V2 Standard E-liquid Starter Kit Review

V2 Standard E-liquid Starter Kit:

V2 Cigs launched their V2 Standard e-liquid starter kit, which comes complete with everything you need to start your vaping journey. For someone who wants something more advanced, than the disposable cig-a-likes, that can offer quite a good vapour and on the same time will have a good size and a good built. This is where the V2 Standard E-liquid kit comes.

V2 Standard e-liquid

The Kit

  • 2 x 25 ml bottles of e-liquid in the flavour of your choice (U.S. and E.U customers) or 1 x 25 bottle of e-liquid in the flavour of your choice (U.K. customers)
  • 2 Vapour2 batteries
  • 1 pack of Ex blanks (each pack contains 3 ex-blanks)
  • A wall adapter
  • A smart charger
  • A user manual


  • Colours: black, blue pink, stainless steel, white
  • Battery model: V2 classic battery
  • Battery capacity: 150 / 250 / 380 mAh
  • Voltage: 4.2V


Free shipping on all domestic orders


You can choose between twelve different flavours for each 25ml bottle. The flavours come in cherry, chocolate, coffee, cola, congress, grape, menthol, green tea menthol, peppermint, red tobacco, sahara and vanilla. You can also choose the nicotine strength, which ranges from 0% to 2.4% in increments of 0.6% or 6mg/ml.

The Ex-Blank is a clearomizer/cartridge that forms part of the V2 Cigs cartridge line up and can be used with all the V2 batteries, either from the Classic or the Ex series. You can check below our review of the Ex-blank cartridge.

Standard e-liquid starter kit


v2 cigs standard batteriesThe V2 Standard E-liquid kit contains two V2 Classic batteries and you can choose your preferred colour, length and power switch. The battery colour comes in blue, white, black, pink or stainless steel. Regarding the battery length, it comes in short, standard and long. The short 150mAh battery (2.63in=6.68cm) will produce approximately 160puffs, the standard 250mAh battery (3.11in=7.9cm) will produce approximately 200 puffs and the long 380mAh battery (4.3in=10.92cm) will produce around 300 puffs. After testing though, the standard battery did only produce around 150 puffs before needing recharging.

To be honest, you should not expect too much in terms of the battery life of the V2 Standard which is something common though in the cig-a-like category. It is nice that the company has included two batteries in the kit, because you will probably need two fully charged batteries to get you through during the day, especially if you are an average or heavy ex-smoker. If you are a casual vaper, one battery might even last through the day, although I would recommend having another one as back up.

You should expect that it will take a couple of hours in order to get a full charge of the battery. In any case, I would go with the standard battery and keep the second battery with me at all times, as I find that the long battery is really too long for my liking. Of course, even the long battery is less noticeable than the eGo style batteries, so this is also a good option for you, if you are looking for a longer lasting battery.

The two batteries also come in a choice of manual or automatic. For example, you may order a manual and an automatic battery so that you can try both and see where your taste lies in. Or, you may order two of the same style. With the manual button, you will need to be pressing down a button in order to vape. For the fans of bigger clouds, the longer you press the button, the more liquid will be vaporized. Of course, if you do not want any fuss, then you just need an e-cig with an automatic battery where you don’t need to do a thing. You just take a puff and vape and everything else happens in auto-pilot.

The battery comes with a voltage of 4.2 Volts which is way better than the average 3.7V offered by other e-cigs. Therefore, regardless the type of battery that you will choose, you may be assured that you will enjoy a good, thick, warm and consistent vapour.

Another plus is that there is an indicator showing how much battery has been left. This means that you do not have to play guessing games before your battery dies. A suggestion for those of you who want to enjoy a longer battery life, is a V2 XL Portable Charging Case that can charge up to 8 batteries at one time, including the long ones. It is also ultra portable and you can store 3 flavour cartridges in it. If you are committed to vaping or maybe you vape quite a lot, this might be the option for you.

Ex blank Clearomizers

V2 Cigs Ex-Blanks

The V2 Standard e-liquid comes with a pack of Ex-Blanks (each pack contains 3 Blanks). The Ex-blanks are V2’s high performance refillable cartridge/clearomizers and you can use it about 25-30 times before you need to replace it. The Ex-Blank cartridge has a screw cap and gives an amazing taste. V2 suggests that you only use its clearomizer with its own e-liquids, as they are laboratory tested. Its clear design indicates the level of your e-liquid, so you can always refill before your e-juice finishes.

Furthermore, it features a nice and sleek design and is much more elegant than the bulkier e-cig tanks. The Ex-Blanks are designed to be used with V2 Ex-blank batteries, but you can also use them with any V2 battery. Their slim design means that you need to be a bit careful when you are filling in with your e-liquid and don’t spill e-juice in the centre hole. Also, as the tank is made of plastic and not glass it is easier to absorb flavours.

Due to its thin diameter it will not be so easy to clean thoroughly. You can clean it though with some warm water and a bit of soap. On the plus side, as the plastic absorbs more flavour, you will get a higher kick of your e-liquid. On the down side, when you fill-in with a new liquid flavour, you might expect the e-liquid tastes to mix.

When the time to replace your Ex-blanks comes, then V2 sells separately a pack of 3 Ex-Blanks, which costs £13.95 / $14.95. On the downside, you need to replace the whole clearomizer i.e. the Ex-blank, as you cannot replace only the coils. This will cost quite more in the long term.


What’s more, they offer a neat and stylish presentation. When you order your starter kit, all the products will come neatly packed. Also, there is an expiration date to all their flavour cartridge-packed products, so you know that all their products will stay fresh! Each product will come carefully sealed, so you know it will not get damaged during shipping.

Another strong point for V2 is that for each product you order that contains e-liquid, there will be a batch number sent to you. With this number, you can go back to the website, simple fill it in at the requested field and a report regarding the ingredients of your e-liquid will be sent to you!


The V2 Standard E-liquid kit offers a high kick of flavour, a good throat hit and a warm, thick and consistent vapour. If you are after a good cloud, for this category, then this product is for you. Featuring a high voltage, it will produce some thick clouds. V2 also offers a wide range of flavourful e-juices.

Final Verdict

The V2 Standard E-liquid kit costs $59.95 for the U.S. site customers. The V2 Standard E-Liquid kit is an easy solution for either a first-time user or a more experienced one who seeks a casual experience. The kit includes many accessories and everything you need to get started. V2 offers a wide selection of e-juices so you should expect to find some to suit your taste. In terms of vapour production, we believe it is above average, although we were expecting more from the battery. All in all, this is a good starter kit and you can get it at an acceptable price.


Free shipping on all domestic orders

About V2

V2 E-cigarettes is an American company that regularly features in reviews as one of the leading and most popular e-cigarette companies. They offer a wide range of products, sure to cover different tastes and the company has some very good products to feature so high in popularity and good reviews. They have been on the market almost since the beginning, invest much in R&D and nowadays they are in position to offer their product in the two sides of the globe through their U.S. and European websites. The latter offers customer service to customers from Europe, Africa, India, Middle East and Russia. Also, they have a website for customers from Czech Republic and Slovakia. They offer a customer service by phone 6 days per week. And for each product you choose, the website lets you know when it is going to be shipped (normally it will only take 1-2 days).

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