Vaporfi Vox TC Review

Vaporfi Vox TC Starter Kit:

In this article you will find my complete Vaporfi Vox TC review. The Vox temperature control mod is the next big thing in the evolution of e-cigarettes and it seems like Vaporfi has performed a small miracle in this area, to provide to its users a unique vaping experience. Temperature control box mods, like the Vox, have brought the vaping technology of the future into our lives.

The Vaporfi Vox comes in two versions, black or silver and both of them look very stylish. There is also a protection black rubber case which is specially designed to prevent from overheating and you can get it at an additional cost of $9.99, if you want to be sure about protecting your investment. This is the powerful Vox 50W mod version and it will give you all the power you’ve been craving for from you electronic device. If you are a cloud chaser and looking for a top quality and stylish mod then you have come to the right place. This mod is designed right for your needs.

The Vaporfi Vox TC Battery

The Vox TC is powered by an IMR 18650 battery at 2500 mAh and the vaping options you have with this kind of power are limitless. If you are thinking about buying this mod remember that you need to buy the battery separately since it is not included in the starter kit package. In our opinion it should be included in the standard kit price because when you buy such an advanced, high quality vaporizer, basic things, like the battery itself, should be included at no extra charge. But while the battery is not included in the Vaporfi Vox TC starter kit, it is included if you buy only the Vaporfi Vox TC mod and not the starter kit version. Then you just have to add to your cart the tank you prefer and you will save around $10. Nevertheless, this battery has you covered in all aspects, long lasting power and great performance combined in one piece of equipment.

The Vox TC mod is a variable voltage and wattage device, providing 7 to 50 Watt power with a 0.1 increment and 3 to 8.5 volts range. As you can imagine, your options are never ending with this mod. The Vox TC Starter Kit is ideal for both sub ohm and normal vaping, so the choice is entirely up to you. If you are looking for massive, thick clouds and harsh throat hits, then you should go for sub ohm vaping, otherwise you should go for the above 1 ohm vaping, still without making any compromises in your vaping experience. Charging is quite simple for this battery, you just connect it to the USB charger and wait for 2-3 hours until it is filled with power again!

The Vaporfi Vox TC Tank

The Vox TC Starter Kit used to contain the vBit RDA tank at no extra charge. This has changed now and the tank is not included in the Vox TC starter kit. RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. These atomizers were introduced to the public, due to the vapers’ need to build their own customized atomizers and coils for better performance and much bigger clouds. It is the same need that led to the creation of mechanical mods which do not feature any electronic circuits, any microprocessors or voltage regulators, for controlling the power of the mod. This way, battery capacity and power are increased but the battery itself becomes unstable, since there are no safety features. Vapers can achieve the maximum performance and the production of massive, thick clouds but they have no protection from overheating the atomizer. This results in getting a burnt taste in the mouth and sometimes in accidents with batteries on fire from overheating.

RDA’s may work for users who are after the cloud chasing, but before you switch to a mech mod you need to make sure you know what you are doing. This massive cloud production and strong direct-lung hits are the reasons why sub ohm vaping has become so popular among users and this is exactly why the Vaporfi Vox TC mod was created for. To provide its user the performance and the clouds he is after, but with all the necessary safety features.

This mod falls in the category of temperature control mods. Keep in mind, that in order to use the temperature control function you need to buy the Ni200 atomizer. As mentioned before, the Vaporfi Vox starter kit used to come with the vBit RDA tank at no extra charge. Now You have to pay an extra $20 for the tank, if you add it in the starter kit options and you can choose between three types. The vSix Tank, the vShock Tank and the Hybrid volt Tank. All of them are great options for this type of mod.

Performance and Clouds

Our Vaporfi Vox TC review, has revealed to us a mod made for the user that wants full control and customization of his vaporizer! After all, this is a mod built for the cloud chasers and the ones that want to create their own coils, single or dual. This is the reason why this kit comes with a wire, organic cotton and a screwdriver. So you can create your own coils, adjust it to the atomizer, fill the tank with e-liquid and start vaping.

