V2 EX Series Starter Kit Review

V2 EX Series Starter Kit:

The V2 EX Series starter kit is a perfect introduction for beginners to the more premium e-cigarette kits. With the EX Series V2 steps up its game, to an already fierce competition between different e-cigarette companies. V2 claims to be the largest online retailer of e-cigarettes and regularly features in reviews as one of the leading and most popular e-cig companies.

They offer a wide range of quality products and each one of them comes with a batch number which you simply type in onto the website and you can find out its specifications. The company offer their services worldwide, as they have a European, a U.K., a U.S. and a Czech and Slovakian website. They also have warehouses in the U.S. and the U.K. In this review, we aim to find out if the V2 EX Series is a more advanced option for a beginner and worth buying.

v2 EX series

V2 EX Series Review

What distinguishes the V2 EX Series from its other series of e-cig or from similar series from other companies, are the following:

  • The EX Series features a 280mAh battery in a slim and portable size and is designed to last almost a whole day
  • The EX Series include cartridges which are filled with a selection of the V2 e-liquid and are carefully designed to last longer than others (each one is designed to produce around 400 puffs)

It is super simple and easy to vape. Each cartridge contains built-in atomizers. You simply screw it onto the battery and vape. V2 EX Series became one of our favorite e-cigs in this category, together with the Epuffer Magnum Snaps and the V1P PCC by JAC Vapour.

V2 Standard Kit EX Series

The V2 EX Series Standard kit is the kit we ordered from V2 and it is one of the company’s best sellers. It costs $59.95 and includes the following:

  • 2 x 5-pack V2 EX e-liquid cartridges with a choice of 2 different flavours
  • 2 Automatic or Manual Vapour2 EX batteries
  • A wall adapter
  • A smart charger
  • A V2 user manual

As we described in our review of the V2 Standard Series, the V2 EX Series starter kits are divided in different series according to the performance of the gadgets they include. Then, each series includes different kits which offer in general the same performance; it is only the number of accessories that changes. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, or if you are vape moderately or heavily and if you prefer a basic or a more premium kit, it is for sure there will be something that will cover your taste. It is only a matter of subjective taste whether you will like their products or not.


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Other V2 EX Series Options

In this philosophy, the V2 EX Series also offers the following options according to the accessories included. The following options are mainly available in the company’s European and English websites.

  • The V2 EX Series Ultimate Kit comes with 3 V2 EX batteries, 25 V2 EX Cartridges which you can choose to fill with up to 5 flavours, an XL portable charging case which can even fit the V2 XL batteries, a high quality metal carry-case, a lanyard to carry your V2 safely around your neck, a wall adapter, a smart charger, a 2 amp car charger, a user manual and a power cig. The latter is a wired (6 ft) e-cig which you can plug into your pc’s USB port, screw a cartridge onto it and vape. As it is not subject on power degradation, it produces consistent vapour and can also be used with your car’s adapter. With this kit, you will not need anything else for a long time. It is much more expensive than other options, but you will not worry about charging your batteries all the time and their quality will degrade much later. The Ultimate Kit is offered in the U.K. website.
  • The V2 EX Power Cig is definitely worth buying, as you can use it when you are at home or at the office and save your batteries only for when you are on the go. Plus, it also includes a 5 pack of flavoured cartridges.
  • The V2 EX Series Standard Plus Kit costs £95 (available in the U.K. website) and includes everything that it offered in the EX Series Standard kit with the only difference that it offers a portable charging case which can charge a battery up to 4 times before you need to plug your batteries into a wall outlet. Plus, the ultra portable case also has space for 2 flavour cartridges and a standard or short battery.
  • The V2 EX Series E-Liquid Kit is a basic kit that does not include e-liquid so you will have to buy separately. The kit costs €24.99 and you can order it from the E.U. website. We actually don’t suggest this kit, as it will come up to the same amount of money, if not more, when you order your e-liquid. Also, it comes with only one battery so you would need to worry if there is enough power left.
  • The V2 EX Series Starter Kit includes an EX series battery, a 6-pack cartridge sampler which is so ergonomic that it produces about 400+ puffs without adding to the volume of the tank and an express charger. This kit is offered only in the U.K. website for £36.99 (you save £6.98, as the kit is on sale).

