V2 Cigs Standard Kit Review

V2 Cigs Standard Kit Review:

Today, after having tested the V2 Standard kit, the time came for me to upload my V2 Cigs Standard Kit review. The V2 products came in a well presented package. For all their products that are flavour-cartridge packed, there is an expiration date, so you know that everything you purchase is indeed fresh. Each product will come sealed, so you know it will not get damaged during shipping, and hygiene is ensured as well.

 The V2 Standard kit is their suggestion both for beginners into the vaping world, or for a more casual use for more advanced users. We consider the casual ex-smoker as the light to moderate user who wants an easy and straightforward means to start vaping. Something more advanced though than the disposable cig-a-likes, but which can offer quite a good vapour and on the same time have a good size and build. As the V2 kit includes everything that you need, you won’t need to buy anything separately, at least not with your initial purchase.

If you read our review on the ‘V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit’, you will understand that the two kits are very similar in their philosophy and contents of the package, but the E-liquid Kit comes with a clearomizer whereas the Standard kit comes with cartridges.

V2 Standard kit

The V2 Standard Kit

  • 10 V2 cartridges with 2 different flavours
  • 2 Vapour2 batteries (U.S. website: choice of automatic or manual battery – 1 each or 2 of the same, U.K. website: one automatic and one manual battery)
  • A wall adapter
  • A smart charger
  • A user manual


  • Colours: Black, blue, pink, stainless steel, white
  • Battery model: V2 classic battery
  • Battery capacity: 150 / 250 / 380 mAh
  • Voltage: 4.2V


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The Flavors

The V2 Standard kit actually comprises of two main parts: the flavour cartridge and the battery. The flavours come in cherry, chocolate, coffee, cola, congress, grape, menthol, green tea menthol, peppermint, red tobacco, sahara and vanilla. You can also choose the nicotine strength, which ranges from 0 to 2.4 in increments of 0.6 (U.S. and U.K websites) or from 0 to 1.8 (E.U. website).

V2 Cigs Standard Plus

Other Kits

Unlike other companies who build their products depending on their performance but they only have a few limited sub-lines that offer more accessories for the same performance, V2 E-Cigarettes offers 5 main series of products based on performance while each one of them comes in a few different kits based on the amount of accessories it includes.

Based on this philosophy, V2 offers the V2 Standard Plus kit. The Standard Plus kit is exactly the same as the Standard kit, but it also offers a portable charging case which can charge a battery up to 4 times before you need to plug your batteries into a wall outlet. Plus, this ultra portable case has space for 2 flavour cartridges and a standard or short battery. The V2 Standard Plus is available in the U.K. website.

And if you want even more, then the ultimate experience in this series is the V2 Ultimate kit. The Ultimate kit comes with 3 batteries, 25 cartridges which you can choose to fill with up to 5 flavours, an XL portable charging case which can fit even the V2 XL batteries (see description below), a high quality metal carry-case, a lanyard to carry your V2 safely around your neck, a wall adapter, a smart charger, a 2 amp car charger, a user manual and a power cig. The latter is a wired (6 ft) e-cig which you can plug into your pc’s USB port, screw a cartridge onto it and vape! As it is not subject on power degradation, it produces consistent vapour and can also be used with your car’s adapter. With this kit, you will not need anything else for a long time. It is more expensive, but you will not worry about charging your batteries all the time and their quality will degrade much later. The V2 Ultimate kit is available in the U.K. website.

The V2 Power Cig is a gadget that is also sold separately for $19.95 and it is definitely worth buying, as you can use it when you are at home or at the office and save your batteries only for when you are on the go. Plus, it also includes a 5 pack of flavoured cartridges.

V2 Cigs

About V2 Cigs

Vapour2 E-cigarettes is an American company that regularly features in reviews as one of the leading and most popular e-cigarette companies. They offer a wide range of products sure to cover different tastes. Although they do not produce their own product, they claim to have a strict product control and in order to prove this, each product comes with a batch number which you simply type in onto the website and you find out its ingredients. The company delivers its products to Europe, Africa, India, Middle East and Russia. Also, they have a website for customers from Czech Republic and Slovakia. They offer a customer service by phone 6 days per week and for each product you order, they let you know exactly when it is going to be shipped.

