What Is The E-cigarette – How Does E-cig Work?

What Is An Electronic Cigarette And How It Works:

Many people who want to enter the world of vaping might be wondering what exactly the e-cigarette is. An electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) is a battery-powered device that reproduces the same feeling as smoking. However, instead of burning tobacco like a cigarette does, the e-cigarettes contain cartridges with liquid. This liquid is commonly known as ‘e-liquid’. When an e-cig is used, the e-liquid within the e-cig is turned into steam or vapour. This is why the act of using an electronic cigarette is generally called ‘vaping’.

E-cigarettes or e-cigs, as they are commonly called, originated in China in 2004 and were introduced to the U.S. market and other countries around 2006. Since then, many smokers have successfully quit smoking or have reduced significantly the amount of nicotine they had been using. Every cartridge contains an amount of e-liquid and the user can choose the desired level of nicotine. Usually the nicotine concentration varies from 0mg-18mg. This means that an e-cigarette can even be completely nicotine free. Except the classic Tobacco flavour, there are also many flavoured e-liquids, which by the way are very popular and the user is given the opportunity to taste something different and unique.

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How E-cigs Can Help You Quit

After you read this article explaining in simple terms the basics of e-cigs, you will be able to completely understand them. It is important though to get to know which the best brands on the market are, as it is of primary concern for your health to use only good quality e-cigarettes and not scams. The mechanism of the e-cigs works twofold:

  • Eventually they help the smoker abolish the habit of needing a cigarette.
  • The amount of nicotine within an e-cig can be much lesser than the one contained in a regular cigarette or nil (in nicotine-free e-cigs). Thus, users of e-cigarettes can reach to the point where their craving for nicotine is much lesser until it reaches the stage of nil.
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Parts of the Electronic Cigarette

  1. Mouthpiece: This is the part of the electronic cigarette that goes into the mouth of the user
  2. Clearomizer / Cartridge: This is the part of the e-cig where the liquid substance is stored. For this reason, this part is also called ‘tank’.
  3. Heating Element: The part of the e-cig that vaporizes the liquid substance by reaching it to a temperature of about 100-250°C within the chamber to create an aerosolized vapour. This part is generally activated by either the user pushing a button or just puffing on the cigarette. This part is also called ‘vaporizer’ due to its nature as a vaporization chamber.
  4.  As mentioned previously, in some cases, the e-cig has a switch (a button) that activates the atomizer / heating element.
  5.  Some e-cigs have a LED light tip in the end that simulates the glow of the cigarette, when the user is vaping.

E-cigs do not burn tobacco. Because of this, no carbon monoxide, no odour, no tar and no smoke is emitted. What the user inhales is vapour / aerosol.

Different Types of Electronic Cigarette

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  • Cigalikes: These mimic cigarettes in appearance, although they are different in texture and weight. The cigalikes have a low single voltage. They are also called ‘First-generation’ vaping devices, as their style and philosophy was the first to hit the market. In the past, cigalikes came with non-rechargeable but disposable battery, while today they come with rechargeable batteries.
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E-go electronic cigarette

  • E-Gos: These look a bit like pens. They are bigger than cigalikes and have adjustable voltage. E-Go electronic cigarettes are in general mostly appreciated and chosen by users, because, although they are quite small in size, they do not resemble a cigarette. In general, most e-Gos come with either a short 650mAh battery and/or a long 1000mAh battery. E-Gos are also known as ‘Second-generation’ vaping devices.
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Mod type electronic cigarette

  • Mods: These are generally used by users with more experience. As      the word implies, mods are parts that can be used to modify either     the actual e-cigarette (i.e. the personal vaporizer) or other parts of it such as the tank mod. This gives to the users the opportunity to ‘build’ the e-cig to their own preferences. For example, batteries with much better lifespan and much bigger power can be used.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Mechanical Mods

Mods come mainly in two categories:

  1. Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) and
  2. Mechanical Mods.

Mods are also known as ‘Third-generation’ e-cigs.  The Third-Generation e-cigarettes are the most advanced ones as far as size, capacity and removal of battery cell is concerned. These devices operate in a range of voltages that give to the users more control on their vaping.

In brief, the Mechanical Mods have detachable batteries while the APV’s have the option of using a USB cable to recharge the batteries. It is important to note that the Mechanical Mods should be used by experienced users, not only due to some basic knowledge needed, but mainly due to some health and safety issues that might arise from their use.

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