality of flavours. Pricewise, their e-liquids are on the expensive side. The company could possibly offer some incentives to make e-liquid more affordable, such as a rewards programme or save when you buy in bulk. Other than that, we were sold on the company’s creative mind and clear vision.

It is difficult to forget a good Space Jam flavour, the premium blend quality and the unique taste will be there to remind you.


Get 10% off, use Promo Code: ECIGTOPIA – Buy 30ml for $19.79 at VAPORDNA.COM

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