V2 Standard battery

The V2 Standard Battery

The V2 Standard kit contains 2 V2 Classic batteries and you can choose your preferred colour, length and power switch. The battery comes in a blue, white, black or pink colour or stainless steel. Regarding the battery length, it comes in short, standard and long. The short 150mAh battery (2.63in=6.68cm) will produce approximately 160puffs, the standard 250mAh battery (3.11in=7.9cm) will produce approximately 200 puffs and the long 380mAh battery (4.3in=10.92cm) will produce around 300 puffs. After testing though, the standard battery did only produce around 150 puffs before needing recharging.

Regarding the battery life, you should expect the 150mAh short battery to roughly last around 3-4 hours. If you are a light to moderate user, it may last even more. Having two batteries in the kit means that you can keep them both charged so that they will get you through the day, especially if you are on the go. The battery charger features a smart technology which prevents overheating and charges your batteries in half the time. The battery itself is sturdy and feels good quality and the charger feels the same.

In order to vape, you simply screw one of the flavour cartridges onto the end of the battery and take a puff. Simple as this. Given the option of a manual battery, you can have more control over your vaping. With the manual battery, there is a small rubber button onto the body of the e-cigarette which you have to press in order to vape. In this case, you can have a greater vapour thickness. The users who want their hands free and prefer a more straightforward procedure should go for the automatic battery. Even in this case, you can have a bit more control over your vaping by priming your e-cig. Vapour2 suggests that you simply take a few puffs one after the other before taking a slow and long puff. This way the vapour will be heated to the right temperature in order to create a thick vapour.

A suggestion for those of you who want to enjoy a longer battery life, is a V2 XL Portable Charging Case that can charge up to 8 batteries at one time, including the long ones. It is also ultra portable and you can store 3 flavour cartridges in it. It is currently on sale on the U.K. website and costs £31.95 (you save £8). If you are committed to vaping or maybe you vape quite a lot, this might be the option for you.

V2 Cartridges

The Cartridges

The V2 Standard kit comes with a set of 10-pack cartridges. You can choose two different flavours. V2 offers a wide range of flavours, and I personally like the Congress and the Menthol ones. On the other hand, I did not like the Red Tobacco flavour as it was quite heavy for my liking – I am a moderate user. In general, you should expect from the V2 flavours to be quite potent and strong in flavour.

The V2 cartridges are pre-filled with e-liquid. Each cartridge contains built-in atomizers. Each one of them is roughly equivalent to 1.5 packs of cigarettes. Thus, the 10 cartridges will last for about 15-20 days, depending on how much and often you vape. The company claims that they do not need any maintenance or cleaning as after a while the flavour becomes impotent and then it is time for you to throw them away.

V2 also sells blank cartridges and e-liquids, and you can order these separately. Although you can buy pre-filled cartridges as well, the first solution will cost much less in the long term.


The V2 Standard kit offers the choice of manual or automatic battery, thus, depending on how important a good throat hit is for you, you can go for the manual battery in order to have more control. The V2 liquids are quite potent and strong in flavour. Although this is not a kit for advanced users, I would suggest it as a very good starter kit for a beginner.


The V2 Standard kit costs $39.99 at the time of writing. Considering that it contains everything that you need, including e-liquid for quite a few days, this is definitely a kit you might want to try. Beware that this case will not work with the V2 XL batteries, for which you will have to buy the V2 XL Portable Charging Case separately.

Final Verdict

The V2 Standard kit is an easy solution for either a first time user or a more experienced one who seeks a casual experience. As it comes with pre-filled disposable cartridges and quite a few accessories it includes everything you need to get started. V2 offers a wide selection of e-juices so you should expect to find some to suit your taste. In terms of vapour production, it is quite good, for this category, although we did not like all of the flavours on offer. All in all, this is a good starter kit in a very competitive price and I totally suggest it for a beginner or for a casual vaper.


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