The Vaporfi Vox is a sub ohm, top quality product, with tons of power coming out from a 2500 mAh battery and a tank that will give you the purity of the taste you are after. There are other kinds of mods out there that can give you this power and clouds, like the mechanical mods, but none of them has the safety features that Vox mod does. After all, what is the point of cloud chasing if you are not completely safe when using your mod?

Value for Money

The Vox TC is unquestionably an expensive starter kit and if someone wants to purchase it he will need to pay the price of $159.99. On top of that, the Vox starter kit doesn’t include the battery, so you have to pay an extra $19.99 for that and if you add the extra cost of the Tank at $20, in the end you will have to pay $200 to get yourself the Vox TC. If you buy separately the Vox TC mod (it includes the battery) at $129.99 and one of the tanks (Hybrid or vSix at $59.99 and the vShock at $49.99) you will save from $10-$20. In any case, this is some serious money you have to spend for vaping, so you have to think about your needs and what you are after when buying an electronic cigarette.


The Vox TC is an advanced, high quality and top performing mod that was made for advanced vapers, looking for excitement, huge clouds and lots of modifications. If you are a beginner or you simply want to move to the next level of vaping, easy and smooth, I wouldn’t recommend the Vox TC. You can still choose from a variety of e-cigs that will give you the vaping experience you are after and be more than happy with it and at much more reasonable prices, like the Vaporfi Rocket or the Vaporfi Edge.

The Kit

  • 1 x VOX® TC MOD
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • Choice of 1 vShock tank, Volt Hybrid Tank or vSix Tank


The Specs

Adjustable Output Power from 5 w – 50 w (in 0.1 w increments)

Temperature range: 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit

Accepts Atomizer Resistance from 0.05 ohm (sub) – 2.5 ohm (kanthal and nickel wires)

Digital OLED Screen

Output Voltage Range: 1.0 v – 7.5 v

Input Voltage: 3.2 v – 4.2 v

510 Threading with Spring Loaded Pin

Device Lock Feature

Replaceable Battery

Input High Voltage Warning

Output Short-Circuit Protection

Reverse Battery Protection

Overheating Prevention

Low Voltage Protection

Low Resistance Protection

Temperature Protection

Input High Voltage Warning

USB Pass-Through Charging System

Vented Battery Casing

Pocket Sized: 94 x 43 x 24 (mm)


vShock tank

What’s Included:

1 vShock

1 0.6 Sub-Ohm Atomizer

1 0.2 Sub-Ohm Atomizer

1 Replacement Glass

4 Green Replacement O-rings

4 Grey Replacement O-rings

1 ni200 Nickel Wire 0.15 ohm atomizer (green ring)

Specs & Features:

Dimensions: 3″L x 7/8″D (including drip tip)

22mm Diameter

Threading: 510

Capacity: 5ML

Replaceable glass tank

Stainless Steel construction

Adjustable airflow valves on drip tip and base

100% Organic cotton Coils

Wire made in the USA

Available resistances: 0.2ohm and 0.6ohm

510 drip tip compatible


Volt Hybrid Tank

What’s Included:

1 x Volt Tank (4.5ml)

1 x OCC Sub Ohm 0.5Ω / Range 15-30 W

1 x OCC 1.2Ω / Range 12-25 W

2 x RBA 0.5Ω Coil

1 x Japanese Organic Cotton (up to 20 wicks)

1 x Mini RBA Base

1 x Pyrex Glass Tube

1 x Screw Driver

2 x Screws


Available in stainless steel

Tank Capacity: 4.5 ML

Tank length: 70mm

22mm diameter

Adjustable Air Flow

Rebuildable deck


vSix Tank

What’s Included:

1 x vSix Tank

1 x 0.5 ohm Coil (comes inside tank)

1 x 0.25 ohm Ni200 Temperature Control Coil

1 x 0.25 ohm Dual Coil

1 x Manual


Adjustable airflow

Adjustable juice flow

6ml tank capacity

Top fill tank

*Only use Wall Chargers/adapters that have an input of 100-240 V 50HZ-60HZ and an Output of 5V/500 mah.

Warning: Do not attempt to modify equipment. Please refer to your manual for further safety instructions.

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