Now, back to the V2 EX Series Standard kit which we tried and tested.

Flavours – Cartridges

The V2 EX Standard kit comes with an option of 2 flavours for each pack of 5 cartridges. You can choose between the following flavours:

  • V2 Red
  • Sahara
  • Congress
  • V2 Menthol
  • Peppermint
  • Green Tea Menthol

Each cartridge has a small window on its side so you always know the remaining level of the e-liquid. But they are designed to last quite a while, as each cartridge produces around 400+ puffs depending on the use. You can also choose the nicotine strength, which ranges from 0 to 2.4 in increments of 0.6 (U.S. and U.K websites) or from 0.6 – 1.2 – 1.8 (E.U. website).


The V2 Standard kit actually comprises of two main parts: the EX flavour cartridge and the EX battery. The cartridges contain built-in atomizers, so it is really easy to vape: you just need to screw them onto the premium EX battery (100mm) and take a puff. When the e-liquid finishes from the cartridge, you only need to unscrew it, throw it away, and put on another one. So it is really that easy. For a beginner who just wants to start vaping at no time and to understand how an e-cigarette works, this kit really strikes a balance between the design and ease of use. Due to its metallic finish, this mini e-cig looks very elegant and sturdy.

For the battery you can choose between the following finishes:

  • Brushed Steel
  • Carbon Fibre (textured black pattern)
  • Scarlet Metallic (bold red, metallic)
  • Royale (white battery with patterns)
  • Bloom (white battery with pink and purple flowers)

The Battery

The V2 EX Series Standard kit contains 2 automatic or manual V2 EX batteries with length 100mm each. They are so well built that their size, although not as small as the size of mini e-cigs, is really nice and doesn’t look big at all. And on the same time, they have a capacity of 280mAh which is quite better than batteries of similar e-cigs. When we tested the Ex Series e-cig we took around 450 puffs. The EX batteries are designed to offer around 50% more puffs than other similar e-cigs.

The battery charger features a smart technology which prevents overheating and charges your batteries in half the time. The battery itself is sturdy and feels good quality and the charger feels the same.

V2 EX Standard kit

The Kit

  • (2) V2 EX batteries
  • (10) V2 2 EX flavour cartridges
  •  (1) smart charger
  • (1) wall adapter
  • 1 V2 Instruction manual


  • Battery model: V2 EX battery
  • Battery capacity: 280 mAh
  • Voltage: 4.2V


The V2 EX Series Standard kit boasts a battery voltage of 4.2V. Good clouds, throat hit and potent e-liquids are factors which definitely make this kit a good starter kit not only for beginners, but also for a casual vaper or for more experienced ones. For a similar vaping experience you can also read our Epuffer Magnum and V1P PCC reviews.

Price – Value for Money

The V2 Ex Series Standard kit costs $59.95. At the time of writing V2 offers a 20% discount which is applied automatically in your shopping cart and this is a fairly good price for the quality that you get and a real value for money. If you feel like you can also get some e-liquid and the V2 EX-Blanc mini tank which fits perfectly and is refillable. This way you will reduce the cost of your vaping, as this option comes much cheaper than buying disposable cartridges. You can use the links below and get your 20% discount on V2 EX Series, applied automatically.

Final Verdict

The V2 EX Series Standard kit is one of the flagship products that V2 offers for beginners. It includes everything that you will need in a starter kit and features a high and steady performance, a good throat hit and a lasting battery life. And all this in a very well-built e-cig. We think that this kit can be a perfect solution for beginners, as it features everything that you will need to start your vaping journey.


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